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Super Soaker Bottle Shot- 08.22.08

bottleshot.jpgSuper Soaker “the original high performance blaster” Bottle Shot!!! Finally a fabulous upcycling use for all those empty water bottles you have, but are not supposed to have anymore. I am now up in SF (just drove up yesterday, hence the digital silence), and on the way up stopped by a target in the middle of nearly no where when i got tired… and couldn’t resist this 5$ Super Soaker Bottle Shot! You can attach any bottle to it up to 2 liters (i’m dying to go find a gorgeous 2 liter bottle to try). Awesome thing, great water pressure (just used it to wash linhchi’s windows while hanging out of them, and some hipsters totally stopped and watched which was awkward once i noticed) - shoots up to 20 ft, but we have yet to measure that… and unfortunately it doesn’t pressure up like the old super soakers, so when you pump, it shoots! The only downfall is it is a little leaky around the pump - i tried to take it apart, but its 5$, plastic, and seems to be glued together… so we might hack it up.

On random ideas… why are there no designer water guns? We should have a competition, or just a friendly water gun design themed week/month/etc ~ i bet even modding some super soakers, we could make some incredible things… that lead to a designer water fight? Anyhow, i digress, see the pics of the awesome little water gun that can be expanded to have so much ammo on the next page!

Also, check out this virtual “demo” of the Bottle Shot ~ 360 view, and demo of it shooting water…











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I have one of these and it is a great piston type water gun. It works great with a 2 liter bottle as well, with a few adjustments to technique. Now I’m on the lookout for a 3 liter bottle to see if that’s workable…

----- David S 23.08.09 12:47

Does anybody know where i can buy this in The Netherlands (Europe)???

----- Alain 20.07.09 02:51

about time.

me and my bro used to rig 2-liter bottles to our S.S. 5000s

----- THESIS 26.08.08 15:17

Good question why isn’t there any designer water guns? I ‘member super soakers being the shiz when I was a kid-oh. Great find only.

----- Shapes of Sweetness 25.08.08 10:41

Clever stuff.

----- chetan sorab 23.08.08 05:01

Oh man, that’s so awesome, Jean!

----- esotericsean 22.08.08 15:38

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