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Gregory Buntain- 06.04.08

0604buntain1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another lovely post from Anna of Sub-Studio ~ and i totally had this on my list of things to post when i got back! I guess that’s why she’s a perfect fit for NOTCOT =)

Gregory Buntain is an Industrial Design major at Pratt Institute. Currently working for Brave Space Design and developing his own projects at Pratt, he exhibits a great design eye and really great carpentry skills.

My favorite project is Carbon, a set of diamond-shaped salt and pepper shakers. My only gripe with the project is that they are made of injection molded plastic (I would love to see them in wood). Gregory’s website showcases a bunch of different projects, many of which begin flat-packed and are assembled by the user. He includes lots of great photo-diagrams on how to assemble or use each piece.


(intension) - a flat-pack side table held together in tension by a rubber o-ring.


Optimus - a space-saving, adjustable height side table made out of bamboo plywood and aluminum.

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3 Notes

The table is amazing…makes a beautiful furniture piece!

----- Daniel Horowitz 10.08.08 15:35

Nice design, but how do you refill it?

----- Rodes 28.07.08 09:49

those diamond-shaped salt and pepper shakers are just trivial.
the rest of the work is much more interresting.

----- ambroise 08.06.08 13:21

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