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Band In My Pocket- 09.03.08

0903band1.jpgNOTCOT Note: While i’m running around france learning about champagne at hyper speed, it’s hard to get much time or a good connection to work from… so good thing Anna has my back, and found this super awesome Band in My Pocket!

Yamaha has teamed up with au Design to create Band In My Pocket - a series of cellular phone prototypes that also function as musical instruments. Depending on the prototype you use, you can turn your phone into a brass instrument, drum sticks, piano, string instrument, etc. The au Design website is in Japanese, but be sure to check out the videos that showcase each design (click on the black box with the arrow beneath the diagrams). Also worth checking out are videos of Band In My Pocket in action over at Bola Sociology’s blog.

Check out the individual phones and their uses on the next page!


Band in my Pocket incorporates several different brass instruments such as trumpet, trombone and harmonica. You generate sounds with your voice, and control them with individual buttons.


Trio in your Hand has a mini turn table that allows you to create your own beats and scratches.


Box to Play is essentially four sides of a box with different musical interfaces, including a synthesizer and a mini turn table. I couldn’t tell from the video, but it might include a camera, as well. Can anyone who reads Japanese verify?


Sticks in the Air is a drum kit - pull the phone apart in the middle to separate the sticks and start drumming.


Key to Touch - I’m not sure I understand how this one functions as a phone as well, but you open it up to turn it into a keyboard.


Strings for Fingers - the phone’s keypad slides out to reveal a touch pad that creates synthesized string sounds, including guitar, violin and cello.

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6 Notes

oh wow i love your page!
and these phones are cool.
wish i lived in japan.

----- seraina 12.11.08 12:44

very cool. US by Xmas please

----- carroll 21.09.08 09:45

Japan… What a wonderful place.

----- Diana 08.09.08 04:01

Only available in Japan,huh?
I wish i could live there!

The keyboard looks nice,
and wanna hear the string sound.

Good Job YAMAHA.

----- Benzodiazepine 04.09.08 21:31

are these functioning phones?

----- dani 04.09.08 11:12

So. Flippin’. Cool. Holy crap.

I’m imagining a huge impromptu jam session with strangers on the subway or something…so fun…

----- ashash 04.09.08 10:44

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