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Luis Eslava’s use of Velcro- 06.15.08

velcro1.jpgVelcro. We’ve all used it, but have you ever thought about what you can build out of it? After getting settled from all the traveling, and finally having some time in the midst of this TasteSpotting situation (which i’m sorry i can’t talk about yet, but will try to tell you what i can when possible)… i finally manage to wrangle my lost ICFF images out from Aperture (it kind of ate them in the midst of the madness) ~ so here i’ll be catching up on some of the fun stuff i wanted to share from ICFF 08.

Back to velcro, though, when at the Conran Shop’s ROJO Exhibition party curated by Nani Marquina and Luis Eslava ~ everything was red! And i was enamored by Luis Eslava’s Face to Face lamp constructed of velcro strips ~ as well as his velcro space dividers which were used in both white and red throughout the exhibition. See more images from the exhibition as well as close ups of the velcro on the next page! I’ve been really curious to go buy velcro strips and have fun with them for new office dividers lately…





P.S. if you think Luis Eslava sounds familiar… remember his Maria USB?

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2 Notes

I never thinking about having this much fun with Velcro.
It just could come from a very thoughtful ,Creative mind.Thank you for making me busy for a long time with all these fun stuff.

----- Hoory 20.08.14 08:50

omg i love the white room divider. im going to make one……..as soon as i can afford that much verlcro! LOL

----- dawn conner 12.08.08 14:43

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