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Toyota & Montage Laguna Beach- 09.15.08

montage1.jpgOn feeling too giddy not to share ~ i just popped down to the Montage Laguna Beach for the night thanks to Toyota (i can’t wait to tour Calty - their design studios in the morning and learn more about the new Toyota crossover car the 2009 Venza!) ~ and the views here were far too breathtaking not to share quickly. Also the bed and bathtub too ~ you know how i can’t resist posting quick hotel pics. Anyhow, if i get a bit quiet tonight/tomorrow you know where i am…

Even just an hour here, i can’t stop staring out at the ocean ~ in contrast to paris, this is definitely confirming i’m far more of a calm, rolling oceans, beach kind of girl than a city girl.

I’ve updated this post four times now ~ so images of bunnies, sunsets, and their insane mosaic pool at night… and 6am shots of moonlight peeking through the clouds… on the next page…




Craziest thing about this place ~ there are bunnies EVERYWHERE ~ and they don’t seem the least bit frightened of people… except for the kids that rush at them…












Couldn’t sleep, electricity kept going out and making weird noises… moonlight was just stunning this marine layer filled morning…


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----- Allison 01.10.08 13:26

The bunnies are cute only for a bit. I live in the area and they are like you said EVERYWHERE!!!
On any given patch of front lawn or park there can be dozens of these furry little friends. One year they ate the entire pre-school class’ Mother’s Day gifts. The children had planted seeds to grow sunflowers but the bunnies helped themselves to the sunflower buffet in bloom.

----- Ivy 18.09.08 08:57

These pictures are beautiful. Toyota really did treat ya’ll well. I can’t believe how amazing those night pictures are. I wanted to be in that exact moment with you. I didn’t want to look away. Thanks for posting them!
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----- Mallory 18.09.08 08:44

It’s nice to see you’re still hard at work! ; ) but really, amazing photos!

----- Jamie 17.09.08 16:08

I came to your delightful log by way of Gabrielle at Design Mom. You indeed did stay in a gorgeous hotel and I will start saving my pennies so I can stay here too. :)

----- Cathi 17.09.08 10:19

Beautiful resort. Too bad I hate bunnies. Sounds like a fun trip though.

----- Kate @Kids and Cocktails 17.09.08 08:57

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