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Team Fortress 2: The Sniper- 06.23.08

sniper.jpg“In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don’t have to rely on other people if you never miss.”

On gorgeous video games, and teaser vids ~ loving this one of The Sniper for Valve’s Team Fortress 2! Nothing like this rational animated aussie sniper… Watch it on the next page…

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This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

If you can’t remember, the claymore is pointed towards you.

----- Taisha High 24.12.10 09:40

I’m thinking that he is supposed to be Aussie, but the women who says things like ‘A control point is being contested’ is almost definately british. Like Agent M in the latest James Bond movies.

----- JB 25.08.08 04:16

Regardless of the authenticity of the accent, Valve has put together one of *the* best set of trailers for a game in recent memory. And they continue to release these character “bios” long after the initial release. This isn’t my favorite one (Engineer is fantastic, if you’d like to dissect the believability of their Scottish accent) but I’ll actually be sad when they’ve completed the series and none are left.

----- The Slapster 24.06.08 20:12

Heya, as an Aussie myself, I’m still a little unsure of this accent..

He’s definitely SUPPOSED to be Australian. Keep in mind that just like any country, there’s a whole lot of regional accents. Not every Aussie speaks with a nasal drawl, or the Steve Irwin ‘Croi-kee!’ You do also get a few people with a very ‘taught’ English kind of accent that comes from going to a posh school.

He sounds like an Aussie who’s lived abroad, a crazy mesh of Aussie, UK, South African and maybe even New Zealand accents?

But for anyone who’s played the game and knows one of his ‘taunts’ is “Thanks for standing still, wanker!” Thats distilled Aussie.

----- zeDaveo 24.06.08 17:07

Nobody said he was Australian.

----- MCHL 24.06.08 15:31

You’re thinking of real Australia— this guy is from Cartoon Australia. That’s why his hat is upturned on one side and he sounds like Steve Irwin, for clarification.

----- Liam 24.06.08 14:43

That is most certainly not somebody from the UK attempting an Aussie accent. It’s sounds much more like a North American attempting one.

----- Grant 24.06.08 09:19

i’m pretty nerdy and actually play TF2 and he’s supposed to be British i think

----- pom 24.06.08 01:15

Yea, totally not an Ausie accent. I work with an Auzzzzer and they sound totally different. That is more Brit than anything else.

----- Renzo 24.06.08 00:36

I think it’s just a bad Aussie accent done by somebody who is clearly from the South of England.

----- Joe 24.06.08 00:29

Pee cup!
These get better and better.

----- Lone 23.06.08 23:39

I’m not too good with accents, and maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t sound like an aussie accent. The “clippiness” seem to indicate an accent from the UK, but I can’t place the region.

----- icie 23.06.08 23:05

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