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KRINK + Incase + Arkitip- 07.15.08

krinkmain.jpgIncase has done it again… waking me up to yet another giddiness inducing package. They always manage to put me in the best moods with their great packaging (from packaging of the product, to the silver penned notes to go with them!). I’m sure you’ve been seeing these new limited edition cases buzzing around the web all morning, but here’s an unboxing and some close up pics of my own. And for those just catching up…

Incase has teamed up once again with Arkitip Magazine, and this time they’ve pulled in one or my favorite artists, Craig Costello aka “KRINK” aka “KR”, the legendary creator of KRINK inks and markers and artist behind those awesome silver drippy mail boxes! So this new KRINK Sleeve is the first in the “Curate by Arkitip” series. First impression, was being smitten by the silver on black drippiness, so messy, yet so clean. Next thing to hit me… although it is an awesome art product, the quality is incredible, but then again what else would you expect from Incase? This would be such a fun case to carry into a formal meeting… if not just to see what the reactions are like! Anyhow, go see the many pics on the next page, as well as the video with behind the scenes on how this sleeve came to be.

i know it sounds silly, but part of me is dying to spraypaint ‘NOTCOT’ on mine…




Details? Premium form-fitting polyurethane construction, Original foil-stamped KRINK artistry, Poly-satin interior lining, Custom KRINK logo quilting, 3 mm cushioned interior, and Heavy-duty KRINK branded YKK zipper pulls




It had to be screenshot ~ love how the opening page of Arktip opens with a flash overlay of silver drips dripping down on the page…

Here’s the video behind the scenes, interviewing those involved on how it came to be…

More info and purchasing available at:
They come in 13” and 15”, and go for $79.95


Collaborative Project Launches with Street Artist KR

LOS ANGELES - July 15, 2008 - Incase, makers of innovative bags and cases, has partnered with the unique art magazine Arkitip, to create Curated by Arkitip. The ongoing project aims to deliver artistically embellished Apple® based products to users who have an appreciation for the creative arts and technology. Artists are carefully chosen by Arkitip for dedication to their respective art forms and unique points of view.

“This project is a natural extension of what I do with Arkitip,” comments Scott Snyder, Arkitip Art Director. “We are giving artists a medium where they can be creative and gain exposure at the same time. Curated by Arkitip allows me to continue to work with artists that I respect and admire.”

The Curated by Arkitip series launches with the KRINK Sleeve, a limited-edition collaborative effort between Incase, Arkitip and artist KR, creator of KRINK, a line of handmade inks and markers. KR’s products gained notoriety by their association with his work in the street, the studio and by his dripping ink aesthetics. Curated by Arkitip merges KR’s artistry with the Incase notebook sleeve, a signature piece within the Incase line, resulting in a refined version of the classic sleeve.

“The collaboration was born of mutual respect and a core belief in quality and innovation that applies to both design and art,” comments Damon Way, Incase Chief Brand Officer. “The sleeve, in effect, acts as a canvas or billboard for KR and other artists. KR’s design makes a bold statement on a very utilitarian object.”

KR adds “both Apple stores and Incase have been relatively conservative. I think this is a great opportunity to offer something a little more edgy to the market.”

The limited-edition KRINK Sleeve for MacBook and MacBook Pro 15” hits select Apple retail stores in mid-July. The sleeve will also be available at better boutiques, goincase.com and arkitip.com.

For more information, please visit goincase.com/CuratedbyArkitip.

Founded in 1997, Incase is a California-based bag and case brand that creates and delivers innovative, performance-based products with clean, contemporary design for the technology, music and street culture communities. Incase is committed to designing carrying solutions that merge seamlessly with the lifestyle and needs of today’s consumer. Incase: A better experience through good design.

Arkitip is a limited-edition, hand-numbered art book that regards excellence in production as principally important. The magazine publishes site-specific artworks at a modest price to make art available to collectors at all economic levels. The magazine’s founding principles are (1) support the arts, (2) promote freedom of expression, and (3) make art affordable and accessible. The editors also oversee a plethora of creative endeavors, including the publication of limited-edition artist’s prints, books and multiples: clothing, accessories and the occasional CD. In addition, they collaborate with artists, designers, shops and galleries around the world to produce exhibitions.

Craig Costello a.k.a. “KRINK” or “KR”, is one of the most visionary and inspirational street artists working today, and is also the creator of KRINK, a line of the finest quality handmade inks and markers, beloved by artists and vandals alike.

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4 Notes

insane!.. yet beautiful.I want one of those cases

----- robert 17.07.08 03:14

funny you should post this right now, since i’ve been obsessively laptop case / sleeve searching. i just wish someone made a case with a special pocket for the macs powercord.

----- Maria @ Stickers & Donuts 16.07.08 09:15

This made me instantly envious! What a striking laptop bag.

----- Masa 15.07.08 18:26

When I was in New York City a couple years ago, I was in that backyard of the photo with the yellow and red paint drip. I even have photos of it. Apparently I was not allowed to be back there, but my cousin snuck me in to see it. Didn’t now it was that big of a deal, I’m very surprised.

----- Sharona Oshana 15.07.08 17:17

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