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Jimmyjane Contour Ceramic Stones- 07.17.08

jjceram.jpgOn sex toys and massage tools that you can leave out, and people can easily assume they are sculptural play things - Jimmyjane has done it again with their new line of CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones. “Jimmyjane introduces CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones, offering a modern take on traditional hot stone massage. With smooth, polished surfaces, they glide over the skin, relieving tension as they go. CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones retain heat, and can be used at different temperatures for extra stimulation - warm them up to soothe or cool them down to refresh. Made from double-fired porcelain, they’re ergonomic, bio- compatible, durable and easy to clean. With every surface designed for massage, each CONTOUR offers limitless possibilities.” The designs are designed in house, and certainly have that distinctively minimalist style that is so Jimmyjane. For a mere $25 each, i’m extremely curious to get a pair to experiment with! See more close ups, and more information about the CONTOUR line (including some massage techniques) on the next page!

“The CONTOUR M + AFTERGLOW SENSORY SET includes two massage favorites which are designed to collaborate. Used together, CONTOUR M and AFTERGLOW offer a complete sensory experience that includes illumination, scent, temperature and touch. Drizzle AFTERGLOW’s warm massage oil into the underside of CONTOUR M, and it warms the ceramic to the touch. Turn the stone over and let it glide across the body - the oil provides the perfect amount of slip for a luxuriant massage.”

The CONTOUR I + BEYOND SENSORY SET features another pleasurable pairing. Apply BEYOND EUPHORIC generously to the skin then let CONTOUR I reach deeper into the muscles. The lotion will nourish and hydrate everywhere the massage stone goes.”





CONTOUR I Massage Techniques

CONTOUR I is designed for deep kneading massage, providing relief for tired fingers and thumbs, and helping with hard to reach places. Try these different techniques, then create your own. Go with what feels good.

* Single Node, Deep - Brace one round end of CONTOUR I in the palm your hand, and support the narrow stem with your thumb and fingers. This focuses the massage pressure on a very small area of the body, allowing deep stimulation of the muscle. This creates an effect that’s similar to using your thumbs to give a massage, but without the strain on your hands.
* Single Node, Shallow - Position CONTOUR I so that one round end is in the palm of your hand, and the narrow stem passes above your hand between your thumb and forefinger. This allows you to simultaneously use your hand and the smooth spherical end of the massage stone, combining the sensations from your fingertips with the stimulation from CONTOUR I.
* Dual Node - Lay CONTOUR I on the body, then roll it lengthwise along the muscle group. Both nodes will make contact with the skin, applying lighter pressure to both points in tandem. This works well for massaging the length of the back, bridging across the spine. This technique is low-friction, as the stone is rolling along the skin rather than sliding.
* Multi-Stone - CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones can also be used together - place CONTOUR M over CONTOUR I and roll across the skin for a zero-friction massage. Or use one CONTOUR I or one CONTOUR M in each hand to give a symmetrical massage and cover more of the body at once. You can also start a massage with CONTOUR I, then move to CONTOUR M, or vice versa.
* Temperature
- Heat CONTOUR I by submerging it in warm water. Warmth is relaxing and encourages circulation.
- Cool CONTOUR I in the refrigerator or by running under cold water. Cold is invigorating and refreshes the body.
* Lotion - To add to the experience, pair CONTOUR I with BEYOND Sensational Massage Lotions for a Warming, Cooling or Euphoric massage.
* Get Creative - CONTOUR Ceramic Massage Stones are made from hygienic, biocompatible, non-porous porcelain. They are designed for exploring the body, so enjoy their versatility. Of course, please use common sense.

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