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Toys come full circle…- 06.08.08

kids-toys.jpgRemember when “toy stores” used to be for kids, then there was that shift of “toy stores” like kidrobot and giant robot… toys for grownups and saved in boxes as collectibles and untouchable toys when that vinyl toy trend kicked in hard? Well, due to some combination that i’m getting old and more of my friends are having babies, or its that time of year, i’m suddenly finding myself shopping for baby gifts more and more lately… and what’s been really fun, is watching these vinyl toys transform back into stuffed toys for our little ones!

We all know that gifts for kids under 3 are really more gifts for their parents, seeing as the kids will barely remember them as they grow up anyhow. So for all the playful parents with a love for vinyl toys, various cheeky, slightly twisted characters, and designs from incredible artists… here’s a little roundup of stuffed toy options which i am considering toys that have come full circle, and are perfect for the babies of parents who loved the originals that inspired them… break down of the toys above on the next page!

Tokidoki Plush: Mozzarella
She’s one of the first two Tokidoki characters to make it into plush form, and currently she’s my favorite. While i’ve never been a huge Tokidoki fan, i’m quite liking this one for gifting… i have been playing with one in person, and its adorably soft and plushy, and with that doe-eyed look and the plush tommy gun… what toddler wouldn’t look adorably hardcore toting this Moofia critter around?

Memo Wee and Oink Le Rouge
These two plushies are from the Somewhere City line of critters that started as vinyl toys with mix and match parts by Goran Lelas and made in collaboration with MoMA. I love the Memo Wee in particular for its fun to grab ears and feet and trumpetting nose for kids. As far as size goes, when playing with them in person, they were larger than i expected… they are slightly smaller than a soccer ball - so as the kids grow up, definitely expect these to join the ammo pile in a faceball fight.

Tokidoki Push: SANDy
This is the second Tokidoki plush, and with the hair and more animate eyes… i feel like she’s more ideal for a slightly older child… while i see Mozzarella as perfect on a 1-2 year old, i could see this one for 3-6 year olds. And with those edgy spikes (which aren’t at all dangerous, they feel like a heavy felty material)… its all too fun.

Shawnimals’ Wee Ninjas, Moustachios, and more
Everyone loves the crazy, simple, adorable creatures that come from Shawnimals ~ infact i even wanted to send my friend’s dog a Wee Ninja to play with!

Andreas Linzner Terry Cloth Animals
On really coming full circle, i just love these and had to include them ~ for those parents who are less into the characters/toys, but a bit more crafty/homemade/vintage ~ these always do great… adorable designs and prints! “The Hamburg-based designer earned a following because of the small runs of vintage terry he continues to use for his menagerie of cloth animals. But he also has his own original prints. The elephants here are dressed in his signature green print (which he calls “leaf”), and the blue print (he dubs “ocean”).”

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I was just in Rotofugi yesterday and saw the Mustachio for the first time. It’s frikkin adorable! I imagine him flying around spreading the mustache wherever he goes.

----- Andy 10.06.08 10:14

Speaking as a stuffed duck owned by an older than child, I am pleased to hear that adults and their stuffed friends are now in vogue. Perhaps some of the stuffed friends on this site can join me in my own blog at www.BestPlushLife.com where we can have some interesting conversations


----- paula 09.06.08 19:13

i was just telling someone about the legendary moustachio the other day. awesome. and that elephant is so cute!

----- rugenius 09.06.08 01:58

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