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K Chocolatier by Diane Krön- 06.17.08

kron0.jpgTwo of my favorite vices - dark chocolate and scotch… combined?!?!?! K Chocolatier by Diane Krön’s K HIBALLS filled with Blue Label Scotch and Ketel One Vodka - a more sophisticated variation of the recipes of chocolate once exclusive to Emperor Franz Josef of Austro-Hungary, that i’m sure the Emperor would adore were he alive today - will absolutely raise the bar for any chocolate/liquor experience. But first, let me fill you in on the background of the most delectable chocolates you may ever feast on. Food Network calls K Chocolatier by Diane Krön “the Rolls Royce of Chocolates”.

These chocolates have blown my mind since childhood, and i can’t believe i forgot about them the last few years! Thank goodness i rediscovered them today while wandering in Malibu… as far as things exclusively found in LA, this is one you absolutely must try. For a quick background on K Chocolatier by Diane Krön

“In 1973, Diane and Tom Krön established Krön Chocolatier in New York City based on recipes from Tom’s great grandfather, chocolate-maker to Emperor Franz Josef of Austro-Hungary. They soon became very famous for the quality and novelty of their chocolates (Tom invented the chocolate-covered strawberry) and opened many Krön stores across the U.S. Diane and Tom Krön sold Krön Chocolatier in 1983 and retired from the chocolate business to travel and raise their family. New management took over and the company went in other directions. Now Diane Krön is back ! Lured by the excitement of Beverly Hills, Diane decided to develop a new company, and in 2000, created a new brand of luxury chocolates with new combinations and more sophisticated recipes. K CHOCOLATIER is based on those secret Krön family formulations of cocoa powder ratio and viscosity, but with a difference: using as little sugar as possible.”

Still family run (we met one of the sons at the Malibu store) ~ they produce these chocolates locally in their Gardena factory, and create daily batches in limited quantities. They are available exclusively in their Beverly Hills and Malibu boutiques, and if you are anywhere near the area, stop in - even if just to try the samples - and luckily you can now also shop online with them, since they ship nearly everywhere See more images of the beautiful packaging, some other variations… and i couldn’t help it, so a little rant about my childhood memories of K Chocolatier by Diane Krön as well.

As you read this ~ i suggest you take a listen to this KCRW/NPR interview (i’m listening to it now as i write this, its such a sweet story - and hearing people come into the store and taste these, is drool worthy… you might need to hear it to see what i mean)







That red box ~ contains truffles ~ the exact recipe that was loved by everyone from Emperor Franz Josef to Jacqueline Kennedy…



Rediscovering this childhood memory when wandering in Malibu has made my week. My bag of scotch hiballs are keeping me giddy and working away happily… you MUST try these!

My mother loved K Chocolatier by Diane Krön in Beverly Hills when i was a kid ~ this may be the first place i started liking vodka… truly one of the best gifts for any occasion, i always looked forward to going with her when she went to buy presents, because Diane would encourage us to sample any and everything, and it was literally mind blowing. My favorite used to be their vodka caviar, tiny spheres of dark chocolate with a crispy lining holding in a few drops of vodka - down a handful and you were buzzing nicely. And their K Bears are legendary, in dark, milk, and white chocolate - they are just perfectly crispy enough to make them ridiculously addictive. I also remember back in the beginning of the Sex and the City days when Cosmos and mixed drinks were trendy again, they experimented with encapsulating various cocktails (including the cosmos) into chocolate balls as well.

Also, for the ultimate gift for girl friends, weddings, vday, or just for fun… she’s gotten quite a bit of press for her K Sensual Chocolates ~ which contain a special selection of herbs in order to heighten sexual experiences for women ~ and although i have yet to try them, they are apparently effective enough that many women come back and buy boxes after box for their friends!

Anyhow, that’s enough ranting for now… So, you get the point, these chocolates are like nothing i’ve ever experienced, and i’m so so giddy tonight for having rediscovered them!

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Diane Hola
First all I really love chocolate. I have heard your chocolate helps make a women feel so sexty. Once she teste your chocolat. So I really want try your chocolate. But I am having trouble finding your store. I live in Upland 1046 Edgefield St. could you send diretions.

Thank You
Jesusita Baro

----- Jesusita Baro 02.12.08 12:39

I would LOVE a bag of those whiskey chocolates! Good lorddd!

----- Hillary 25.06.08 13:01

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