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NOTCOT in Lucky Magazine Nov 08- 10.06.08

luckypost.jpgIt is a total trip (for me) to open a magazine or website and see myself on it ~ i am definitely a behind the camera kind of girl? Remember that photoshoot i showed you back in august at A+R? Well the Lucky Magazine Nov 2008 issue is now out, and i’m in the Webpages section on page 54! Also on the main Lucky website and the Sites We Love section. Scans and screenshots on the next page for those who want to see! It’s awesome to be featured in a magazine i’ve actually read since inception, and has inevitably influenced NOTCOT throughout the years.





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I have the issue of Lucky sitting on top of my toilet. Every time I use the bathroom, I always flip through the page with you on it, but never bothered to read the excerpt. (I get totally lazy sometimes.) I love this website and have seen your picture so many times on that one page, and I kept telling myself, “I should read that little block to see what website she runs,” but never do! Congratulations again! Now I’m going to run off to the bathroom…

----- Connie 19.11.08 22:54

this is sick jean! woohoo!

----- Alison 08.10.08 14:45

Jean, congrats! You have an incredible eye and I love your label theme on your blog. We are all very proud of you. Keep up your amazing work and we’ll spread the word.


----- Avery Jones 08.10.08 10:36

congrats! notcot is fo sho my favorite blog

----- whit 07.10.08 20:57

Im so happy for you! Thats really great to be featured in a big magazine like Lucky. Although im not a huge reader of Lucky, since its kind of a chick magazine lol, I might go pick it up just to support you. Maybe one day you will get your own Lifestyle magazine. A little bit Dwell, a dash of Vogue, a sprinkle of Wired, and even parts Rolling Stone and Domino and you would have NOTCOT magazine. Just go run with that lol. I would buy this magazine!

----- Kirk 07.10.08 16:45

i have to said, that i visit not cot and not couture every single day, is the first thing that i do when i sit in my computer.

*argentinian kisses*

----- casi azul 07.10.08 09:48

I read NOTCOT all the time but i don’t think I’ve ever commented before - So I’m breaking the silence now to say well done!

----- missmilki 07.10.08 03:09

THANKS SO MUCH!!! to everyone that commented ~ and masa, so not weird! You guys are a huge part of NOTCOT!!!

----- jean/NOTCOT 06.10.08 22:35

GO JEAN!!!!!!

----- kitz 06.10.08 21:17

Congrats on being featured! Ya’ll deserve it…I’m so happy that NOTCOT will be advertised to even more people. It always manages to brighten my day, everyday.

----- A.A. Villarreal 06.10.08 20:14

Is it strange that I am feeling immensely proud of this?! Is that weird?

----- Masa 06.10.08 19:53

Congrats! That’s so cool!

----- Maria 06.10.08 15:32

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