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Mixko Skull+Barbie Porcelain Rings- 05.14.08

mixkorings.jpgI love Mixko, but any NOTCOT regular would already know that… and i’ve had a particular fascination for their rings (i indulged in their felt butterfly rings as well as the first porcelain skull ring last year at ICFF)…

This year Mixko has expanded their bone china ring line, and i’m excited to show you their full collection on the next page. I think the most eye catching are the updated Skull for 2008 (deeper eyes, larger forehead, bigger teeth…) as well as the Barbie inspired collection of Barby, Cindie, and Ken heads cast in bone china to be worn as a ring (can you imagine seeing all of them in a row on a fist?). They have also created a LOVE ring and Sovereign Ring, in addition to some 1D multifaceted diamond bone china rings! Check them all out on the next page! They are also incredibly affordable at a mere 20 pounds each (check them out in the store).




Available for purchase online at the Mixko store.

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Your art work is very fine and imaginative. I can’t believe how small you can work. Your porcelain is clean and beautiful. Very exciting.

----- Carla D'Lee 17.06.17 09:39

How do I buy one of the BARBIE PORCELAIN rings?

----- Jason 12.04.10 04:52

beautiful.iluv the skull.one!

----- Os. 19.11.08 00:39

I’d like to know the price on these rings?
If they have a U.K. price can you please translate that to U.S. for me? Thank you!

----- lisey 20.10.08 11:54

I like.

----- JunRai 26.08.08 02:29

we received a few message asking about the sizing.
It is diameter (across) of the inner-circle of the ring.


Thanks for looking!!

----- NAHO 25.05.08 22:14

Thanks for blogging this! These rings are fascinating!

----- elissa/SpandexPony 19.05.08 21:00

I’m a bit confused on sizing, since 16mm to 25mm still makes it for super tiny hands. Is it measured as the size across the hole?

----- Peepa 16.05.08 18:56

Thanks for the feature!

Yes, Mixko will be at ICFF Designboom Mart again this year! 17-20 May at Jacob Javits Center.

Come along and take a look at the full range. …and we will be selling them at ICFF special price (around 20% off normal price). Too good to miss!

See you there.

Naho - one of Mixko

----- Naho 14.05.08 13:51

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