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Maintaining The Shiny Parts- 06.17.08

shinyparts.jpgOn ridiculous, unexpected things that made me actually lol… my new Panasonic 42” plasma showed up yesterday, the amazon white glove guys set it up, took the box away, and left me with the bag of manuals, etc… and as i start setting things up, i’m flipping through what’s in there, and i see this boring looking technical page about “MAINTAINING THE SHINY PARTS”… and as you read on, it’s really quite sad? funny? i’m not sure, so i had to share it.

NOTICE: This unit has some shiny parts. Being shiny, these parts tend to show dust and fingerprints easily. Wiping these parts or rubbing them vigorously with a hard cloth may scratch their surfaces. When cleaning or otherwise maintaining these parts, use the cleaning cloth provided with the unit, and bear in mind the following points… you can click the image above to view larger… Is “Shiny Parts” now a technical term? How much fun did some guy have writing that?

And for your multilingual amusement, i’ve scanned the other languages on the next page!






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ha ha ha.

Wonder if this was a translation. Using the word “parts” is funny because it’s so informal and non-technical.
Perhaps the writer could have gone with “shiny surfaces”. This would require a little bit of re-writing, e.g.:
“…in such a way that the shiny surfaces will not be scratched.”

Though the word “shiny” is informal and non-technical too. Kind of like the word “fancy” (fancy parts!).

Perhaps the phrase they were shooting for was “reflective surfaces” or “glossy surfaces”. Certainly more professional, but not nearly as entertaining.

----- cat 25.06.08 12:51

Waaaaaaaay bummed about “T’Spotting”!

----- hillel 19.06.08 07:42

This is a great example of my many job related fears!

I am not an eloquent person. When I’m doing Information Architecture I sometimes have to put in dummy text to explain a function. I’m scared that at some point later on no one will get a copywriter to reword what I wrote.
I would have said “stuff” instead of parts, and there would have been a couple “or whatevers” thrown about.

----- Sue 19.06.08 07:36

they even have it in portuguese! “partes brilhantes” blew my mind away. that’s what i call talking technical… (L)

----- natalia 18.06.08 14:02

i feel so hungry without tastespotting.

“rubbing them vigorously” ?
really now…

----- Grey 17.06.08 22:10

seeing “shiny parts” makes me think of “dirty parts.” i must have a dirty mind! i’m so sad to hear that tastespotting is down now. is it possible that you will open another food-related site?

----- Grace Yu 17.06.08 18:24

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