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Butterfly Rings

Ok, one last Mixko for today. These felt butterfly rings are adorable, colorful, and affordable. At 4 pounds a piece, you could certainly manage to have a few to go with each outfit. And on silly details, it kind of looks like the feeler comes out from the butterfly and wraps delicately around your finger. Love that there are a few species of these cute felty butterflies as well.


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Spray Stool

spray.jpgThere's an inexplicable appeal i have to this one. I think it reminds me of those old library stools that you sit/climb on or just nest yourself upon one in a corner of shelves with a good book.

Imagine this stool taken a step further? I'd want it in black. With rubberized gripped edges. Perhaps the ability for a built in airfreshener, or SOMETHING to give you an auditory/haptic feedback implying spraying? Maybe some hydraulic seat action? so you spray when you initially sit? Thanks Mixko, for making me think.


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Mixko Here Comes The Sun Necklace

ribrainbow.jpg What could be more perfect for a gorgeous saturday post? Mixko first gave us the rain cloudy English Summer Necklace... and freshly launched is the Here Comes The Sun Necklace (are you hearing the beatles in your head already? Or is that just me?)... "7 layers of ribbon rainbow and the last drop of rain on your back. Silver plated findings and chain, czech crystal bead, polyester ribbons, plastic dove object." SO pretty, so simple, and i don't think you can help but smile when you see it... their concepts are always so elegant as well... AND, they even have an etsy store for easier shopping for the americans... see more pics of it on the next page!

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Mixko Skull+Barbie Porcelain Rings

mixkorings.jpgI love Mixko, but any NOTCOT regular would already know that... and i've had a particular fascination for their rings (i indulged in their felt butterfly rings as well as the first porcelain skull ring last year at ICFF)...

This year Mixko has expanded their bone china ring line, and i'm excited to show you their full collection on the next page. I think the most eye catching are the updated Skull for 2008 (deeper eyes, larger forehead, bigger teeth...) as well as the Barbie inspired collection of Barby, Cindie, and Ken heads cast in bone china to be worn as a ring (can you imagine seeing all of them in a row on a fist?). They have also created a LOVE ring and Sovereign Ring, in addition to some 1D multifaceted diamond bone china rings! Check them all out on the next page! They are also incredibly affordable at a mere 20 pounds each (check them out in the store).

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Cuffed by Time

watch.jpg Today is a Mixko OO (object oriented) day. I love this idea, of changing the way people see both high end branding (Gucci) and the linear approach to time ruling your life... they are ultimately handcuffed to you, or you to them rather. Poetic. Deserving of a post of its own to make you think.


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One post is never enough with Mixko. Too many incredible images i can't resist. Take a look at the giant whistle chair (seen on its side here), what better way to call a very very loud, lung emptying time out? I suppose it is also ideal for your guests to fix themselves up in, or try on new shoes in front of. Then there is the ceramic fruit bowl (perfectly named as the "footbowl") slipcast from a deflated soccer ball. We did it as kids once they got punctured- they made great hats/bowls/etc on the playground- but cast in ceramic transforms it into being ideal for "adult" living (aka fruit holding and a fun conversation piece?)


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GOAL - tee

goaltimg.jpgWe love Mixko (remember the incredibly thought provoking lamps and candles and the Spray Can Top Stool?) Well, Alex Garnett did a line of Mixko FOOTBALL (euro football/soccer) gear that pushes the boundaries. This shirt is just great, simple on the outside, but when it's GOAL time, and you need to pull your shirt over your head and run around like a maniac, you are good to go. (Or as Alex mentioned it is "for brave women")


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Mixko Lamps

lamp.jpgThe idea here is so thought provoking and brilliant. Same end result, causing you to rethink the way you went about getting it. (you get LIGHT either way. but when coupled with a plug, that usually implies electricity) Here you literally have a plug candle "holder" and no more. Now the plug works to provide lighting in any situation.

A few more visually provocative lighting solutions below...

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Mixko at ICFF

On designers i'm excited to be seeing at NY Design Week ~ Mixko is high on that list. Their works have shown up here a few times (ok, 6 times to be exact)... from the butterfly rings, to handcuff watch, to the football bowl... and so much more.

So what do we have here? Other than the adorable designers themselves? Whippy (the awesome ice cream cone inspired lights) was a collaboration with Jeremy Scott for an installation at Colette in 2006. and i LOVE the Atari controller candle holder, brilliant piece for a gamer's housewarming. And the Rain Cloud and bone china Skull Ring are just too adorable... large images below.

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Mixko Here Comes The Sun Giveaway!

rainbowgiv0.jpg Mixko! Love them so much! So delicately beautiful yet just enough edge to make you look twice and think a little harder.... So, i'm not sure why, but lately whenever i am about to leave home and hop a flight, i feel like i need to set a giveaway in motion (and pick a winner when i land) ~ interpret it as you will, maybe its the guilt of being away from the sites? But none the less, Nahoko was nice enough to send one Mixko Here Comes The Sun rainbow over for me, and one for you (you = future winner who follows @NOTCOT and sends me a tweet reply sharing what you think should be at the end of a rainbow... it doesn't have to be a pot of gold! What would make your day? i'll pick a winner when i get in to NY off the redeye on Weds the 21st of Oct.) ~ so we can match! I adore this necklace, there's something radiantly happy about it ~ who can't smile when they see a dove pulling a rainbow across your chest ~ especially when you walk away and they notice the final drop of rain hanging from the clasp? Check out the unboxing on the next page ~

And for those who want it spelled out more clearly - for a chance to win: follow @NOTCOT and sends me a tweet reply sharing what you think should be at the end of a rainbow... it doesn't have to be a pot of gold! What would make your day? i'll pick a winner randomly from the tweets when i get in to NY on Weds the 21st of Oct.

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Mixko at Designboom Mart

Mixko at the Designboom Mart. As much as i love furniture and all the normal ICFF highlights, this was the part that leaves me giddy, as i sit here in the hotel room with almost no energy left. Skull Ring (40$) in person- even more amazing than the pics... the butterfly rings (10$) too! (As you can see i indulged and bought 6 rings - might need to go back for more!) It was fun to finally meet Nahoko in person, she's so sweet, and she even showed me a limited edition GOLD Skull Ring (pics below, she was kind enough to model it)... and the Cloud/Rainy Necklace has a name now! English Summer Necklace (30$). Anyhow, sorry my sentence forming abilities are a bit stunted at the moment, just wanted to share some highlights as they happen... more pics below. You can also buy on the Mixko site.

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Polly George

Polly George has some gorgeous ceramic lines designed and made in Kent, which are unlike any other. She's the designer behind the Mr & Mrs Jones lemon and lime squeezers we've seen around for some time. I just spotted the Butterflies series at Oh Joy, and they actually first reminded me of the Mixko rings... Things to pay attention to? The crazy toast rack, butter dish, adorable egg and soldier stand and cake stand. Also, the site is designed with enormous background images (large like 4500 width)... so some snippets of pieces i liked below, but check out Polly's site here to see more.

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Designersblock London Edition 17

designersblockMAIN.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she explores the 2014 London Design Festival.

The 17th edition of Designersblock as part of this year’s London Design Festival at the The Old Sessions House, an 18th-century courthouse on Clerkenwell Green. The best use of the space was the Glowing Oak from Plumen found on the top of four flights of stairs! They transplanted a whole oak up there magically illuminated… breath taking! And on the way there, of course the courthouse was filled with quite the contrast of stunning, playful modern designs inspiring us throughout… see all the beautiful details on the next page!

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