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Lucky Photoshoot- 08.14.08

lucky.jpgWhat a bizarre morning, definitely one of those, surreal, “this isn’t my life” kind of mornings… up at 6:30, over at A+R store in Venice for a Lucky Magazine photoshoot (nov issue) by 8 (and you know i don’t really do mornings!)… honestly so bizarre being on that side of the camera. I think its definitely safe to say i’m most comfortable behind the lens! And fascinating to watch pros in action ~ we worked with photographer Joe Schmelzer and make up artist Asia Geiger. Funny thing was the iPhone 3G fest at the shoot, and the many complaints and comparisons about mobile me, black vs white, cases, etc. Anyhow, few people asked for pics, so dan snapped a few of the process you can check out on the next page!

While we were chatting, i learned about a new blog that Elise Loehnen, Lucky Editor At Large, who set this all up, just launched - check out Style Steals.







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hi there! how did you come to have this fabulous work life? got any tips for an 2nd year undergrad with a major in communications and rhetoric?

----- grace 14.08.08 19:41

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