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ICFF: Conran Shop’s ROJO- 06.15.08

rojo1.jpgBefore i talk about the subject of this post… how fun is that pic above? I think it’s one of my favorites from ICFF this year ~ a kids perspective - laughing/clapping at bright red styrofoam feeling “expanded polypropelene” butts/crotches of ramon ubeda and otto canalda on a tord boontje/nani marquina rug with the jamie hayon showtime chair in the background… ahhhh, icff.

From the Conran Shop’s ROJO party, so far i’ve shown you - Foosball Tables - TAST.ES Catering pieces - Luis Eslava’s velcro pieces… well, since this was one of my favorite events while in NY, just wanted to give you a peek at some of the rest of the pics! So take a look on the next page to see what other red themed spanish designs were present!

We got there in the pouring rain…

Trying desperately to balance holding an umbrella while shooting and keeping the lens dry… or as dry as possible!

For those of us who forgot our splash of red to wear… Nani Marquina has us covered with fabric buttons matching one of her rugs!

There is the Luis Eslava velcro Face to Face lamp… and Ramon Ubeda and Otto Canalda’s Cul is Cool stool for ABR on the Tord Boontje’s Little Field of Flowers for Nani Marquina.

These Cul is Cool Stools were hilarious, i loved just watching everyone react to them - kids/adults, it was fascinating… i totally tried sitting on it as well, and they were surprisingly comfortable, but far too embarrassing to post a pic of!

Here is the Jaime Hayon Showtime chair for BD Barcelona design

This umbrella - “En Sombra” by Odos Design for Gandia Blasco - was seen all around NY Design Week ~ and we even spotted one that was installed with the propeller like pieces upside down in one party we wont name…

Here are Dedal stools by Emiliana for Punt Mobles

The Foosball Tables i

Along with the press kits, we got a nice little souvenir from Nani Marquina in the form of a mini rug… which we drove up to vermont with us and added to the log cabin.

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