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GIVEAWAY! Jimmyjane Form 6 2.0- 09.01.08

jimmyjane.jpgUPDATE: a winner has been chosen and emailed! Thank you for all of your entries!

Jimmyjane launches their new Form 6 massager and you can win it! Just leave an amusing comment as to why you need this $185 designer massager more than anyone else, and i’ll pick someone to send to the nice folks at jimmyjane once i have free time in Paris this week (hopping a flight at 3:30 today!).

This new Jimmyjane Form 6 massager is now completely waterproof, completely re-engineered with super subtle protruding buttons making the massager completely seamless/handle-less, and the gorgeous carrying case also acts as its storage/travel case and charger all in one! The original Form 6 picked up an IDEA award from BusinessWeed and the Industrial Designers Society of America, and honestly, i think this one far surpasses the original in design. So see a full unboxing and closeups of the details to this gorgeous new design on the next page, and don’t forget to leave a comment to WIN IT!

Unexpected excerpt from the press release, “FORM 6 has been embraced as the gold standard by the sexual wellbeing market, where it is the product of choice for leading retailers and sex columnists. It has also been a crossover hit, performing as the best-selling premium handheld vibrating massager in top retailers for therapeutic massagers in the US, tripling their sales expectations.”













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362 Notes

that’s pretty cool…i’d like that for some private time :)

----- Salsero 05.09.08 18:33

because i am SMALL.

----- tool 05.09.08 18:01

I’ve actually got a good reason! My longtime girlfriend just went off to get her master’s degree about 5 hours away from where I live. When I went up to visit her last weekend she asked if I’d brought any of her vibrators, which she’d not moved up with her. I hadn’t. While her vibrators were fine for when she had me so close by for assistance, I fear she is going to be in dire need of a super high quality vibrator when we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks.

Also, if I win, I’ll have you send it right to her, as if you sent it to me it might become mine, and I really think that she should get it.

----- Chris S. 05.09.08 14:10

because i live 300+ miles from my lover, only get to see him every 2 months, and he loves to get me hot on the phone - then leave me dangling… this baby sure would teach him!

----- Sally 05.09.08 12:59

At jimmy jane they have have oviously done a great job in improving the aesthetic of a penius, now lets see what they can do about em vaginas. In the meantime my dick has to compete with this thing for my girlfriend. That’s like allowing Michael Phelps compete in the paralympics.

----- VM 05.09.08 12:27

Because blown glass is so 6 months ago.

----- Rusty 05.09.08 12:01

Please! I just left for school, my boyfriend’s a thousand miles away… it would be a public service! It will not be a boon only to me but I will undoubtedly be pleasanter and better able to focus on my studies for I suspect the form 6 is just the sort of device that could sate me and soak my sheets… what’s a little laundry in the face of good will?

----- Emmmma 05.09.08 11:04

Who knew I would want a bowling Pin in my life so much…
But I do…

----- Shir 05.09.08 07:18

Finding a guy in design school, that doesn’t like guys… is a rare, rare thing.

----- Katie Rodgers 05.09.08 07:14

i simply fell in love with it (don´t tell my men!!!).

----- mary 05.09.08 01:46

It will go to a place nobody/nothing has gone before… But something this beautiful, mmm… uh.. makes me really want to celebrate my 30th b-day!!! Oh yeah!!!!!

----- Amanda 04.09.08 23:14

Because I’ve never mustered the courage to actually buy one before, and to have my first time with… something so luxurious and exquisitely designed would be a beautiful thing, would make me FEEL beautiful. Truly, it is stunning.

----- Clara 04.09.08 22:31

Hello Colors!

----- AndreA 04.09.08 22:09

I would love this because I just moved an hour away from the love of my life to go to college and nothing would make her happier. Also, I’ve accepted that I’m inferior to the machines. Next step is Terminator.

----- Jeff-O 04.09.08 21:34

i need this luxury device because nothing impresses the women of new york city, but this just might.

----- steven 04.09.08 18:38

I must own this space-age back massager! Having this curious item in my possession will allow me to finally indulge myself in a way I simply could not financially justify before. Only then will I be able to fall into bed after a long day’s work, with its supple curve in my hand and feel true relief. From back tension, you see.

Please… I’ve suffered so long.

----- Z 04.09.08 17:19

it would look good with my drapes

----- Bethany 04.09.08 16:30

…a girl needs something that can keep up with her…

----- Trang 04.09.08 16:22

I need this massager because it’s so hard to find anyone who can give a massage where they find the right spot and stay there long enough to make me feel good.

----- Leona D 04.09.08 15:34

A massage toy,
For a girl or boy

Like a club, beat off an unyielding attacker,
Or turn it up to motivate the laziest slacker

Sheets, candles, and even champagne,
All I need is my Jimmy-Jane

With illuminated night controls,
Every evening, the pleasure unfolds

But whether I’m in the water or in the sea,
The JimmyJane is what I need in me!

***I’m probably too late for the give-away but I figure, I’d throw this out here anyway. I just discovered Notcot and am still catching up on all the goodness.

----- SK 04.09.08 14:32

Let the games BEGIN.


----- Kathryn Elyse Rodgers 04.09.08 11:45

I know I’ve already commented twice, but seriously. I’m starting to orgasm just looking at the thing, it’s beautiful.

And I love you for sharing the things that ol’ Professor Penguin keeps to himself when he teaches our History of Industrial Design class…

And I’m stoked you’re having a blast in Paris :)

----- ashash 04.09.08 10:13

wish it to be mine, perhaps i would be the only person in Indonesia who owns such a unique stuff

----- dede 04.09.08 10:04

This is a really nicely designed piece. Man-o-man would I be grateful to win this!

----- Matthew Kolb 04.09.08 09:49

It would be a wet dream to have one!

----- Emma 04.09.08 08:26

I’m a 28 year old virgin…nuff said

----- tightp 04.09.08 06:40

Yikes, I hope -you- have one, you’re going to need a break after reading all these comments! :)

----- Caitlin 04.09.08 06:23

what better excuse to bring that thingy into our home, than to receive it as a gift? “honey, notcot gave it to me… ” and in case of strange looks I will use it to stir milk to comfort my sweety at least with a creamy cappuccino

----- scoobido 04.09.08 06:17

Hi jimmyjane! would you like to be my best friend? ;)

----- Lisa 04.09.08 05:20

Looks like the Dark Knight & apple have got together….does form follow function, can’t say until I ‘see it in action’

----- Andy 04.09.08 05:13

… because all my other kitchenware got broken and what else could be used to bake the honey, milk, chocolate combination on my girldfriend’s back ..

----- Guggi 04.09.08 02:36

Because I’d like to jimmy my jane

----- Jess 04.09.08 00:21

Because using a squiggle pen wrapped in saran wrap gets old pretty fast…

----- Jennifer 04.09.08 00:06


----- elle 03.09.08 21:51

I need a JimmyJane Form 6 because I’m an architecture student, read: no boyfriend and in front of a computer 24/7. I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome coming inevitably and I don’t want to rush it with so much strain on the wrist!

----- kate 03.09.08 21:30

I truly believe all aspects of life should be carefully designed for function, and more importantly aesthetics. This just exemplifies my dream for the world. What could be more sexy?

----- Emma 03.09.08 21:15

I, I love the colorful clothes it wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon its shape
I hear no sound coming from this world
Only the wind that lifts my perfume through the hairs

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations
It’s giving me excitations

----- Lisa 03.09.08 20:09

I wish my penises would come in such vibrant colors!

----- andreA 03.09.08 19:58

There is a certain vibe about it…

----- Ai 03.09.08 19:52

I’m pretty sure this massager would be illegal in Kansas and if I’m going to get arrested for anything it’s going to be for using this bad boy. It will be the happiest mugshot EVER!

----- Big Shamu 03.09.08 19:45

I’m in my senior year of college, taking 18 hours of classes and working 30 hours a week. Aside from mass quantities of coffee, I could use a little extra something to loosen me up.

----- KA 03.09.08 19:32

Why not be treated to a high-class expensive orgasm!

----- Victoria 03.09.08 19:20

Personal massager.. is that what they have to label it in order to sell it in Japan?

----- Imran 03.09.08 18:47

My boyfriend has been demanding to see my “vibrator” so he can use it on me, but I’m too embarrassed to show him the gigantic Homedics back massager I use…

----- Julie 03.09.08 17:38

motion and moisture…hot!

----- Angel 03.09.08 14:59

I think its time for my girlfriend to upgrade from her multipurpose ;) Sonicare toothbrush.

----- Victor M 03.09.08 14:24

Style and satisfaction all in one? Can’t resist.

----- sarahlou 03.09.08 13:44

Its already September and since I live in Minnesota I could use all the help I could get to survive another LONG and COLD winter. I’ve already stocked up on new flannel sheets and long johns, I have mom’s recipe for Lefse and Ludafisk (Uff Da!) all I need now is a lovely JimmyJane!

----- KC 03.09.08 13:25

I want it,I want it , I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it , I want it, I want it, I want it….I need it

----- Nancy 03.09.08 13:06

I like pickles…

----- Cassandra 03.09.08 12:19


----- dc 03.09.08 12:06

Because I’m a broke college girl. Who wouldn’t want a free, sexy looking vibe?

----- Krista 03.09.08 11:25

Oh the joy of having a versatile toy without a cord attached. My girl almost choked me with hers during an energetic session recently. And with this plaything we’ll free up space in our “toy chest”!

----- John Adams 03.09.08 10:34

because I’m running out of gerbils!

----- John 03.09.08 10:13

my pal hasn’t ever ever EVER had an orgasm. and she’s 24. and she’s pretty slutty, but still no luck. i swore back in college that if she hadn’t achieved the big “0” by her 25th birthday, i would get down and dirty and give her one myself(which i REALLY don’t think i could go through with). i also told her I’d throw her a “big O” party upon mission accomplished. so come on, help out my friend. i’ll even give you full credit at the “big O” shindig.

----- party planner 03.09.08 09:10

That is a BEAUTIFUL “massager” that not only would be functional in my life, it would be aesthetically pleasing too! I could leave it out and tell visitors that it’s a work of art!

----- Mandy 03.09.08 09:07

What can I say, I want one and a girl can never have enough things around the house to “massage” herself with ^_^

----- Tiffany 03.09.08 07:00

I want to be the first girl on my block to wrangle that JimmyJane Form 6. I’ll make a splash, or two… or three… or twelve.

----- Skulligan 03.09.08 06:55

My wife needs this for relieving the stress of growing her home-based Aurabath products business, as well as taking care of a 2-yr. old and 11-yr. old. I can think of nothing better for her than sitting in one of her indigo colored salt baths with this to melt away the world for a half hour.

----- Tomquix 03.09.08 06:33

Because the girl and I need something to add some spice.

----- Eric 03.09.08 05:06

one in every color

----- pockit 03.09.08 01:44

I’d like one because I just moved to my first apartment with a totally different shower massager than I’m used to which is acting more like a bidet than a shower masseuse if you get what I mean :(

And my roommate has impeccable hearing.

----- L 03.09.08 00:25

i’m 24 and have been very single for 4 years AND while moving (alone! again!) to another state three days ago, i hurt my back and right hip. i should get it out of pity as i can’t afford a masseuse and my 2nd job pretty much eliminates any possibility of a social life.

----- ana 03.09.08 00:01

I need it because I was relaxed until I read this post and ever since my back became like a knot, and I haven’t been able to stand straight, to relax, or even to smell a flower!

And because it looks cool!

----- Santiago 02.09.08 23:18


----- gareth 02.09.08 22:18

because my roommates dogs come running every time i use my “massager”

----- Nico 02.09.08 21:53

I don’t need a vibrator. I don’t have anyone I could pleasure with it, and find it unlikely I would use it in the manner its design screams for. If these are the criteria, it should go one of the many commenters poised to use it for its intended purpose.

However, I am a senior industrial design student, the effect of which is two fold:

I long for fetishistic design objects
I lack the resources to acquire them

If the Form 6 massager found its way to my door, it would not be hidden. Its subtle curves would be enjoyed for their own right, its construction scrutinized firsthand, its design reflected against that which I strive for. And should the right person came along someday, well, how could I refuse?

I quite like it in slate.

----- Ben 02.09.08 21:50

its this or the origami utensils in the previous post.

----- Maggie 02.09.08 21:34

i would be so popular i couldn’t recharge this guy fast enough!

----- austin 02.09.08 21:20

I just dyed my hair purple today and having a big purple dildo to tease my female room mates with would make my day lolz. Lol its the coolest dildo i seen too, would be a awesome show piece XD.

----- Numb Ly 02.09.08 20:26

I think I need one of these that I can take to work for those stressful days. It would look Awesome on my desk.

----- Josh 02.09.08 20:23

Pretty please with sugar and spice and a cherry on top *bats eyelids*

----- Kas 02.09.08 20:15

my dog ate my vibrator. for real. no seriously. he did.

----- Kenza 02.09.08 20:11

I need it, not really sure why…
just cannot put my finger on it!

----- Andrea 02.09.08 20:02

my husband’s been out of the state for almost a month and i’m DYIN’ HERE!!! oh yeah, did I mention i’m living with my parents? i need a release.

----- April 02.09.08 19:59

I am a nun.

----- Liza 02.09.08 19:56

I have diarrhea! the doctor told me to use lemon…
I used one, but when I take it off diarrhea is back!
Maybe this can help.

----- Andrea 02.09.08 19:53

Because the bowling pin I’m using now is giving me slivers!

----- Chelsea 02.09.08 19:41

I need this massager mainly for my friends. I love a massage, and I always beg my friends to give me one. I need to relieve my friends of my annoyance. ha

----- Meagan Sackett 02.09.08 19:03


----- Miss Audrey 02.09.08 19:01

my boyfriend can’t get me off, but hopefully you can

----- Pants 02.09.08 19:00

ooooooohh. im a toy enthusiast, and newly single. i need this

----- ms shai 02.09.08 18:41

would love to have this… repeatedly.

----- mike 02.09.08 18:36

wow…who’da thought, so many comments!

----- optimumprime 02.09.08 18:27

I need one, because my butt always itches when I’m in the pool.

----- Shay 02.09.08 18:22

It’s bath-friendly, rechargeable on its own time, perfectly contoured to my needs and stylish in an understated way - perfect! I want this vibrator because soulmates are overrated in this era of technology. The Form 6 will never steal my covers away in the middle of the night.

----- Ju 02.09.08 18:11

what else is a single girl going to take to a spa, where the main activity is swimming in the nude at night…the deep dive will provide ample opportunities for full testing…mmmmm! oh, and the therapeutic massage benefits may just give me a reason to carpool home…

----- seed girl 02.09.08 18:10

32 yr old, count all men on 2 hands… but never did one of them satisfy

----- Brandie 02.09.08 18:07

what a great contest! i would love to win an exquisitely crafted vibrating wii remote…

----- slobot 02.09.08 17:48

I’m in desperate need for a serious boy-distraction. An old family friend has taken me in and has two incredibly attractive sons, one of which is only 16! Oh no, Lolita! :( I need a serious diversion from a potential disaster. I think a gold-standard-distraction would do nicely!

----- The Ms. Ward 02.09.08 17:24

I have been punishing my roomate by using his giant weener shaped beard trimmer for two months and smiling with happiness when watching him trim his silky locks, he would commit suicide if he ever found out and I would feel horrile! Save me from my impending guilt!!!

----- Christen 02.09.08 17:21

Because my trusty purple friend of many years is starting to give up the ghost! A new friend would really hit the spot. *grin*

----- Mira 02.09.08 17:07

I need that. Like, immediately. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE? I’ll be its best friend. Swear.

----- beth 02.09.08 16:48

great design :)

----- gregory 02.09.08 16:28

I’d prefer the Form 6 over my car….. It only vibrates when I go over sixty and I’m pretty sure the officer really isn’t as amused by my excuses for speeding as I am. I was almost positive your mom jokes were still acceptable….

----- Toxic 02.09.08 16:19

It’s not so much myself that needs this as my partner. Would free me up a hell of a lot more to spend more time oogling great design on the net.

It’s for the greater good.

----- Matt 02.09.08 16:06

All of this political insanity causes some serious STRESS that only an abject as lovely as this can hope to alleviate! What’s that? Another Convention this week?? Aaaggghhhh!!!

----- HolyStressBallsBatman 02.09.08 15:46

I would call this THE Marriage Saving Device. Fact is, I take a while to warm up —- this device would so definitely speed up ‘preptime’ and give my husband a maximum good time!

----- Marie Gutierrez 02.09.08 15:26

I recently gave birth, so my vagina can’t even hold a diaper genie (oh i tried). This would fit perfectly into my lifestyle and me.

----- Anne 02.09.08 15:26

Because I need a break and my wife deserves the best!

----- Ronald Burlison 02.09.08 15:07

Because I’d rather have this exceptional exercise in pleasure design than one with a pink plastic rabbit attached to it.

----- nottheradio 02.09.08 14:53

I shriek in delight at good design and my girlfriend thinks it silly
With this little toy she’ll be vocal and no longer into my willy

----- kyle 02.09.08 14:50

as a man, you sometimes need the calvary to carry you through (in a metaphorical sense of the word, wait a minute, why am i talking metaphorically when i am trying to win a massager for my lover and i have a wife at home….wait, did i say that out loud?) that’s why i need it!

----- dante 02.09.08 14:35

I’ve just upset my fiance and would absolutely love to be able to make it up to her in a… special way…

----- Philip 02.09.08 14:33

I plan on flying quite a bit, and need something to keep the TSA inspectors interested while they check my carry-on baggage.

----- Eman 02.09.08 14:33

I really need it to make waves in my tub, and then to pretend that a litle purpel leech is swimming around in there….

----- julia 02.09.08 14:32


----- Caity 02.09.08 14:29

I NEEEEEEEED the Form 6. I tried the “little chroma” and it was delightful.

The Form 6 is a must and I cant wait to try it…We’ve owned a couple of JJ items… They’re worth every penny…

Throw me bone?

----- Rita 02.09.08 14:07

because i dropped my girlfriends off her 30th story balcony the other night…it was slippery and she likes to play outside with me.

----- Jonathan 02.09.08 14:02

because my (now) ex-girlfriend stole the *other* very expensive vibrator that we used to use together…and now, alas, i have none.

----- Stephen 02.09.08 14:00

because that will DOUBLE my capacity of giving pleasure to my girl! That’s far more than those “enlarge your penis” e-mails offer me every.single.day.

----- rafael 02.09.08 13:32

because my cactus doesn’t do me justice. :)

----- mahalohalo 02.09.08 13:26

I’m a 24 year old who has never had an orgasm. Take pity on me - all of my friends sure do. ;)

----- Liz 02.09.08 13:23

Because I have a selfish husband who wont let me buy one so screw him if I win it I have to use it ;-)

----- Lindsay 02.09.08 13:19

If I were to win I would give it to my boss, Because that bitch needs to get laid

----- Stef 02.09.08 13:13

because my fiance keeps forgetting to trim his fingernails.

also, the more i get off, the higher my grades are. i am honestly thinking only of my future.

----- responsible college student 02.09.08 13:06

my grandpa passed away 3 years ago
84 yo grandma seems to be very imbalanced since that time…

please let this little gift bring my granny back to life

please don´t let this poor and caring old woman spend the rest of her life in grief!

yours faithfully
thomas w

----- Thomas W 02.09.08 13:02

Because this past weekend, I moved out of my parents house and into my very own apartment. For the first time, my boyfriend and I can be as loud as we want when we make love, on a queen-sized bed (instead of my childhood twin), and in as many rooms as we like!!!!!

----- Alex 02.09.08 12:54

I’ve had sex recently. This isn’t for a friend. I DO have others, not as pretty, but luckily ones that don’t electrocute me. But I digress…..who wouldn’t love to have this?

----- A 02.09.08 12:32

The Jimmyjane Form 6 massager, because EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING appreciates good design.

----- christina 02.09.08 12:32

I’m getting married on October 4th. From what I hear, I’ll be needing one of these puppies shortly after we return from our honeymoon!

----- Kate 02.09.08 12:29

beats the hell out of ear sex.

----- Sarah 02.09.08 12:07

i need this massager because:
a: my boyfriend lives 365 miles away and we need something to spice up our phone sex
b: i’m a poor student that doesn’t have the funds to buy such a powerful and titilating toy
c: i love orgasms.

please send me this toy!!!!!!

----- robin 02.09.08 11:56

I get lonely in the bath ;)

----- brapp 02.09.08 11:51

i want to put it in my virgin ass. ;)

----- smeegy 02.09.08 11:23

Did I forget to mention I’m a dirt poor college kid who can’t even afford the ol’ run of the mill option? This would make my entire college experience!

----- ashash 02.09.08 11:19

I just put up with hurricane Gustav blowing through my backyard I really could use some personal massage time. Mmmmm…

----- Ryan Vernotico 02.09.08 11:12

Me want me want! Puh-lease!

----- Adri 02.09.08 11:11

Because I need some serious design stimulation.

Industrial design school = NO time for boyfriends

I’ll need this after a triple all-nighter, when I’ve been hunched over a computer screen for 14 hours without moving, or sanding a model until my fingers bleed and I’m hallucinating from all the paint fumes I’ve inhaled. That leaves my fingers way too tired for any “relaxation,” even if I have been hallucinating that my scrawny, balding, 73 year old prof has morphed in Gael Garcia Bernal. I think being too tired for him warrants some well designed electronic help :)

Not to mention moving around the country every 3 months for co-op leaves me with 2 options - become the slutty intern or become entirely self-sufficient. Eek.

Just think of what a young designer could come up with with all that “inspiration” at her fingertips!

I would be forever grateful.

----- ashash 02.09.08 11:08

i would really enjoy completing my bathtub bowling set. :)

----- joan monster 02.09.08 10:48

I’ve been using the same dildo for five years, my boyfriend lives in a different country, the persistence of the atomic clock has absolutely NOTHING on my libido. Did I mention I get cranky without ten orgasms a day?… notcot - Save my vajayjay, save the world.

----- Mal 02.09.08 10:36


----- yevalution 02.09.08 10:31

Because my wife’s favorite color is reverberate, er, I mean Plum…

----- Rich 02.09.08 10:12

promotes the right kind of commitment and pressure no girl should be without.

----- yvette 02.09.08 10:11

Let’s meet up on Thursday at Les Halles near Centre Georges Pompidou, ok ? :)

----- Stephane 02.09.08 10:10

I am too good for a human member.

----- Ness 02.09.08 10:03

I have always avoided investing in a high-end personal massager, for a number of reasons. They tend to be startlingly hideous to look at, have dubious safety in terms of the electrical controls (moisture getting into switches, dials, etc), and seem require a small fortune in batteries to maintain (the little one I had demanded a lot).

This, however, looks like a brilliant design that addresses all those flaws. The colors are eye-catching, but not garish. The shape doesn’t suggest a sci-fi torture device, like some of its competition. The case allows for clean, safe storage AND takes care of the battery issue. The options are terrific for all sorts of different personal tastes, too.

In short, it sounds next to perfect, and I’d LOVE to have one.

----- giania 02.09.08 09:59

It looks like an eggplant.

----- masa 02.09.08 09:43

I’ll call it “Floppy”


----- Gnzl 02.09.08 09:19

I DON`T need it.

----- radovan 02.09.08 09:07

because i have been in a long distance relationship for four years, and we only see each other maybe six nonconsecutive weeks a year.

----- K. 02.09.08 09:03

because this would be a much better item to play fetch with my dog at the park than a tree brach

----- mig 02.09.08 08:48

Because my current massager is old it has a hand crank.

----- Shauna 02.09.08 08:34

When in water…..

----- wolf 02.09.08 08:30

ouuu because of my penis envy!!! yes, i want itt!!

----- nottolateihope 02.09.08 08:18

this will be a lovely addition to my recent sex change.

----- Emma (formerly Dave) 02.09.08 08:13

I would love to win one of these!

There’s something creepy about those cheezy ones you see at adult stores.
But this one is so chic and pretty :]

I must have it!

----- Jordan Straney 02.09.08 08:06

If Salvador Dali designed a bowling pin, it would look like this.

----- Icepick 02.09.08 08:03

It would definitely compliment all the well designed glass toys I currently have filling the bookcase headboard in my apartment.

----- Danielle 02.09.08 07:27

Because I’m worth it!

----- Anna Faithfull 02.09.08 07:25

Because my fingers smell like fish!

----- Harley 02.09.08 07:16

Because my cucumber has wilted!

----- Courtney 02.09.08 07:12

I need new one, because my dog found the last one, some days ago.
I suppose my neighbour’ll find it in the garden soon.

----- Claudia 02.09.08 07:12

it matches my shoes.

----- simonemarie 02.09.08 07:03

I need this. Well, I don’t really need it so much as my girl is always doing so much for me, and I always get tired and spent just as she’s getting warmed up. It’s only fair that she should have her fun too— and the 6 is perfectly her style.

----- Andrew 02.09.08 06:57

Ooh, teh shiny. I’d love to add that to my collection.

----- madmadchen 02.09.08 06:53

because i have little fingers….

----- youry54 02.09.08 06:43


----- jaci 02.09.08 06:36

I love your web-site! and, of course, also the jimmyjane!

----- Andrea 02.09.08 06:17

Because the only other thing I’ve gotten in the mail lately are transexual legos.

----- Jenny, Bloggess 02.09.08 06:11

Hot! It’s important to have some early morning stimulation.. in design.

----- Jana 02.09.08 06:11

aw, dang, sweet. you wouldn’t even have to ship overseas. Plus a’s bday is coming up!

----- map 02.09.08 06:07

Dear Jean -

Honestly…the Form 6, there’s nothing I’d rather butter my toast with.


----- D. 02.09.08 05:50

To shake things up in this tired girl’s crazy schedule…

Not to mention that with a toy like that, I think I’d feel better just looking at it! :)

----- Cait 02.09.08 05:30

I need funny, nice, designer stuff to live! I can’t walk without something in my hand, and Jimmyjane sounds like the perfect one!

----- Dea 02.09.08 05:15

because everyone deserves something beautiful down there :-P

----- etyi 02.09.08 04:44

“To love one’s self is the beginning of a lifelong love affair” - Oscar Wilde

----- Andy B 02.09.08 04:34

Because my current sex toy cost me just 8$ and electrocutes me every time.

----- Júlia 02.09.08 04:17

“Say hello to my little friend..”

----- Alan 02.09.08 02:57

So I could stop using my electric toothbrush for my massages.

----- Charlie 02.09.08 02:33

Styly,mute, waterproof and garanting an orgasm every time…. The perfect boyfriend!

----- Fabio 02.09.08 01:18

Because I am looking for a long-term relationship… I figure this kind of companionship may fair better than my attempts at romance with real, live humans.

----- Bri 02.09.08 01:10

…Because it isn’t already difficult enough to get through US customs!!

----- Jimmy 02.09.08 01:04

i want one because this is NOTCOT: only the best of the best designs get showed off.

the last designer vibrator that comes around were the Tom Dixon Bone, Marc Newson Mojo, and Mari-Ruth Oda Pebble.

this JimmyJane Form 6 comes in the same league as these designer products, and should not be hide in the night table drawer, but show off in the living room!

----- M! 02.09.08 00:56

I am a new wife, my husband in in Iraq, and my walls are so thin I can sing a duet with my neighbor while he is in the shower. He happens to like Tina Turner. Strangely after our special moment singing Private Dancer together I haven’t heard him since.

The other military wife I met told me I need a BOB. I feel so behind on acronyms, after questions I came to find it stands for battery operated boyfriend, and I want one. The more quiet and friendly the better.

Please help me.

----- blue 02.09.08 00:49

Because I am a 31-year old virgin (for real). Celibate for life, because of God. Please make it easier on me by making it harder on me.

----- TLC 02.09.08 00:39

It’s a matter of life or death.Gotta have that. :)

----- seliasa 02.09.08 00:26

I own three “massagers” and I am Goldilocks…MINUS “Just right.” Please, consider me, for the love of god.

----- Marg 02.09.08 00:11

every part of me wants to feel ritzy!

----- laila 02.09.08 00:08

Because I haven’t had sex in 5 years.
Because my “massager” broke last month.
Because my Sonicare toothbrush is starting to look appealing.
Because my fingers start cramping after awhile.
Because…I truly NEED it!

----- Dove 01.09.08 23:45

Someone dear to me would be greatly surprised… please and thank you!

----- TR 01.09.08 23:41

Because I get off on good design figuratively anyway - might as well make it literally as well!

----- Lauren 01.09.08 23:18

If you are giving this away, I’d like to give it a home.

----- kitty gosen 01.09.08 22:51

I need this because iPhone vibrations just really aren’t strong enough. Although, I suppose it’s a little more discreet than bringing a JimmyJane into the office…

----- Heather 01.09.08 22:37

This is THE most adorable packaging ever. I would be honored/blessed/grateful to put it where the sun don’t shine.

----- jackson 01.09.08 22:14

I am a high fashion nude runway model, and I’m set to do the finale goatse pose in 3 weeks.

Having one of these babies plop out at the end will just scream “next level anal stretching”

----- Boxxy 01.09.08 22:09

It has a one-year warranty? That’s the equivalent of 1,460 viagra-induced penile dysfunctions! Yipeee!

And those little blue pills are expensive!

----- jenni 01.09.08 22:08

becauseeee i am a poor college student and i’m sick of 10 dollar massagers that DIE while in use! (seriously, this has happened THREE times. THREE. what a let down!)

----- allie 01.09.08 21:59

I need a moving target for when I’m bowling.

----- Q 01.09.08 21:57

because I need something entertaining to do while my boyfriend watches gay porn.

i’ll be the envy of all the neighborhood!

----- Sandy 01.09.08 21:54

because it is time to get things wet around here.

----- marc 01.09.08 21:49

I’m not sure if this is an “Inside” joke…(Pun fully intended) But a “Form 6” is also an BATFE document for, and I quote..


Powerful little device…..

----- Tmac 01.09.08 21:45

I don’t need it, give it to the secound winner.

----- polszki 01.09.08 21:44

I NEED this. My girlfriend is a design nerd, and lets be honest, that thing is SO much prettier than my penis.

----- Raygan 01.09.08 21:37

Because a nice girl from Ohio would really appreciate this little number…

----- Priscilla 01.09.08 21:36

I think I should start slowly before I try the real one, don’t you?

----- Liza 01.09.08 21:22

I am ready when you are.

----- Ai 01.09.08 21:14

Sexy 60 yr old female needs companion. Prefer colored one, maybe purple. Must be discrete, not too big, and must be able to swim.

----- Rosedarpam 01.09.08 21:07

Our room is white and minimal… we need a color accent.

----- Liza 01.09.08 21:06

its beautiful and sensuous - just like my perfect woman!

----- srini_greeny 01.09.08 21:06

I am not sure I need one… prove me wrong!

----- Ai 01.09.08 20:58

I named my girly bits The Mighty Quinn because you ain’t seen nothin’ like her, but I haven’t seen anything like that massager and I’d love to give it a try ^_^

----- Leo 01.09.08 20:56

…I’ve never gotten a hand massage. I’m just ticklish on my neck and shoulders.

This migth help for this…among other things LOL!!

----- The crazy thing is... 01.09.08 20:55

It’d be nice to finally have a massager or an orgasm to fulfill my indecisive needs. It would always end well. =)

----- Rox 01.09.08 20:46

this would be a sweet addition to my social life

----- tza 01.09.08 20:43

My wife loves me. But NEEDS this.

----- D 01.09.08 20:35

I totally because my virgin vagina cannot take not having anything in it anymore!

----- lmd 01.09.08 20:16

Because the most expensive one I’ve ever owned cost $20 and, well, didn’t hold up very well.

----- Jessk 01.09.08 20:15

I would love the heck out of one of these because I’m a 19 year old male college sophomore who is looking to explore his sexuality, and it looks awesome enough that I wouldn’t be ashamed if someone found it.

----- Greg 01.09.08 20:10

Because I have some innovative designs for it.

----- Laura 01.09.08 20:03


----- Nickadee 01.09.08 20:02

Who knew a bent bowling pin look-a-like could be so beautiful? Every other one I’ve seen looks a little scary, but this one I might actually consider for my first!

----- Patti 01.09.08 19:59

wow. i could use some de-stressing and this looks like it could help me out.

----- Paige 01.09.08 19:49

i have a gap on my mantle piece that this artwork will fill nicely

----- katrina 01.09.08 19:46


----- tg 01.09.08 19:45

Because a tall, lanky, drink of water needs a straw.

----- brooke 01.09.08 19:39

i can hit the big o in 30 seconds flat with one of these babies. impressive, no? also i agree with the clit burning off comment. that’s no fun.

----- Kenza 01.09.08 19:39

Because while I am no deep-sea welder or significant-other-drowner, putting my Lelo Lily in a zip lock baggie is just plain tacky.

----- Susan 01.09.08 19:26

Because my jane ain’t gonna jimmy itself.

----- ChristaSmiles 01.09.08 19:20

It’s my 30th birthday and I’m a single female. Right in time for my hormonal peak!

----- Jess 01.09.08 19:08

…because curvy wiggly things are what life is made of. That and obtaining expensive things for free is the American way.

----- Sean 01.09.08 19:06

Because I have two kids and a wife with so many job titles, Honey, Mom, Student, and Miss Can-I-Get-A-Side-Of-Ranch, that a good personal massager could help her remember who she really is.

----- Ryan 01.09.08 18:47

I don’t get it. What’s it do?

----- milo 01.09.08 18:47

because I finally got a rabbit vibrator and it broke down on me after only two (normal) uses! :

I need something I can count on.

----- Jean 01.09.08 18:46

I think it looks awesome :x

----- Sei 01.09.08 18:40

Because my wife somehow has gotten the impression that I don’t want her to touch herself unless I’m there and I am having a hard time convincing her. I’d love to be able to give her something that is just hers.

----- Brian Murphy 01.09.08 18:40

just because I need it

----- Caroline Rule 01.09.08 18:38

Lets face it, water play with other “massagers” is simply not an option without an accompanying electrical shock and a short. And I want to play!

----- Tasha 01.09.08 18:37

To show even a misshapen bowling pin can be a stick-o-fun.

----- JimmyJane 01.09.08 18:34

i would like one so people can ask:

Is that a jimmy jane in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

----- rod 01.09.08 18:32

Because as a graphic designer - I care about good design even when it comes to some good personal lovin’.

----- Niki V. 01.09.08 18:31

i love art&design.

i love cute girls.

i would love to use art&design on cute girls.

(i think that thought would make us all happy:)

----- jayson 01.09.08 18:14

!!!Perfect for a gift”“”” Amazing””

----- DavidD 01.09.08 18:03

cause i am your ex and you know what i´m missing!!

----- ex girlfriend 01.09.08 18:00

Wow, this is really nice. Great packing and awesome product :)

----- Jay 01.09.08 17:56

i can’t get rid off the sticky rest of duck tape with
which i tried to repair my old one. no battery contact,
no power, no hand free… no fun!!! to make it quick:
I.NEED.IT!!!! NOW!!!! sticky quicky.

----- annie 01.09.08 17:47

i can’t get rid off the sticky rest of duck tape with
which i tried to repair my old one. no battery contact,
no power, no hand free… no fun!!! to make it quick:
I.NEED.IT!!!! sticky quicky.

----- annie 01.09.08 17:45

Because pretty people need pretty things and I’m a pretty person.^_^

----- Sam 01.09.08 17:41

that is.so.pretty. I’m in a long distance relationship plus i have 2 jobs and school full time. PLUS i could never afford to get anything to “help” me because all my money from those jobs go to bills and paying my own way through college…

----- jess 01.09.08 17:35

I could pair this with my girlfriends birthday present and see which one makes her eyes light up!

----- ichabod 01.09.08 16:56

I need the plum-colored Form 6 due to my inability to climax unless my partner’s Barney cosplay fur-suit is anatomically correct.

Big soft purple dinosaur, big soft purple…y’know.


----- Octopus Prime 01.09.08 16:40

With 3 teenage kids, my wife needs stress relief!!

----- Chris Magee 01.09.08 16:34

Because grandma’s birthday is coming up, and she already has a new hip so I’m out of ideas.

----- Chris Furniss 01.09.08 16:32

Because it’s almost my 21st birthday and I’ve never had one :(, much less a fancy one.

----- n-bot 01.09.08 16:30

So we can finally have that ‘threesome’ without the awkward conversation before and after…

----- Rick 01.09.08 16:27

Nothing could be hotter than one-on-one time with a “Grimace” doppelgänger! Honestly, the chicly engineered, ergonomic design leaves nothing to be desired. It looks like the perfect product and I would love an upgrade for my current system!

----- Sarah 01.09.08 16:20

because my mind was on other things, i recently sat in a client meeting, listening to their request for a big flash on the pack i was designing… and came out with”so, what you really want is a vibrator on pack”. needless to say i meant to say “violator”, and the blush rose from my toes to my hairline as silence descended upon the room…

----- Jane 01.09.08 16:12

I’ve been wasting the world away with batteries, I need a rechargeable one!

----- Emily 01.09.08 16:11

i shattered my hands in a biking accident. i need help!

----- suz 01.09.08 15:40

Because my girlfriend and I have always relied on the Hitachi Magic Wand which has been called the “Cadillac of vibes” and I think it’s time we upgraded to a Lotus.

----- feldus 01.09.08 15:27

The next time someone tells me to go fuck myself, I can do it in style!

----- cody 01.09.08 15:26

Because my girlfriend and I have a huge tub in our new apartment.

----- Shawn May 01.09.08 15:19

I need this to replace my last massager purchase, the Tuyo by Big Teaze toys, that I spent $75 on and can’t figure out how to um… use.
See the tuyo: http://bigteazetoys.com/content/view/174/337/lang,en/

It now sits in it’s pretty packaging on my coffee table and when people ask about it I say it’s a model of the death star.

----- Sue 01.09.08 15:16

Because nothing would make me happier than pleasuring my girlfriend with something that looks like a cartoon bowling pin making a quick getaway.

(I think I’d have to draw a surprised-looking expression on it.)

----- Joel 01.09.08 15:15

Ok i do need the form & because my pillows moved last night and I have a HUGE neck and back ache. I cant even turn my head right more then 30°
so HELP!!!! It sill truly appreciated and well used…
and believe me After i got fix I’ll find some really new way to use it muahahah!!!

----- D 01.09.08 15:11

I’ve always wanted to try something like this, but I’m always too embarrased to get one!

It’s a $185 fundo! ;)

----- Jane 01.09.08 14:58

We’re sick of the embarrassment that come with leaving out sex toys that just have bad design. This way our friends can appreciate our sexual appetites and our good design sense.

----- guttertype 01.09.08 14:54

he he! ooo what fun. :)

----- Steph 01.09.08 14:53

I own an Xbox360, a PS3, a Wii, RockBand, and GuitarHero
and my girlfirend still won’t play with me. Maybe this gadget will finally do it.

----- mike 01.09.08 14:52

My other personal massager (husband) complains when I keep him underwater for more than a couple minutes, and his packaging is not nearly as elegant

----- Stephanie 01.09.08 14:52

Why not?

----- Tiffany 01.09.08 14:45

I need it for a science project….it’s called…”sex.”

----- Julie 01.09.08 14:42

Because a $185 designer pleasure item is the definition of being an American! How can I be an American designer without this?!

----- CG 01.09.08 14:39

this could be the start of a stunning love career

----- julia 01.09.08 14:33

Oh my God! It is gorgeous!
I was raised Mormon with 5 younger sisters, and 2 sisters-in-law who still are. I currently have 11 nieces and nephews under the age of 6, and inevitably more on the way! With this beautiful gizmo out in the open in my room, I could perhaps wax eloquent about the pleasures of personal pleasure, and change their sexual lives forever. They can be awakened to the possibilities of pleasure without the need to have more babies.
So, as you can see, it is imperative that I have this!

----- kelley robison 01.09.08 14:32

Because with a cocktail stirrer like this, I would truly be the life of the party!

----- Eric 01.09.08 14:28

I’d love to win because when I moved to Europe my vibrator was confiscated by the US Airport security as a “deadly weapon”! Now I’ve been without for 2 years.

----- Jude 01.09.08 14:26

Because I live in Paris and love nothing more than to be ‘unboxed’.

----- Phalanx1710 01.09.08 14:25

Because my name is Jimmy and my wifes name is Jane. Seriously. It would be perfect for us. I’m not kidding. Alright I lied. But we could still nickname it the KevinJennifer.

----- Kevin (aka Jimmy) 01.09.08 14:15

Form and Function? Oh yes! Yes! YES!

----- Sarah 01.09.08 13:54

Recipie for a girl in need:

Ph.D. program in Atlanta (seven level years)
Lanky, lovely gentleman friend in Montreal (one tall glass)
Twitchy trigger fingers (eight, plus thumbs)

All I need is something to stir things up…

(By the by, the gentleman friend is the three-time national oyster shucking champion of Canada, so I can guarantee *this* Form 6 would see some motion in the ocean. ^_^)

----- Christine 01.09.08 13:51

because it’s quiet and gorgeous!

----- mckenna 01.09.08 13:48

I know someone who would enjoy it…

----- JT 01.09.08 13:47


…that’s why.

----- morganne 01.09.08 13:45

I’m in a long-distance relationship.
Feed me Jimmyjane!

----- Nicky 01.09.08 13:43

you’re seriously giving away vibrators? haha. even the dildo cannot escape the designer!

----- david 01.09.08 13:37

since the massager is waterproof, I would give it a bath everyday, just to make it feel loved and special, like it was my newborn baby!

----- Lívia 01.09.08 13:36

Because my neighbours are tired of hearing me run the washing machine at all hours of the night.

----- Melissa 01.09.08 13:34

I need this toy because for the last four years I have gotten off using a pillow.

That’s right, a pillow. Sometimes those goose feathers are kinda prickly on the tender parts.

----- Molly Ren 01.09.08 13:26

I am currently going to an all-girls school and am having a huge lack of the cock.

----- Hottlips 01.09.08 13:25

I want the purple one! - Mace Windu

----- Mace Windu 01.09.08 13:21

Because we are 4 single girls in a house of sexual frustration and we are not afraid to share.

----- Sonenabonjamsey 01.09.08 13:15

Because I was just dumped last night, and I could use a little relaxation…

----- Matt 01.09.08 13:06

because i just broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and am majorly in need of some sexual wellbeing.

----- amanda 01.09.08 13:02

Because the cable company just took away my adult channels.

----- Robin 01.09.08 12:58

Because when I’m happy, everybody’s happy.

----- Roz 01.09.08 12:56

SWF Seeking suitable alternative to male interaction. Guilty pleasures include online shopping and vampire-themed romance novels. Let’s meet up and see if we can’t make a few good vibes.

----- Ekaterina Nasedkin 01.09.08 12:54

because showers stress me out.

----- qnarf 01.09.08 12:54

I have a special ache that needs special relief.

----- amy 01.09.08 12:54

I need it because I don’t suffice to my girlfriend anymore.
Help me NotCot! :D

----- pickupjojo 01.09.08 12:47

because i love gratuitous stainless steel!

----- Al 01.09.08 12:42

It’d be nice to have a massager that isn’t so noisy (as I have a roommate and a thin door). Plus, it’s beautiful.

----- Lisa 01.09.08 12:40

I need something to entice women to my apartment and say afterwards ooohh dear - the batterys are empty… so what shall we do now?

----- Kong 01.09.08 12:37

I really really love your web-site…and, of course, the jimmyjane!!


----- Andrea 01.09.08 12:32

Oh yeeees please! My girlfriend would love to have this smooth massaging toy, and just because of the color! :)

----- Olivier 01.09.08 12:29

because ice cream has no bones!

----- Patrick 01.09.08 12:28

I need it because Sarah Palin’s “lovely” pregnant teenage daughter doesnt get constructive and crucial sex education courses, thus ending every sexual experience with a pregnancy. If I had it, I would personally seek out this poor girl and give her some hands on experience that doesnt require a man or an unintended pregnancy.

----- Kirk 01.09.08 12:20

This would be the perfect way to get my girlfriend take interest in design and packaging!

Also, perfect thing to blog about (sex, culture, and design), and to use in my design student group to talk about the importance of packaging and asthetics in product design.

----- Alex 01.09.08 12:15

my only hope is that my small children don’t catch the use of this device. they’ll start rubbing their wall e toys between their legs at daycare and i don’t need that phone call.

----- todd harris 01.09.08 12:09

because i’m 32, recently got my first “massager” from a friend and it was broken! but i threw out the packaging before i realized that…. also because i’m happily married. ;)

----- missy5 01.09.08 12:06

Completely waterproof? Completely re-engineered with super subtle protruding buttons making the massager completely seamless/handle-less? AND the gorgeous carrying case??? Sounds like a match made in friggin heaven!!! Can’t wait!!!

----- Dani 01.09.08 12:05

Don’t ask me why I had it, but I dropped my girlfriend’s vibrator in the sink and shorted it out just yesterday. She is gonna kill me!!! I haven’t told her yet, but if I showed up with one of these magnificent boys… BING, BANG, BOOM! Why, with this conveniently timed giveaway, I’d certainly be in the clit… umm… I mean clear.

----- Robby 01.09.08 12:02

i have never had sex with robot. i wish jimmyjane to be my first.

----- tini-martini 01.09.08 11:54

Because my girlfriend -really- misses me when I’m away.

----- Dagfari 01.09.08 11:54

I just ate my housemate’s eggplant and need a stand-in while I run to the farmer’s market…

----- mauspad 01.09.08 11:47

I need the Jimmyjane Form 6 because my privates need a little private-time luxury *wink wink*

Also, just wanted to say, I’m a fan of your sites and have been reading them for a while, but this is my first comment (Not trying to suck up and yes, I want that vibrator that badly!!)

----- Jen 01.09.08 11:44

because my rabbit isn’t this sleek.

----- ALISON 01.09.08 11:43

looks like fun .

----- Geoff 01.09.08 11:43

I need the vibe because I consider myself a premium vibe tester. It’s extremely hard to please this girl and only very few vibes have passed the test. Give me this vibe and I’ll write a fabulous review. Besides, this girl is in a long distance relationship and is aching to jump start her self pleasuring collection.

----- Jessie 01.09.08 11:42

That makes me drool. And 6 is my lucky number.

----- Miss P 01.09.08 11:41

My only vibrator is a cheap-o vibrating egg purchased from a Tupperware party for sex toys. Clearly I need to class up my masturbation habits.

----- HM 01.09.08 11:41

ok, Stuart’s was pretty funny.

----- CM 01.09.08 11:40

Because I need a release!

----- tricky 01.09.08 11:39

As a college student, this would be both the most expensive thing I own and the most sophisticated lover I could find. It looks SO much more appealing than a sketchy frat boy.

----- CM 01.09.08 11:38

I need something to keep the Mrs. busy so i can play with my Wii.

----- Bryan 01.09.08 11:36

This year has been hard and my only two hook-ups in that time weren’t.
So I want to give up and stay in…

----- Jane 01.09.08 11:34

because I ran out of batteries for my old vib-I mean…massager.

----- The Manticore 01.09.08 11:30

I’m recently divorced, living with my mother and running out of batteries. The last guy I was with thought pleasure was spelling out the alphabet with his tongue.

----- Court 01.09.08 11:27

Because my boyfriend just broke up with me. Need I say more?

----- Lily 01.09.08 11:24

When the husband’s away
the mouse wants to play.

With herself.

----- gadg3tg1rl 01.09.08 11:20

Because I need a new handset for my office phone. Mmmm… ear-gasm.

----- Jason 01.09.08 11:14

to provide some variety for my collection!

----- kim 01.09.08 11:13

For all the men who failed to get me off, JimmyJane can proudly be the man to finally get it right!
And, can I dare ask for a purple one?!!

----- Lhasa 01.09.08 11:12

just looking at it makes me feel a little funny…

----- tyffany degray 01.09.08 11:09

Everyone says “Stop running with those scissors! You could hurt someone!” So I figure running with a vibrator, people will stop worrying so much about injury.

----- Alex 01.09.08 11:08

Honestly, the design alone gets me excited! I can only imagine what it can do for me when it’s on!
Please Please!!!

----- Megan 01.09.08 11:07

My day job, as a deep sea welder, means I spend long hours under-water in stressful conditions.

Having my very own waterproof massager may make this unsocial and unpleasant job just that little bit more bearable.

Oil Platform Hibernia

----- Stuart Hart 01.09.08 11:06

I have had to explain vibrators to the parents.
I have had to excuse myself to airport security.
I have had to intimidate many a lover.
Now, I just can’t wait to boggle my friends’ minds by praising the packaging and design of a high-end, couture pleasure companion…

----- Tyler 01.09.08 11:04

It looks so sleek, it’s like a fruit I could practically eat. Hello sensation.

----- Jeff 01.09.08 11:00

Because my butt is sore. Oh wait, that sounds really bad….ummmmm….I mean I have bruises on my butt. Ahhhh…man that didn’t come out right either!

I went biking for 30 miles out of the blue and I seriously can’t sit down now, ouch.

----- Simren 01.09.08 11:00

It’s the only package I’ve been impressed with for awhile.

----- Kim 01.09.08 10:58

Because im 23 and haven’t had an orgasm! (the ex couldnt hold it very long….which means no fun for me)

----- Sara 01.09.08 10:58

My gran would love this. Would keep her warm in the winter.

----- Nikki LeDree 01.09.08 10:58

I need the jimmyjane to spice up my sex life. My fiance will love to use this to make me squirm!

----- Jenn 01.09.08 10:49

because a girl needs to know that a good vibrator wont burn her clit off.

----- Robyn 01.09.08 10:47

because I haven’t had sex in over a year, and this little guy could make that scary fact a bit funnier.

----- Anilas 01.09.08 10:47

There once was a girl from Nantucket*
Who’s fruit was so ripe you could pluck it
She said with a grin
‘Please give us a win,
so I can get off while I fuck it’


*actually Boston

----- mari 01.09.08 10:42

I need the JimmyJane Form 6 because…
1) ex-wife ends up calling me (instead of AAA) because her windshield wipers are frozen. I’ll use the Form 6 to club her in the head a few times…knock some sense into her.
2) veggies don’t have much of a shelf life.
3) because bath time is way more fun w/ toys! (Screw Ernie and his damn rubber ducky!)

----- Dominic 01.09.08 10:40

Because it will finally allow me to answer “both” to the question: Is that something in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

----- Jason 01.09.08 10:37

A subtle gift for a not so subtle girl that I’m trying to get with.

----- Vince 01.09.08 10:36

Because my neck hurts!

----- Kka 01.09.08 10:36

It’s for me and girlfriends.

----- J 01.09.08 10:30

Who doesn’t want to get off on good design?

----- Rachel 01.09.08 10:28

For when there’s a stressful day. And for the awesome packaging.

----- Tony 01.09.08 10:28

I’d like to win this for a friend. Yeah, for a friend. I swear.

----- Missy 01.09.08 10:26

want to try to make a double-hack with my wii console.

----- belly 01.09.08 10:23

cuz my girl always says it’s so boring in the shower - but the freakin’ cabin is too small for us two…

----- benjamin 01.09.08 10:14

it would be a perfect gift for someone i know. the form 6 would conform to the curves and make everyone happy that is using it..

----- pmx 01.09.08 10:13

To make my Catholic family proud.

----- Grace 01.09.08 10:12

My “bedroom” is seperated from the living room by curtains and with 2 other house mates in those conditions a girl needs whisper quiet just for privacy.

----- Olivia 01.09.08 10:12

Because I haven’t had a steady boyfriend in more than two years. I need some stability! ;)

----- Brandi L 01.09.08 10:10

My far-too-naive roommate just lost her virginity last semester to a boyfriend who’s now working in NYC. Trying to get her prepped for handling a long distance relationship and I this could be the centerpiece of that effort.

----- Lindsey 01.09.08 10:09

When its dark, And i need a “massage”,
there’s always the chance of things getting wet,
this would be perfect,
as the other one gives me a shock all the time… Grrr

----- Daniel 01.09.08 10:09

With the price of fuel and the credit crunch, this would be the closest thing my wife has to a holiday.

----- Simon Singh 01.09.08 10:04

I’m sure the functionality is just as great as it’s beautiful design.

----- Melanie 01.09.08 10:02

I can tell my cocky ex, that a vibrator is a better fuck then him

----- Martina 01.09.08 10:00

cause i’d love to get my hands on (around) that.
*snare drum roll*
thanks i’m here all night…

----- amanda 01.09.08 10:00

The dark nights could be illuminated by such a… device ;P

----- Sherif 01.09.08 09:57

will no longer need to use a yellow squash haha

----- matt m 01.09.08 09:54

I got fired from an adult book store a bit back, and I didnt even get to steal the paper clips.

----- courtland 01.09.08 09:53

Uuuum work is hard… That doesn’t sound right? If it was really really and I mean really that hard I would be happy ;)

----- Angela 01.09.08 09:51

Because I am a single white 26 year old. And anything that can help me with the ladies is a bonus :-)

I love your site.

----- Jason 01.09.08 09:33

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