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A+R at Dwell On Design - 06.08.08

ardwell.jpgHighlight of the Dwell on Design LA exhibition… the STORE! Design superstore, A+R, and the best art+architecture bookstore, Hennessey + Ingalls, made up the Dwell on Design Store in front of the west hall of the LA convention center ~ and it made the trip worth it. While i spent about 5-10 minutes wandering the show floor, it was the store that really grabbed me… Andy forgot to tell me how many more of my favorite products were being added to the store (unfortunately not on the online store yet!) for this special pop up store! And Phillip of Citizen Citizen was here with more of his fabulous collection than is usually found in their stores as well!

As anyone who ran into me over there knows… i was like a kid in a candy store, oohing and ahhhing and dying to buy things i’ve been posting about, that A+R now has… so if you’re in LA and bored tomorrow, perhaps pop by the pop up store in front of the exhibition… it’s before you even have to register for the actual show (Free Ticket To the Dwell on Design Exhibition: BDODEC). Take a look at the pics of the store and a few of the hottest items available!




Here’s Phillip of Citizen Citizen at his table of goods ~ *finally* i got to see the packaging of those golden coke spoons!

Citizen Citizen ‘s Murdered: Ju$t Another Rich Kid & Tobias Wong’s 18K gold dipped cast bronze skull pendant studded with CZ on solid gold chain - FAR more adorable (and tiny) in person than the pictures led me to believe…

Citizen Citizen’s golden bic pen cap cast in gold - Cokespoon 01 by Tobias Wong

Citizen Citizen’s Playboy gold plated swizzle stick by Tobias Wong

Direct Design’s Notebook Portable Grill - This incredible flat packing grill was selling like mad! And if i was more of a griller, i’d need one, it literally packs down to nothing… such a great design, and with a mere $50 price tag! Awesome summer time gift if you need to do any housewarmings.

I’m Not A Plastic Cup double walled porcelain mug with silicon lid… i fell in love with this when i posted it to .org ~ and this was the first time i got to see it and feel it and really want one! Only $20!

Also many other goodies that aren’t in their online store yet, but will probably show up soon…. Geneva Lab’s speakers (they had the red one i’ve been smitten with since i discovered it in Copenhagen years ago!), Blue Lounge’s new cable organizing pieces, the zippo sized 30 gig la cie hard drives… and more to come!

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