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Vitamin Urban Creature Collection- 09.11.08

urbancreatures.jpgVitamin’s Urban Gnomes have expanded their family! From the adorably edgy gnomes, come new lines which include money boxes, bottle openers, salt and pepper shakers, and a kitchen timer! See some of the other designs on the next page as well ~



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So - It looks like this page is over a year old - and I’m JUST NOW finding out about these Urban Gnomes and Creatures? WHY???!! Texas is NOT THAT BACKWARD! (are we?) So now I must know - how can I buy these? I’ve found pictures of them on several sites - but no where that lets me add them to a shopping cart! Specifically the Urban Creatures sets! MUST HAVE! Please write to me and let me know… thanks ever so much!

----- Robb (yes - I'm a human - mostly!) 15.12.09 11:07

These are so super cute!! I wanna get me some! I just don’t know which one to get, I want ‘em all!!

----- Linzy H 12.09.08 06:35

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