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Maestro Dobel Tequila Aroma Set- 08.19.08

vials0.jpgMaestro Dobel ~ the “world’s first-ever diamond tequila” ~ with incredible undeniable crystal clarity (seriously, it looks like water in a glass) ~ but even more incredible than the taste and the complexity of this high end tequila? The set of 50 tiny vials of aromas they sent over which utterly overwhelmed my olfactory system ~ and before we even had a chance to taste the tequila, things quickly digressed into a pick a random bottle and try to name that scent. See images and the full scent listing of the case on the next page.

Noteworthy details on the bottle packaging ~ i love that it is hand numbered, signed, etc ~ and that silver on matte black definitely pops off a bar, not so sure about the base though, seems to kill off all the fun of bottom lighting! And it retails at $75.Take a peek at our experience on the next page, and honestly, you have to taste this one to experience how good it is (and i’m not usually a tequila kind of girl).












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Are you willing to sell the Aroma set?

----- Alejandro 06.01.09 19:05

The aromas don’t have anything to do with actually consuming the liquor. It’s simply a clever way to promote the ‘complexity’ of the product. They are implying the Tequila has all of these aromas or flavors.

----- Josh 21.08.08 17:57

I am so not a tequila person - what relation do the aromas have to do with the liquor? Do you sniff one then take a sip of tequila? Or rub a little on the inside of your gums? (Only partially kidding!) Help me out here.

----- The Slapster 20.08.08 17:34

I also asked about purchasing the aroma kit- They are only a promotional item not for sale.

----- Angie 20.08.08 08:19

I have been looking for this product and contacted the distributor. The website states that “MAESTRO DOBEL IS MADE IN EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES THEREFORE OUR DISTRIBUTION IS LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING STATES: California, Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin”

They were only able to list restaurants carrying the product in the bar, no retail locations yet.

----- Angie 20.08.08 08:08

What you didn’t show in the picture is the NOM number. Given the NOM, you’ll know which distillery the tequila comes from and, more importantly, the other labels of tequila that came from the same distillery. This gives more indication than anything else as to the character of the tequila.

This sounds like an impressive product that is well made and distinctive. However, the extra filtration steps are also often indicative of a lesser quality distillation process. Anything more than double distillation and anything involving filtration in the tequila making process can be spun as a great marketing message whereas the real purpose of the extra steps is to cover for shortcuts taken earlier in the process or to maximize efficiency by filtering out the bad stuff at the head and tail of distillation.

None of this is to imply that this is an inferior product. I have no experience with it. Just to say that this is one brilliant piece of marketing that indicates a process that is not quite the same as other high end tequilas.

I look forward to tasting this product.

----- bbum 19.08.08 13:07

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