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Myto Cantilever Chair for Plank- 05.22.08

plank1.jpgMyto Cantilever Chair for Plank designed by Konstantin Grcic. There are some chairs that while look interesting in images, they just don’t grab you until you sit in them. Clearly the folks at Plank knew this when they set up their ICFF booth, and it was fascinating to watch everyone from little kids to grannies jump up on the platform, and sit, lean, bounce on these colorful plastic stackables. After a bit of watching, i couldn’t resist either, and they were REALLY quite nice to sit in! Not to mention light and easy to store and not too hard on the eyes! Check out more images of the chairs in all its colors as well as the ICFF booth on the next page!




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Amazing Modern Chairs !!

----- KMP Furniture 21.07.08 03:17

I took this shot during Konstantin’s talk on saturday.


----- kyle 23.05.08 06:49

I got a 15 cm (6in) high miniature model of this chair at the plastics fair K2007, October last year in Düsseldorf. I took it from the BASF stand. Their were showcasing a new plastic (or machine, don’t remember) with it. The model was still hot when I took it. ;-) But since then I see the chair everywhere. I’m glad I waited for one to come out of the machine. It’s a beautiful chair.

----- Jixop 23.05.08 04:47

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