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Moonwalker: the Levi’s Virals Continue- 06.23.08

moonwalk1.jpgWoohoo! Viral videos finally have better quality, are more thought out, and have great music. Ok, so i’ve been waiting for this day for a while, and i’m glad we’ve entered into that era lately… Moving along… Let’s kick off this monday with the viral set of Levi’s genius… First - they gave us “Guys backflipping into jeans” (SO good). Second - came “Super chill monkey does Hollywood” (I can see how it works for some people…)…

And today i’m excited to show you the third - “Guys fill their jeans with helium”! Yes, jeans, duct tape, and helium… add a dash of some awesome music (the song “YADNUS” by Chk Chk Chk)… some playful guys… toss them in downtown LA… finish off with the creatives at UnbuttonedFilms… and *poof* the perfect viral for Monday, which i suppose is in a way a backwards sunday! SO, without further ado, click to the next page to see all three vids!

well produced ridiculousness is far too fun to get me going this morning!



Here’s #1 - Guys Backflipping into Jeans! (my FAV by far! Although i think it ties with the helium)


#2 - Super chill monkey does Hollywood (By monkey, they mean orangutan - which is an ape not a monkey)


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11 Notes

were did you guysz film the commercial when they filled the pantsz with helium ?

----- moses 14.12.08 21:47

This is classic! made me laugh for days(slight exageration) ;)

----- Andrew L 23.08.08 23:56

Old-skool advertising people should not try to make virals. They suck. It’s edited like a commercial (look at the close-ups). Please go back to making tv commercials and leave making virals to the people who can do it properly.

----- Oli4K 06.07.08 08:18

anyone know who they ripped off for helium one? I’m not convinced they came up with that themselves considering they jacked the flip one from the rayban glasses viral and the ape one from the extremely popular japanese genius chimpanzee.

----- gerald 29.06.08 06:26

I’m actually pretty annoyed with all these commercial virals - everytime I see one, I vow to never buy their product. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


----- lx 24.06.08 21:36

There was an episode of the show Mythbusters where they tried to see how many helium balloons it would take to float away a little 50lb girl. It ended up being in the thousands - turns out that it’d take about 6000-7000 balloons to lift the average person.

So what I’m trying to say is that although cool, this video is totally fake :)

----- Kristi 24.06.08 15:44

It’s a murketing (yes that is a word, coined by Red Bull the most notorious “murketer”) video for levi’s…
You’ll notice the attention they pay to the specific brand of jeans in EVERY video, there is always a close up of the back pocket/logo….

----- Vanessa 24.06.08 11:22

love the backflipping one! =)

----- rugenius 24.06.08 01:31

That monk… ape is so cute. SO cute.

----- Mariano 23.06.08 20:03

Totally real.

I do this all the time.

Then I wake up.

----- esoter1c 23.06.08 15:35

I don’t want to look like dumb because It’s usually me who says that something is fake. But… this looks pretty real to me :O

----- M72 23.06.08 14:00

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