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NOT Intern?- 09.11.08

intern.jpg So far, NOTCOT has really been growing by pulling in my close friends ~ but over the last few years, we’ve had a lot of requests from people wanting to be our interns or joining us as a day job (which blows my mind, since this is still so much fun it’s often hard to think of it as a day job!). Anyhow, so many fun opportunities have been coming up, to the point where i have started to even turn some down (!!!) that i thought maybe this winter is the right time to try taking on some help. Some fun, design loving, energetically curious, internet savvy, shopaholic, kind of help! So if you’re interested, i wrote a letter to you on the next page… if not, keep browsing, flipping pages and what not…

And as for that “office” up there ~ well NOTCOT is run out of wherever dan and i happen to be ~ we’re all digital and very nomadic ~ although primarily LA based at the moment… so wherever you are, if you have the time, energy, and super fast internet connection, let’s chat! And that office, is a peek at the newly revamped Manerba Spa’ furnitures for ATM Milan that just showed up in my email, it felt very “work” like… and pretty much the complete opposite of what life with NOTCOT will probably be like!



I’m totally new at bringing on outside help ~ but so often you readers begin to feel like family, so i’m curious to see… who’s curious to join! I promise i’ll try to get back to as many responses as possible, but due to my ever overflowing inbox, please forgive me if i can’t get back to everyone.

And we’re always looking for the *right* people, and really care about keeping them happy, inspired, and doing what they love! (Granted they help us do what it takes to keep things running smoothly!)

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I hope you’re still accepting applications! I’m thoroughly excited about this opportunity!

----- Victoria 18.09.08 03:10

Been a silent reader for the longest time, but can’t help to notice this post!

I am definitely interested. Only problem is that it might conflict with my class schedule.
I guess I’ll email you the rest of my questions.
Can’t promise that it’ll be soon, since my finals are around the corner.

But keep a look out for an email from me!
(just requested an add from you on Facebook so you can view my URL; lol :)


----- Aya 18.09.08 03:01

Scratch what I said - I will have my application to you by Friday afternoon! (I have 2 tests tomorrow, and have to pick my mother up from the airport, hence the delay)

----- Lauren 17.09.08 23:05

Hey Jean.

I see you are busy as always with lots of fun adventures so I hope you had a chance to look over my application. I sent you an email on Sunday and I would love to hear from you!

- Lena

----- Lena 17.09.08 13:00

Hey Jean,
I just emailed you my application, really hoping it appeals to you and I hear back soon

----- zacislost 16.09.08 03:23

Oh that sounds so tempting! I hope you do this again next semester, as I will have quite a bit more free time!

Though I fit the bill really well. Even though I’m an international finance major, I was a marketing research intern all summer!

----- Lauren 14.09.08 13:16

Hey mary ~ we’re not a store!

----- jean/NOTCOT 14.09.08 07:00

My friend Buu Pham, would hella qualify for this intern job..it has his name written all over it..but i don’t exactly know if he has the guts to apply..he also loves your store and everything about it…

----- Mary Fabriquer 14.09.08 02:23

ok you made my day yesterday!

found internet in Yosemite in the AM and was reading NOTCOT and saw this, just about died.. and then my iPhone did! haha. but back from a week there and now off to write you an email about how much a design/internet-surfing/facebook-stalking/twittering nerd I am!

----- -aDub 12.09.08 19:26

I’m trying to decide if it’s inappropriate to apply for an internship by submitting an image of me with a tourniquet and a cat5 syringe jabbed in my arm.

----- Andrew Stam Parnell 12.09.08 00:34

If this is something that could be done while holding down a full-time job, I would submit my info in a heartbeat. Couldn’t imagine a cooler opportunity.

----- Kailyn 11.09.08 19:46

This is so exciting!! I’ll definitely be contacting you soon.

----- grace 11.09.08 17:26

You will be hearing from me soon, I am definitely interested!

----- Bekka 11.09.08 12:02

A. When is your submission due date?
B. Is this an internship that requires full time attention, or something that can be done whilst at another job?

----- kattyface 11.09.08 11:52


I co own a media neutral, products, designs and solutions shop called &then with two lovely friends here in Mumbai.

Its been long since my 3-d designing has come back to notcot for ;-) happiness.

----- wickrum 11.09.08 11:06

This is awesome!!

You, ma’am, will be getting some more concrete info from me soon!

----- Joe 11.09.08 09:58

Wow! This is an awesome opportunity. I have only recently started reading your blog but I have to tell you that I am thoroughly addicted to it! It is such a design inspiration… which is something I need working for the state. :) If only I had a magic clone machine…. Good Luck in your search!!!!!

----- Miranda 11.09.08 06:41

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