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Tast.es Catering- 05.22.08

tastes.jpgTast.es: Disposable Elements For Catering - firstly, awesome use of the .es domain - secondly, the Conran ROJO launch was incredible, and i have still yet to do a proper post on it, there was so much, it’s all coming out in pieces… strangely enough i actually indulged in some of the various catering finger foods coming around simply so i could poke at the beautifully designed mini dishes they were served in! How cute is this soup bowl/shot glass? It looked so strange and possibly uncomfortable to sip from, but honestly its curvature was perfect to put your lips up to and have the soup slide right in (no embarrassing dribbles or anything of that sort). I even had the url on the bottom of it emailed to me as soon as i finished drinking it so i wouldn’t forget to see what else they have… and low and behold, there is more awesome catering ware from Tast.es! So see larger images of the whole collection on the next page, and someday when we throw a party, i will definitely have to look these guys up.



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Check us out we have the largest most innovative collection of mini dishes. We supply plastic, bamboo and porcelain. We also specialize in biodegradable products.



----- jamil bouchareb 20.02.09 07:46

For more info of distributors and purchasing contact them by web site www.tast.es or email: alejandro@bardolet.net

----- alejandro Cisneros 29.01.09 03:43

Where can I get these food accessories in Germany?

----- Colly Nagel 15.09.08 04:24

I love the items I am seeing but where cam I purchase them. Frances Yosway

----- PHILIP YOSWAY 07.07.08 08:47

where can you purchase the individual horsd’oeuvre dish with two recessed areas, one for the snacks and the other for the dip

----- PHILIP YOSWAY 06.07.08 10:52

Where can I purchase these items in a bulk? Please call me at 773 568-4437 orfax at 773 568-4473. I am very interested in the glasses and plates.

----- Charisse Spearman 02.07.08 15:07

I absolutely love this line and what this company is doing! Lotushaus is a great source of green information and eco chic companies. I am hearing a buzz about an eco chic company called yumi & laurie. The website is beautiful and really emotes eco chic. The site is yumiandlaurie.com and their new product the blanQuette is unique, bold, and fabulous. I want one I can snuggle up and watch a movie with! Bamboo and organic cotton; what a great combination!

----- laurie 09.06.08 17:56

these reallly are beautiful. but i have a ? for you. are they biodegradable? there are some less pretty things along this line that are indeed biodegradable, so i dont see why these cannot be also….ms.conner

----- dawn conner 04.06.08 17:08

this is really cool, I am wondering if they used any of the Philippe Starck “plastic” tableware, particularly the glasses because I’ve seen very very similar Starck ones here in France (was about to get them too). Always interesting stuff on notcot!!

----- MariannaF 23.05.08 07:51

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