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Cartier on Love- 06.04.08

love.jpgCartier is taking on love ~ and was kind enough to surprise me with a DHL package this morning with a little gift in it (more to come on that later) ~ in part announcing their new Love.Cartier site. Today i learned the story of their classic “love” bracelet - the iconic piece with the screw heads along the band - and a screwdriver to lock you in - “In the 1970’s, imagination soared to new heights and any folly was possible. Cartier created the ultimate symbol of loving commitment: in the manner of handcuffs, the famous bracelet closes with a tiny screwdriver. Its humorous impudence appealed and was immediately adopted by legendary couples as a cult jewel. Love is a provocative talisman, a rallying cry for modern love, totally free from convention.”

In their marketing comeback, they have created a site dedicated to love - manifested in music, art, and film. The music is nice if you’re into that romantic mood setting stuff… and the art seemed a bit buggy on their flash site for me… but i was surprised that the films are what really caught my eye, and i actually sat here going through all 12 in order and loved them. The filmography is absolutely breathtaking ~ the black and whites, playful uses of light, gorgeous parisian backdrops… *swoon*… and they go through 12 tiny fragments of love stories tackling: The Declaration, Forgiveness, The Kiss, Infinite Love, Hero of Love, First Love, A Life of Love, A Loving Liaison, Love on Hold, Knowing How…, Seduction, and The Decision. Personally my favorite are First Love, Seduction, and Love on Hold - i’m sure you’ll see why - if you have the time i recommend you go through them in order though, renowned director, Olivier Dahan, ends every pieces with a hint of what you see at the start of the next ~ and weaves them all together in such a beautiful way… see a few screenshots on the next page…


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4 Notes

So beautiful! Really glad I checked notcot today!

----- Sher 05.06.08 11:31

My b/f showed me this some months back. I love it as much as I did then. Very beautiful pieces, very touching art.

----- Lazarou 05.06.08 08:27

Thanks for the heads up.

Just watched the first few films. Beautifully shot and the music is gorgeous but the voice dubbing is horrendous! Devoid of any emotion. I would have preferred subtitles because the acting doesn’t seem bad. I’m just going to watch them all in French and figure it out I think!

My favourite so far is ‘The Kiss’. Can you guess why?

----- Joe Hastings 05.06.08 00:11

wow those stills are gorgeous… must watch now…!

----- joanne 04.06.08 20:46

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