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Anzevino and Florence Colour Change- 07.06.08

AZFN.jpgSince the American Apparel Thermachromatic Tees post last week ~ we also noticed the LA Times Image article today picking up the comeback of hypercolor as a new “trend” (as seen on .org #11727)~ and so out of curiosity i had to go find the Anzevino and Florence tees, tanks, dresses, and scarves mentioned! While i’m still a bit mixed on how to feel about these, its fascinating none the less, and a scarf could be fun to play with! The photography on the Anzevino and Florence Colour Change collection is pretty much as creepy seeming as the American Apparel ones, strangely enough - however, it is awesome that theirs don’t go between color/white, but color to color! And the cuts look far more fun and playful than the American Apparel selection… See more pics on the next page ~ and shop for them on the AZFN site.








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I am very much impressed about color changing fabrics.Kindly let me know where it is available in India.Send technical details to my email id.

----- Venkataraman 12.10.08 05:57

funny enough i stumbled onto this page.. and noticed this article.. i have been a customer to Anzevino and Florence since stumbling upon some of their t shirts and sweaters a while ago and since then its been somewhat like an addiction…
and i think it’s a shame that they are being compared to American Apparel when in the actuality of things.. American Apparel has ripped off so many of their t shirt graphic and ideas.. like i am sure they have done to so many designers out there.
Anzevino and Florence came out with the color change shirts long before AA.
it sad that AA gets so much press for ripping everyone else off and for not coming up with their own ideas..
i wish anzevino and florence the best and hope more people are aware of great new creative brands like this one as oppose to buying generic stuff! and keep up the good work guys! have a sample sale soon again!!!!

----- isabella 16.07.08 12:22

Hypercolor? Is that you? That’s ok. Welcome back old friend. It’s a shame most kids that are going to be buying this overpriced swag will think it’s something novel and trendy. Those of us that were there in 88’ know…WE KNOW.

----- Carla 10.07.08 17:05

I have the full story about heat activated color changing clothing. We are the manufacturers for AZFN and we sampled for American Apparel.

At the beginning of the year we had discussions with American Apparel to provide them with our technology under license. After several weeks of sampling they decided that they could do it by themselves. We have spent three years of research making the product solid and they thought they could do it in three months. The release they attempted dies with heat when you wash it, dry it or use it for screenprinting. Their amateur copy gives the technology a bad name.

AZFN uses our technology with protection from high heat and UV rays. We are starting to provide products at large volumes for the 2008 and 2009 markets around the world under many exciting applications.

----- Karl Clayton 08.07.08 11:28

Who is that very androgynous female model they are using in the above campaign? She is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, I must know her name.

----- Simon 07.07.08 14:53

I think they’ve actually had this selection since at least the beginning of the year…. definitely before AA had them, anyway!

~ Jess
Keep it up! I love this site.

----- Jessica 07.07.08 13:10

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