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Engrave Your Book - Up (200x) Close- 06.10.08

engraved.jpgSo this engraving trend has been huge lately… grab a laser engraver and you can throw everything from moleskines to macbooks to…. well, you name it! Joe from EngraveYourTech and EngraveYourBook, sent over one of his creations, and it arrived while i was out of town, so by the time i got back i was so jetlagged and tired that when dan and i first looked at the moleskine, it took a second to remember that it was laser engraved. In fact first we were there touching it and looking at it up close arguing whether it was engraved or just silkscreened in this matte brownish color, since you could barely feel the indentation…

So we did the only thing we could do… get SUPER up close (200x) shots to see what was really going on… and here you can see, its clearly engraved enough just to scrape that black layer off… and then we even cut a tiny chunk out of the corner to see the colors underneath (you can also see pics of that, and slightly less upclose pics on the next page)… and if you still aren’t convinced, there is also a video on the next page of this exact pattern being engraved on a moleskine…





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What did you use to take the pictures? An Eyeclops or something else? It is cool how the photos have a reverse effect, it took me a while to realized the dark parts were the raised part not vice versa…

----- Craig Ogg 13.06.08 09:48

question: do you know if the prices on the site are for the engraving only (as in you send in your own moleskine) or do they cover a new book of the kind you select that is then engraved and shipped to you?

long-time fan of yours, by the by

----- harkos 11.06.08 00:51

last pic is actually the hole we cut in the cover to see what colors it was inside….

----- jean/NOTCOT 10.06.08 10:40

What’s that last picture? I’m looking and re-looking and just can’t figure it out…

----- bingo 10.06.08 09:29

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