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Ultimate Accessories: Eton FR1000- 07.14.08

infinitieton.jpgClick HereNOTCOT Note: This is the third in my series of Ultimate Accessories posts which have been sponsored by the new Infiniti G Sedan! As with any sponsored content ~ these posts are done - my way - my product choices, my content, and they help keep the site free!

These days, you really need to be prepared for any and everything. And no reason why those do it all lifesavers can’t look gorgeous too. I’ve been drawn to the Eton FR1000 since CES, where it made my Top 10 Cravings List. You never know when you might need a Self-Powered Hand-Crank AM/FM/NOAA Weather/2-Way GMRS Radio with Flashlight, Siren and Cell Phone Charger! Not only is it gorgeous… but check out some of the many features:
- 22 GMRS (General Mobile Radio System)/FRS (Family Radio System) channels
- 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS / 83 DCS)
- AM/FM receiver
- VOX (Voice operated transmission)
- NOAA weather radio and NOAA weather alert
- Siren and Flashlight
- Can be powered from four different sources: Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, Dynamo crank alone, 4 “AA” batteries, AC Adapter (included)
- Cell-phone charging jack

For any camping trip, or just one in each car, this has definitely made my list of great gifts and emergency kits. I got my hands on one of the White Red Cross co-branded FR 1000s, so check out a full unboxing and up close shots of some of the details that show just how high the quality is! Also embedded the Eton product video for your viewing pleasure.




Only problem i ran into was the hand crank wasn’t the most ergonomic - i tried a few different positions, and




Click this chart to view all the buttons and features up close:

Conclusion? Seeing as its not something i anticipate using daily… i think its perfect for keeping one in the car for unforeseen emergencies. While it may not do everything with the most ease ~ it does everything well enough, and is nice and compact.

Eton FR 1000 - retails at 200$
it’s $150 at Amazon (black, white/red cross)

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I’d like to by a radio ETON FR 1000 white.
I live in Italy (Padova,near Venice).

Is possible to by one radio en send in my adress ?
How much is it ?

Thank you.

Alessandro - Italy - Padova

----- ALESSANDRO 14.09.08 05:42

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