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Veuve Clicquot Globalight does LA- 06.06.08

veuvela1.jpgFreshly back from the Veuve Clicquot Los Angeles launch of the Globalight designed by Karim Rashid ~ and many a glass of bubbly later, i’m excited to share some fun pics of the Globalight up close and personal with you! As for the event ~ it was held at the W in Westwood, and it really brought me back to freshman year of college days… it was Thurs, so all the frat parties were in full swing, although driving over, it seems like one had a bit of a disaster quite early, with 3 fire engines and 4 cop cars and a sidewalks’ worth of overdressed college kids anxiously waiting… and when we arrived at the party on the terrace of the W, it seems like much of the same crowd had overflowed… from the girl manning the door list to the many guests we asked about what they thought of the Globalight and the party… the crowd was a very clueless LA mix of so called actors, musicians, real estate agents, male models, and even biochem profs ~ all who seemed taken aback by being asked what they thought of the event, and quickly came to explain that a friend of a friend brought them or fwded them an invite… the best rumor of the night - (heard second/third hand) apparently word from the guy who represented the product - the Globalight will be produced with speakers built in soon, and a special stand, so you can simply tilt the Globalight itself to pour it… i guess we will wait and see!

Also, in the main bar downstairs, we saw a crew setting lights in the backroom in the lounge before popping up to the Veuve party… and stopping by on the way down, we found it was because Sunsilk was shooting a documentary on DJ Tatiana ~ a model turned international DJ, who not only is the music director for Bebe, but also runs her own music studio now…

See pics of all the maddness on the next page, including a youtube vid of DJ Tatiana and her Sunsilk winning vid…

As for the Globalight itself, it was really nice to see it in person, and as bizarre as the humanity present was, i enjoyed having a chance to get hands on with the piece, and play with the light switch and see how it held the bottle up close. Also the furniture was interesting, and the mirrors were a nice touch in the small outdoor space… my favorite detail is definitely the clawfoot tables! (I have a thing for those clawfooted legs… always wanted a bathtub with them…)









Here’s DJ Tatiana doing her thing for Sunsilk in the lounge downstairs… SOOO many giant lights and cameras everywhere…


Oh, and here’s the invite…

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You are so lucky… he give you a globalight at the end of night ? :)

I love Karimmmmmmmmm

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