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Vacation Time- 10.02.08

newvaca.jpgHi! So, here’s the deal, i’ve been slightly overworking lately, and have been getting ready for gift guide ideas, holiday season, new features, playing with new projects, and keeping up with the high speed stream of goodies at NOTCOT.org, NotCouture, and Liqurious… also off to a wedding next week up in Sonoma… and the Federated Media Conversational Marketing Summit (i was asked whether i wanted to do ticket giveaways, any of you interested in meeting me at the summit and chatting conversational marketing?) on the 15th-16th.

While running around someone has been poking me about how i haven’t taken a “real” break in about 3 years - but that’s what doing what you love and having it turn into your job means right? Apparently, wrong. So i’m going to try and take a breather for the next week, and have a quick favor to ask you… Help me out with a few questions? 1) When i take a break, and in general, would you rather have me hire writers to just run around the net showing you things here on NOTCOT.com? Versus having this be more of my personal blog? (I’m slightly biased, as it’s pained me to watch some of my favorites hire a ton of people and the content gets old and not nearly as fun, but there’s probably a way to find a balance?) 2) What stores for designer and fashion goodies can you not live without that we should take a look at while researching for gift guide? Which includes everything from scouring their stores for products, seeing if they’d be interested in discounts for readers, etc etc (ideas?)…

OH, and you know me, “break” can sometimes = more posts. I get excited, i post. But since i’ve been slowing down the pace the last few days here anyhow, thought i’d make it official. So i may still be posting, but consider this the heads up for the next week and a bit if i miss a day or two… but just check into NOTCOT.org to get your creative juices flowing! Here’s a quick roundup of some of my current faves over there…

notcotorg #14514 notcotorg #14500 notcotorg #14491 notcotorg #14480 notcotorg #14283 notcotorg #14429 notcotorg #14432 notcotorg #14415 notcotorg #14396 notcotorg #14392 notcotorg #14371 notcotorg #14327 notcotorg #14365 notcotorg #14338 notcotorg #14290 Click the images to see more, as usual ~ and would you believe there’s something new going up there practically every few minutes?!?!?!


4 Notes

Definitely, take a break!

1.) I think personal blog posts are great, they’re good for cool things that you want to share with people but that may not necessarily fall into any of the categories that you would usually use to post. It also gives some insight to the people behind the blogs, which I always like because it makes blogs feel less like a company and more like a community.

2.) I know it’s nothing new but Etsy.com is one of my new favorite places to find gifts and things for myself, I try to search for sellers who use sustainable fabrics to make clothes and ones who re-use/recycle materials to make beautiful new things. I also love perusing the indie designers on Mudsharkstreetwear.com.

----- Mitzi Y. 03.10.08 10:49

i think that the (previously named) working class heroes products are ALWAYS good for the gift guide as Im a big fan of their stuff. Also, there were some great things I saw at the DWR Tools for Living store in Soho, though the prices were typically high…

----- aaron 03.10.08 10:45

1. Keep it personal. I read a lot of these and yours is the most personal connection out there. Don’t clutter it up with someone else’s writings unless you need to and they share that passion you have. 2. I love the store Niche and Niche Market in Charlotte NC. Also Love LOVE LOVE the imaginary foundation: http://www.imaginaryfoundation.com/index.php?mode=default

Enjoy your vacation… we have .org to keep us busy until you return.


----- Jason 03.10.08 10:44

Don’t hire writers. NOTCOT has a personal touch that a lot of other design blogs lack. Go on break, have fun, if you feel like posting go for it, but if not we’ll still be here when ya get back.

----- Peter 03.10.08 06:35

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