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Surfmonk- 06.17.08

surfmonk.jpgFlipping through a free issue of Malibu magazine that i grabbed from our usual thai place… i noticed an ad for Surfmonk… and while i have managed to live in many a beachy cities/towns, i never did manage to get on a surfboard, but do feel most at home bumming out on the beach… (the TasteSpotting drama that has yet to die down has been tormenting me for about 2 months now… maybe that’s why i’m suddenly finding myself hunting for cozy, comfy, relaxing products/environments lately).

Anyhow, Surfmonk! A line of eco-friendly bamboo terry robes, cover-ups, blankets, and more for men, women, and even kids! They range from full length friar tuck/jedi robes to these shorter cover-up hoodies i’m coveting, and i love the way their cozy looking beach blanket has a padded shoulder strap… also check out the cute knee length fanny wrap and more close ups on the next page! So tempting, to grab some, a good book, and road trip down the coast stopping and laying out on the beaches all the way down…



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thanks for the good word on SurfMonk-
glad to be included among your aesthetic amusements…


“we are all islands, oceans connect us”

----- claudia 22.06.08 22:01

Just wanted to say that I really really LOVED tastespotting! I am very sad about it’s departure but you know that change always makes room for new adventures! (ps: notcouture is my home page!!!!!)


----- Candace 17.06.08 10:56

I imagine sailing away watching the sunset on a jedi robe. I have to get straps like that my towels.

----- At Home with Kim Vallee 17.06.08 10:01

The food world is mourning the loss of our beloved Tastespotting.

Please take a minute to come say goodbye:


----- Erin 17.06.08 03:30

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