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Wall-E’s Eve: Descendant of iPod- 06.28.08

wall-e.jpgWhen at the Wall-E midnight showing on Thurs ~ walking out at nearly 3am, i felt like we were nearly venturing into the world of Wall-E as we lined up to feed the ticket in the machine to validate, then lined up in our cars again, sitting, idling, waiting to get out… and the other thing that stuck in my mind was ~ enough cross over Apple placement, Pixar? From the sound every time Wall-E had to reboot, to the ipod he played his movies on… and why was i SO drawn to Eve? And then i was reminded… Eve is a product of Jonathan Ives… Apple helped design the robots of the future… and remember the Automator icon? How cute is he? He looks like he might be Eve’s grandpa, they certainly have quite a few things in common ~ that glossy white skin, and that face looks like she could definitely have evolved from him! See many more images of them all on the next page ~ as well as some Eve icons for Adium.





Adium icons of Eve are adorable ~ get them here

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You exactly point out what my thoughts were after seeing Wall-E, if it weren’t for our different taste in design. You see, you seem to like all teh white plastic with rounded corners-design that Apple wants to turn the whole world into. I despise that look. It reminds me of ‘80 style George Michael / Miami Vice-ish cheesy idea of ‘modern’.

I love to see metal parts, joints, bolts, cooling fans behind trellis work, yellow / black strips that warn you of danger in a certain zone. Stuff like that. And above all, i hate touchscreens & love tactile feedback.

Hail Wall-E, fuck Eve.

----- Vincent Laros 26.11.10 02:38

Yeah, EVE does look like all that Apple stuff. But being a Mac user it doesn’t bother me. And really really does look like that little automaton guy. I’m staring at him in my opinions bar thingy. I mean, Iy you take away his legs, make his arms like EVE’s and make the glowing blue “face” black with EVE’s eyes, it is like wow.

----- > 19.03.09 09:17

MichaelB- Interesting idea, but the analogy doesn’t really hold up. Wall-E is solar powered—- you could say he’s an invention by the oil-consuming society that supposedly produced all the mess. However, the idea of using solar energy (Wall-E) to “clean up” the mess failed—- only when people gave up on Earth entirely did they invent something as advanced as Eve. If you paint Eve as a model of future non-oil-dependent civilization, it necessitates giving up on our early efforts at clean energy (like solar—- i.e. Wall-E).

----- Jimmy 09.03.09 13:16

There’s one more thing!
Wall-E has got a sound from Apple. “Ping” he called, and we can hear it from Wall-E, when Eve kiss him in the Space!

----- Krobonil 07.10.08 04:34

Wall-E and eve make such a cute couple.

----- Maya 06.08.08 17:25

you might say that Wall-E is us, Humans & Eve is where we come from in the future. We are dirty kids, Eve is our future, Clean, Advanced Full of life and not dependant on Oil

Wake up Earth.

----- MichaelB 06.07.08 16:36

Hi, I love the photo layout on notcot.org, and was wondering if you might share the code of the structure? :)


----- ryn 29.06.08 02:31

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