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Absolut Los Angeles- 07.30.08

absolutla.jpgBrowsing The Dieline just reminded me about the Absolut Los Angeles launch which happened a few days ago when we were in San Diego… (and remember the massive sponsorship Absolut gave the walk of fame? and the uproar?) and i must admit it’s kind of exciting to have my home city have an Absolut of its own. The flavor is Acai, Acerola, Pomegranate, and Blueberry - supposedly a nod to our city’s trendy, environmentally forward, and health conscious ideals… More screenshots from Absolut and recipes on the next page!


Click this screenshot to view the full sized image (where the recipes become readable!)

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lovely flavor, try it simply: absolute losa ngaeles shaken with pomegranite liquer (pama or better: Punica) poured over ice with mineral water. garnish with a blueberry or something.

----- lisa 11.10.08 09:19

Like all ABSOLUT Flavored Vodkas, this one uses the real fruits, Acai, Pomegrante, Acerola, and Blueberry, and no artificial flavor or sugar. It tastes like the fruit- Wonderful Flavor.
Sours, Spritzers, and Fruit Based Cocktails Complement this spirit well.

----- Bryan 03.08.08 21:21

I saw this new vodka “flavor” and posted my thoughts about it over at DrinkSomeWine. Great campaign, great imagery, but not so great flavors.

----- groovemonkey 31.07.08 12:08

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