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Spore - NOTCOT Creatures- 06.28.08

notspore1.jpgSPORE! SPORN [nsfw]! And all the madness that has flown around the internets over the launch of the Spore Creature Creator. Since the Spore folks asked us to make a creature for the Spore Vote site - no, i’m no Sporelebrity, just a mere More Spore if i ever get my creatures sorted out and sent in to them. On a side note, how funny are their Sporelebrities? You have the webby kids from Digg, Arrington, iJustine, Scoble, Veronica Belmont - and then tv actors like the OC guy, Alias guy, Sabrina the teenage witch, old saved by the bell guy… and stan lee and emeril… Yes yes, i know they have names, but just surveying the group made me laugh this lazy Saturday.

SO, back to the Spore Creatures ~ dan started challenging me to make “cute” ones that weren’t what nightmares were made of… and then creatures with “fewest vertebrae possible” (turns out that is 2)… and other silly tasks, so in trying out the high res picture taking and video capturing… check out a few of my silly creatures (and vid!) on the next page… i’ve also added the video of the f*ck slug, which is a great example of Spore Typography!

This was the “as few vertebrae as possible guy” and he has one leg ~ and for a symetrical foot i gave him the tri-suctopods thingies ~ that from the front kind of make it look like he has two little feet… its a pity he can’t flap his wings…

And yes… that pot belly he has is all… CALF… or THIGH… those joints were all smooshed up on each other…


This guy’s face started feeling very Carnivale mask like… meets Gonzo?

This guy became our stoner wizard with the crazy shiny/plasticy/was once a balloon animal look and grass hair…


This was one of my first ~ word of advice, throw some arms or legs on FIRST! so you can figure out which side is supposed to be the HEAD… lets just say i was having too much fun with the head and feathery wings, only to put legs on and realize it was the butt……….


Really this poor cute 4 leaf clover headed good luck of a red birdy was SO close to being cute, until her wings didn’t move… at all.


Sure, it may be a bit crude, but step back, and conceptually, the idea of spelling with spore creatures is quite intriguing… can’t you see sesame street puppet skits being made with this next?

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should check out some of my creatures!! (its the link there) and uhm uhm, iono. The two vertebrae are called tictacs, haha. cause the little bodies look like tictacs, I have one, called Margut, most of mine are random, but I did make a Nessie creature!!

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