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Susanne Hangaard’s Cucoon- 05.20.08

cucoon.jpgThere is nothing like a yellow box with a ball on a string hanging off of it and the hint of a secret door… it might as well have screamed “PULL ME”. So we did. And i couldn’t stop laughing when out popped a porcelain cuckoo bird offering me a condom in its beak. So i let go, then pulled it again. Perhaps i’m still a 5 year old, but it was amusing! Susanne Hangaard’s Cucoon ~ silly play on words, craziest, yet most adorable condom dispenser i’ve seen.

Now just imagine being right in the moment, and as your partner goes to reach for a condom, instead they pull a string and out *pops* a porcelain cuckoo? Would it kill the mood? Help you fall faster for the playful design geek? Personally, i’m not sure how i’d react… other than a fit of giggles. My only complaint, why can’t it refill itself? Teach the bird to get its own condoms… its a bit high maintenance to have to refill it one by one… also, it could make for a fun business card dispenser (if only it could refill itself!). More pics on the next page!




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4 Notes

A very cool idea! cute :) I will definitely want one in my bedroom :)

----- Richard 21.11.12 05:14

This is brilliant. I’d be happy to have it by my bed, not that it would get any use. It’d also be fun to have in the kitchen and let it dispense Handi Wipes or ketchup packets.

----- Eirikur 21.05.08 08:53

The bedroom? Heck no. But this would be a much better way to distrubute condoms than those ugly machines in bathrooms

----- Molly Ren 20.05.08 21:09

What a fun and bizarrely clever way to hand out taboo things!

----- Masa 20.05.08 16:34

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