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Inspiration From Electric Artists- 06.27.08

quotebook.jpgToday has been a day of constant, “What happened with TasteSpotting?” - “What do you think of her clone?” - “What do you think of the other clones?” - “Do you approve of these copies?” - “Are you ok?” - and you can imagine how its gone on. Well now that the legal mess is done (*fingers crossed*), i think the quote above says a lot with regards to many of those. And as to the rest ~ TasteSpotting is no longer a part of the NOTCOT Network, TasteSpotting ended its 18 month run on Friday June 13th, 2008, and i’ll miss it! The domain and archives/banner are now owned by Sarah Gim ~ and she’s doing her thing independent of us. We’ve learned a lot over the last few months, particularly from this whole process, and actually quite admire what Chuck popped up at FoodGawker so quickly! He will definitely be my go to spot for random food porn cravings! So, to everyone, thanks for your concern, and to those who were mourning TasteSpotting as it was with NOTCOT, we’re right there with you!

Now this post ~ is really a big thank you to Electric Artists, who for their 10 year anniversary sent over this adorable inspiration/quote book (with room for you to add your own on the flip side even!) bound simply by a rubberband for easy flipping… and the reason i owe them a big thank you ~ i lost focus a bit today, got wrapped up in all these silly emotions, and reading through these quotes over dinner, i realized, it’s the web! it’s the creative, ever evolving, always innovating, lightspeed-moving internet lifestyle we live and play and thrive in… and this was just the kick in the ass we needed to leap forwards, run with our new projects, innovate further, and really push the limits with our existing (and upcoming) sites! And they really have some awesome quotes in here, see the booklet and some of my favorites as they applied to life today on the next page!

And as their nice little note said: “We are fans of your work and NOTCOT. It inspires us daily - so here’s a little something that we hope will inspire you.” ~ Jinal, thank you, it did. =) So, farewell, TasteSpotting, hello, Liqurious, new features, new adventures, new events, and more i haven’t even thought of yet!









8 Notes

Love to get a hold of this book for my design collection.
Are they available to purchase?

----- frank 26.02.09 12:40

this looks awesome. are they selling them anywhere?

----- smilne360 23.09.08 21:30

Patti, Send me an email with your mailing address and I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book :)

----- Jinal Shah 28.07.08 08:22

how can we get a copy of electric artists’ book? i love it!

----- patti 02.07.08 13:41

Wow- thanks for such kind words.
I’m glad the book reached you at the right time :)

----- Jinal Shah 30.06.08 06:40

The Electric Artist note has it exactly right. NOTCOT is a daily inspiration. Thank you for and good luck with Liqurious and all the other forms NOTCOT does and will take.

----- chip 28.06.08 06:46

Love the inspiration quote book. Thanks so much for supporting Food Gawker! It really means a lot to us.

----- Chuck 28.06.08 01:42

Sad to hear about Tastespotting (but nice to get the mystery figured out).

I’ve been following the notcot group of sites for over a year, i’ve read EVERY entry and and looked at every entry of the .org, notcouture, and yes, even tastespotting.

I’ll miss it but I’m incredibly excited for whats to come!

loved the quotes. Glad to hear they inspired you, hope we’ll get to see more of them eventually

----- Sydney 27.06.08 23:33

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