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AIAIAI’s Y-Com Mic/Headphones- 08.28.08

aiaiai.jpgOk packaging lovers… you will definitely want some AIAIAI headphones, iphone/curve headsets (headphones + mic/button), and the new laptop sleeves (but more to come on that in a future post!)… These danish designers don’t mess around, their gorgeous headphones (you have to feel these cables to realize how nice the quality is) come in these incredible thick plastic tubes (think perfect for pens/pencils/paint brushes) where the ends aren’t just plugs but little containers with their own caps (they are like little pill boxes) with alternative ear pieces! As you can see, they have great attention to detail ~ and the Y-com model is named so for its signature Y shaped center piece where the L and R are labeled… some even have a playful behind the ear coil…

As for how they work ~ well i tried them hooked up to my blackberry curve for the 5.5 hour drives up and down to/from SF/LA this weekend, and it was great (driving with only one side in of course, since both sides in the sound is so good you can’t hear the world around you). Also, see the fun flashy page flipping AIAIAI Catalog here! See pics on the next page to get the full experience!

Here you can see the packaging front and back ~ simple and transparent, also protects it so nicely without extra filler packaging (and easy to open!)

These are the alternate ear buds that are provided, personally, i found the clear ones on the right to be most comfortable. The yellow buds are that high density foam material (like ear plugs). I’m still coming up with random ideas that could be fun for these little pill boxes…

For the Y-Com, there are various combinations of colors and designs, but unfortunately the black doesn’t com with a microphone AND the coil… that’s my dream combination of the moment…


All in all ~ i love these, and they are now living in my car… my biggest problem with bluetooth headsets, i need to remember to charge them, so when they die constantly and i’m driving and i need a headset pronto, these are nice and reliable and oh so comfy. Honestly, i’m amazed at what high quality materials they’ve found for every last detail!

See all the products at AIAIAI!

For fun headphones (sans mic) with the coil - the Swirl 2.0 is available though!




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7 Notes

I’ve got 4 different pairs, i love em all. They just sound so much better than the stock ones.

----- Damien 28.03.09 02:13

In Germany u can get AIAIAIs directly from AIAIAI.de.

----- AIAIAI.de 29.11.08 00:10

Any word on how good they sound compared to traditional Apple headphones? They’re so pretty that I’d be willing to make the jump blindly, but any peace of mind would be nice.

----- Michael 26.09.08 01:12

The color is amazing, for people can apply it with any clothes.

This is why design has a big influence on purchase decision.

----- Benzodiazepine 04.09.08 21:45

I need that earphones !!! Love it !

Thanks Jean :)

----- Mathieu, Materialiste 29.08.08 02:42

they are amazing, i found them at brooklyn local favorite

----- reewindthat 28.08.08 22:04

I have a pair of these, they are fun!

----- Travis 28.08.08 14:43

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