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AB5TRAX “Hello George” Toyota Prius Ad- 08.12.08

maintoy.jpgWhen an email comes that says “Think Issac Asimov meets the Jetsons” ~ you can’t not click on it. And good thing i did, because the crew at AB5TRAX just sent over their brand new ad spot Hello George, an incredibly moving, beautiful, futuristic animation where George Jetson’s car in a briefcase is… a Toyota Prius!

Here’s what Hunter Woo mentioned in the email, “It was designed, conceived and created all inhouse, we built the 3D in Maya , and modeled the world from real pictures of the earth
from space… I thought it might be a fitting tribute / theme for the other posts dealing with views from space up now.”

See still from the ad on the next page, and watch Hello George here in full sized mode!













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So… why do they show the future Prius as being way smaller than a Messerschmitt microcar? Is the space man actually really tiny, or did the world somehow evolve gigantic Messerschmitts?

(Real answer: Someone thought Messerschmitts were cool, and if a Prius can fit in a briefcase, then darnit a Messerschmitt can be eight feet tall.

----- Andrew Duthie 07.09.08 21:20

the track is by stars, a band on a label called arts & crafts - nice use.

----- maxwell 14.08.08 23:04

this is great..anyone know what the music is?

----- Matt Pearce 14.08.08 03:48

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