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7 Deadly Glasses- 06.05.08

deadly.jpgI did a double take when i saw Kacper Hamilton’s theatrically sinful 7 Deadly Glasses over at Dezeen, and had to see more pics!

Here is Kacper’s description: “These red wine glasses are based on the 7 deadly sins. Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is revealed through the ritual of drinking. The ‘7 Deadly Glasses’ are about celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion. Handmade in England. Limited Edition. Available to order.” See the full set and all his gorgeous photography on the next page!

7 Deadly Glasses.jpg








Display case 1.jpg

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17 Notes

Love this. Envy is my fav, followed by Lust. Would be a great party piece.

----- David 09.09.08 21:44

I want these.

----- Tara 13.08.08 17:42

how do i buy the 7 deadly sins wine glasses?? need to buy these!

----- trisha 03.08.08 20:30

I don’t really get the one for pride. Anyone want to explain?

----- Saria 11.07.08 20:16

Wrath is, in my opinion, the best, although I like the concept behind pride since it lends itself to be its own definition.

----- William 19.06.08 18:18

just got my reply to the email, $13k per set, 16k if you want the box. gg

----- Serge 12.06.08 22:38

I love it! wrath is my personal fave.

----- Elaine 09.06.08 03:05

The lust glass seems to have a captive ball at the bottom, similar to a water bottle for a small pet. So the wine will only come out if you lick the bottom of the glass.

----- Joe 06.06.08 15:03

I think lust has to do with the way the holder is watching the drinker take the wine down. It looks as if you need to suck on the round end to get the drink, which is obviously a sexual innuendo. Hence, lust. :)

----- Kristin Barbour 06.06.08 13:49

I like the greed. As you finish drinking it you would want every last drop from each of the little ventricles(?) and I could see getting very greedy for each and every drop instead of letting them go to waste.

----- Justin Lynes 06.06.08 13:12

I loved ENVY and PRIDE. But could anyone please explain LUST to me?

Maybe silly, but I don’t get it.

----- Mariano 06.06.08 11:10

greed is because the glass wont let you have some of the wine.. its being greedy

----- marco 06.06.08 10:41

I love “pride” and “wrath!” I think greed could have been done better. Or maybe I’m just not getting the designer’s idea. I would have made “greed” so it looks similar to a funnel and no one could get any of the wine but the “greedy” holder. The wine in “greed” seems to be going everywhere in the glass. Any ideas what the designer was thinking?

----- RNDAVIS 06.06.08 09:21

Very impressive!! I know of many friends to whom such a gift would be the perfect outlet/expression of their egos….. :)


----- Barbara Ling 06.06.08 07:46

Clever, I like it! ;-)

----- Speedmaster 06.06.08 06:21

The ENVY glass is simply the best. How much you want to have that wine and drink it, it is unreachable. Nice! :)

----- Mike Westdijk 06.06.08 01:58

MOST EXCELLENT…this is great.

----- jody 05.06.08 22:45

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