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Duo Design’s Flicker- 09.06.08

flicker1a.jpgOne of the first things that grabbed me wandering the vast halls of Maison et Objet Fall 2008 ~ Duo Design Holland’s Flicker oil lamp sticks, they are exquisite. So simple, so elegant, and such a perfect gift! The sticks can come alone in a minimal flat packed envelope of sorts (imagine like tall thin birthday candles), or they are available in a gift set. Essentially the design is much like a metal straw with a wick inside which soaks up the oil ~ but the effect is truly gorgeous, and would look so lovely on any desk/table setting! See more images on the next page…

Merci beaucoup, Veuve Clicquot ~ who loves design as much as we do, and brought me to Paris to cover Maison et Objet 2008! More design discoveries to come…






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Clicked the link above for Questo Designs. Very reasonably priced at $22USD. but shipping is another 20! for such a small item! :-( still worth it tho.

----- electronfusion 10.05.12 21:33

Just visited friends in Holland who had these and now stuck because i thought I would be able to find them here in Sydney somewhere… No website or shop to be found:-( Any suggestions?

----- Sterre 04.08.11 00:15

I bought some of these flicker lamps when in Holland.
I have followed the instructions, used lamp oil but the flames go out after a few minutes. Any suggestions how to get them to stay lit.

----- Liz 12.08.10 09:08

Do you know of any retailer in the U.S. that carries the DuoDesign Flicker Oil Lamp Sticks. I have friends that found them years ago and have not seen them since. Thank you.

----- Liz 23.02.10 11:45

These are already available!

here’s one store that turned up via google:
only €16.75 for the 3 pack!

Also try contacting Duo Design at: http://duodesign.nl/contact.asp for stores…

… and better yet ~ tell your favorite design stores to order some!

----- jean/NOTCOT 07.09.08 11:05

simply stunning!!! i hope these go into production soon, i can already see them scattered around my home. i love that the tops get a beautiful bronz-y patina after use, its a nice juxtaposition to their sleek brushed silver body

----- ryan 07.09.08 10:22

Great and simple!
I suppose when you turn it off, you have to wait til it’s cold or you will hurt the fingers with the hot stick. Isn’t it?

Less is more!

----- Jordi Coll 07.09.08 02:30

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