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Ultimate Accessories: Jawbone- 07.07.08

newjawbone1.jpgClick HereNOTCOT Note: This is the second in my series of Ultimate Accessories posts which have been sponsored by the new Infiniti G Sedan! As with any sponsored content ~ these posts are done - my way - my product choices, my content, and they help keep the site free!

The *new* Jawbone, the adorable “half the size of its predecessor” bluetooth headset with the same powerful noise assassin technology, and yves behar design… is taking LA by storm even more this week than ever before. We’ve written about this beauty before, but since as of July 1st, all Californians must legally use some kind of handsfree while driving - these have been flying off the shelves, and we gave in and updated the NOTCOT team with them as well. So far, they work incredibly as promised, and still have that incredible packaging and awesome design details in the whole opening experience… so see a full unboxing gallery on the next page!


I love the way the Jawbone’s float in their museum ready display boxes…



The charger is a nice compact wall charger to plug the USB into ~ and it has a magnetic connection to the Jawbone.



Regardless of ear size ~ there are various ear bud sizes as well as loops ~ and loops with and without leather… and it works great with out ANY loop even!



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i purchased a origina jawbone about a year ao and it was a great product untill the earloops all broke, and shrortly aftermy purchase they came out with the jawbone 2, i dissatisfied with the post customer service of the original model, there are no replacement parts and everyone that has bought the original moddel have wasted 130 dollars on a great product that they cant use, i will not recommend that anyone buy a jawbone product because there service suck when it comes to replacement parts….

----- sancho 12.04.09 16:02

I agree with Darcowin whole heartedly. What a scam!!! My first earloop busted within days and I have been adjusting the lefts to fit into the rights and now the last one broke. If Jawbone doesn’t sell the earloops any more than I don’t buy the Jawbone anymore.

----- flamingoterry 09.03.09 17:11

The new packaging for the Jawbone II may be aesthetically pleasing and may have earned some packaging Guru a ton of money for the concept but it is a complete waste of packaging and natural resources.

Shame on the manufactuer and shame on the packaging Designer!!!!!! They are using a huge amount of petroleum based plastics and an abundance of paper products to package this little toy. Let alone the amount of shipping volume this packaging takes up in the transport vehicle, which in turn requires more vehicles to ship a package that could have been designed with 33% less packaging and shipping volume as well as using considerably less fuel.

If the manufacturer of Jawbone had purchased a more intelligent and environmentally conscious packaging design, they probably could have cut 20% off their list price in shipping and packaging costs & been more competitive with similar products.

After replacing my original series Jawbone with a Jawbone II (because it’s impossible to find replacement earloops for the original Jawbone#, and considering the fact that the second generation doesn’t seem to be quite as good or responsive to pick up a call as the original, and adding to that the ridiculous packaging, it’s going back to Verizon for a refund or exchange.

And, for those of you who can’t live without a Jawbone…why did the manufacturer make earloops for the original one that constantly break when adjusted? And why do the earloops for the new generation only fit the new generation? Why does the maufacturer no longer sell them as accessories or spare parts on their website? Why is the manufacturer no longer supplying them to retailers? Could it be that #if you absolutely must have a Jawbone), that they want you to upgrade to the new generation by attrition?

Can you say: “PLANNED OBSOLESCENSE”? Times are tough all over right now and an earpiece as pricey as the Jawbone borders on a “luxury” item. Maybe the manufacturer should smarten up as well as the retailers filling their racks with them. And, by the way, at a retail cost of $129.95, they weren’t exactly flying off the shelves.

----- DACORWIN 14.02.09 16:34

I also need on of those old type ear loops. Ive got my jaw bone that I can no longer use because I dont have the loop. If any one know where I can possibly go I really would appreciate it.
Thanks jimivega@yahoo.com thats me.

----- jimivega 10.02.09 17:47

Where can I buy Jawbone Right Earloops.Not ne Jawbone but old one
Everyone says out of stock for amonth

----- Irv Margulis 29.09.08 09:47

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