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Bernadette Deddens- 06.27.08

0625deddens1a.jpgNOTCOT Note: Love these awesome necklaces that Anna from Sub-Studio found!

Bernadette Deddens is a London-based accessories designer who views accessories as props that can add small-scale drama to daily life. Her work is playful and often has multiple narratives, requiring interaction by the user. For instance, a necklace that begins by mimicking a checkered linoleum floor but that can be transformed by the wearer into hundreds of configurations, or a bracelet that is both sculpture and bracelet. Check out her shoe accessories after the jump - it’s a great collection of add-ons that dress up the shoes that you already have.


A shoe sock, a slingback cat mask, golf shoe lace protector, and a shoe mustache.


Braided shoe accessories.


A leather bag in the shape of an A6 notebook, with a chained pencil for the handle. I can’t tell from the pictures if this is meant to function as a bag or as a notebook…UPDATE: The bag is indeed a carrier for an A6 notebook. It is made from an A4 sheet of vegetable tanned leather.


A series of necklaces using miniature turned wooden legs.

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