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WASARA- 08.12.08


I was just floored when I saw WASARA over on Swissmiss’ blog. WASARA is a line of the prettiest disposable paper tableware that you’ve ever seen - I would throw a party just so I could use these. It’s not just paper plates either, it’s bowls, mugs, sushi plates, serving platters…With the desire to be as sustainable as possible, WASARA is made from reed pulp and bagasse (sugarcane waste).

From WASARA’s website: “Underlying the concept of WASARA is the legacy of Japanese aesthetic and value sense. Japan has a tradition of good manufacturing backed by excellent skills and techniques, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and a spirit of hospitality and courtesy. These are essential for days of spiritual fulfillment. While a WASARA is a paper dish good for one-time use, we would like it to represent those quintessences of our tradition.”

WASARA will be available for purchase at the end of August 2008.





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These are beautiful, as they are wasteful. Biodegradable. Unfortunately, means squat if they end up in landfills where they can’t breakdown.

----- Lee 09.04.14 05:24

At last, WASARA tableware is available for sale in the U.S. — visit BranchHome.com for details.

----- Paul Donald 01.12.09 12:29

I posted an update on my blog if you want to check it out.

It looks like prices are set at 80 yen per dish.

----- Johnny 15.08.08 13:05

Love them. Love them white and plain. Can they be decorated, printed with bio-friendly inks perhaps … to extend the range?

----- mark kusek 14.08.08 19:34

Very cool. It would almost be a shame to dispose of them at all! Please post an update when the line becomes available.

----- The Slapster 12.08.08 19:32

End of August? I have a party on the 1st week of September. I wish I could get these by then but I don’t think they’ll arrive by then.

Any idea of the price points?

----- freecia 12.08.08 16:00

I want it! And the range of products is impressive.

----- At Home with Kim Vallee 12.08.08 12:09

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