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Swims City Slippers (Upcoming)- 10.06.08

newswimmers1.jpg So in the post where we showed you all the new Swims City Slippers for heels ~ there was much talk about why they didn’t have some that covered the shoe fully, protecting your feet from splashing instead of just giving you more traction… well when reading our friends at Frizzi Frizzi, i noticed a post from a milan fair showing just that! So poking and prodding their PR for more information i’ve found out that those are actually only prototypes ~ and unfortunately they are not manufactured or available! I must say these remind me of dive booties in heel form ~ Perhaps with enough positive feedback we can help convince Swims to actually produce these!

Here is what Frizzi Frizzi spotted in milan!



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seriously a great idea! there have been so many days when i wanted to wear heels to the office, but not out in the rain to and from and had to opt for boots instead.

----- Jenikah 07.12.09 15:13

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