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Paris: Flower + Pet Market- 09.07.08

critters0.jpgVIDEO (on the next page)! So i woke up bright and early this sunday morning and decided to wander around Paris, quickly realizing that stores weren’t really open today, i went hunting for outdoor markets once the rain stopped, and found myself wandering around St Germain for some time, crossing through Notre Dame… and as i turned, i heard tons of sqwaking, and followed the sounds… i ended up in the most bizarre and amazing little outdoor flower and bird market, which apparently also has ferrets, chipmunks, chinchillas, piles of hamsters, super fluffy bunnies, all kinds of beautiful little birds, and even a poor little yorkie decked out in more denim than most people…

See the video for the best feel of the craziness, and lots of pics on the next page!
















Poor poor dog…

And this was actually from wandering in Le Marais the other day ~ a little bird that lived in a restaurant window (it was all screen on the other side from the lace to the ceiling)…


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Hey B,
Just letting you know, insensitivity is the reason why there are som any people suffering in the world today the minute you begin to lose caring for other species you’ll begin to lose it in every other area…Just because people have a fucking heart for the animals in this world that deserve a free and comfortable life-as well as people doesnt mean that they care any less about how many starving, and dieing, disease ridden human beings there are…

----- joy 16.09.08 21:54

Amidst all of the fantastic clothing and antique shops in Paris, this pet store is seriously one of my favorite shops. So glad you got to visit it. This shop lured me in when I was living in Paris and I spent countless hours playing with the little critters. I love it!

----- Ali 08.09.08 09:34

I hope you people care more about the thousands people dying everyday than for these few pets living in not-too-bad conditions.

----- B 08.09.08 02:01

I remember traveling through Europe and coming across shops and stands selling animals like this (especially in Barcelona and Hungary) and it really scarred me… It still comes to my mind often how terrible their conditions were- and how inappropriate many of them were for pets (chipmunks and squirrels in particular seemed miserable because they are so high strung- also African Greys and other parrots, way too smart for such terrible conditions and indiscriminate sales)….

----- ephemerall 07.09.08 17:03

ugh - you see this same thing on Las Ramblas in Barcelona … it’s pretty awful, gurgle.

----- steven 07.09.08 16:45

Besides the terrible conditions, they would make a wonderful coat. I am sure within a year they will be on the shoulders of some old lady in Florida.

----- Kirk 07.09.08 14:42

hitan ~

i totally agree ~ i was just discussing many of those same issues with rugenius ~ from one side, i was fascinated to see species we don’t see in the states, and had to share the images/video… and on the other side, i was dying to steal them all and free them, b/c the conditions under which they are being kept, raised, captured, bred, does not seem right at all… also many of the people selling them, and the trucks they were crudely stacking them into when packing up were beyond sketchy!

thanks for raising that issue!

----- jean/NOTCOT 07.09.08 12:15

I remember when I went many years ago as a child, there was a prairie dog for sale!
I wanted it so badly… >:

----- giz 07.09.08 11:37

That’s just horrible, way below the EU standards for decent pet life. Poor hamsters had virtually no space at all, not to mention the minimun cm2 that they should have.

The animals had no shelter from peering eyes and all the noise (very, very stressful for little animals), and their drinking water looked foul or nonexistent. You could see from the amount of animals that they breeded uncontrolled, witch implyis that the shopkeeper cares only about money and not about animal welfare or the quality and continuation on good and “clean” genes.

Of course, the roborowski hamsters and chinese hamsters etc. were very cute and adorable, but I feel like I need to remind everyone that buying animals because you pity their living environmet is wrong!! Do not buy animals from shady places were animals are mistreated, it only encourages the seller to continue doing so!

I know that this wasn’t a post encouraging people to buy pets like these, but i think this matter needs to be mentioned.

----- hitan 07.09.08 11:09

they look like some species of rosella (Platycercus sp.), who are smallish australian parrots. =)

----- rugenius 07.09.08 10:43

omg, I can never ever ever go there, I would come home with about 50 new pets!! any idea what kind the red bodied birds are?? with the black, red, green, and blue wings?

----- The Manticore 07.09.08 09:45

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