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Dog Poo Bags- 07.28.08

poobags.jpgShit Happens. Dog Poo Bags by Junge Schactel, the design duo, Nina Dautzenberg and Andrea Gadesmann. How cute is their studio puppy, Cuno? And don’t these bags just make you wish extremely talented packaging, branding, graphic, experience designers made everything in your world? See more pics below ~ and i’m also totally in love with the branding of Junge Schactel with their pull strip, packaging opening branding that is on their flash, portfolios, and even physically on their business cards!





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This is what used grocery bags are for. There is no market for this.

----- Travis 19.07.09 15:04

Holy fucking crap! nice shit!

----- lara findeisen 29.08.08 11:59

i think its ridiculous. nice design though

----- lovely 07.08.08 14:39

shit boo boo shit…Sorry I couldnt resist!

----- yan 01.08.08 12:51

Nice work y hope the bags be eco friendly….if are not i preffer the poo or even better the vapoo-rizer!

----- Jd- monster 01.08.08 10:13

Compostable or… crap.

----- Kerr 29.07.08 21:57

I really like this project, totally shit happens.

----- Shapes of Sweetness 29.07.08 14:07

this project is cool and all but come on.. thats a lot of material for picking up waste?

----- c 29.07.08 09:31

Very cute. ;-)

----- Speedmaster 29.07.08 06:06

The correct name of this German design duo is “Junge Schachtel” instead of “Junges Schactel”. ;)

----- sbridge 29.07.08 01:23

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