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O’Gara Coach - Lamborghini, Bugatti, and more…- 08.31.08

lambo1.jpg On random Sunday posts ~ just got back from tagging along with some friends test driving at O’Gara Coach - Lamborghini Beverly Hills to play with the Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, etc - being such a warm gorgeous day out brought the camera, and some of the colors and details were far too inspiring not to share… so check out some of the imagery on the next page!

This yellow is absolutely stunning ~ just rich enough, with enough of that tiny metallic twinkle to make the light dance at every angle…

Love the way the rear wheels are pulled in deeper than the front…

Love the lettering… and that they have the names in all of the doors…


Also, absolutely gorgeous color!

The carbon fiber and honeycomb surrounding the glass covered engine… mesmerizing…



This pic has a little bit of everything - the main window, me, and the white 2009 that i think is my favorite of the lot…




It really is the tiniest details that i find most fascinating…

Hard not to think Chanel when you see the quilted seats…



The lettering here is so subtle, yet demands you look…


Every detail counts… (esp when you’re paying 1.9 mill for this bugatti? the one behind it was a mere 2.3 million)



I’ve always had a thing for the front of the Vanquish…

Freshly sold while we were hanging out on the lot and being prepped…

And if you do end up at O’Gara Coach - Lamborghini Beverly Hills ~ look for Manfried von Imbior, really sweet guy, took great care of us!

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6 Notes

i’ll buy that lamborghini someday!

----- rici 05.09.08 07:42

Kirk the car in question is Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggara or superlight

----- Justin 02.09.08 21:04

lol! its not a trailer park.. those are actual million dollar homes in beverly hills. i pass this place each day. oh and its not a dealership, they call it a “boutique”.

----- joey 02.09.08 15:43

in picture 19: what kind of car has orange and black rims? any pics of that car?

----- Gary 02.09.08 00:14

Cant help but notice that trailer behind the dealship…..you know, when I bought my Bentley, I demanded a trailer park be behind the driveway filled with millions of dollars worth of cars….I’ll stop being catty and jealous, promise.

----- Kirk 31.08.08 21:32

You got a glimpse at the new 560-4?! WOW I would give an arm just to see it in person. Lucky!

----- Justin 31.08.08 19:25

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