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Gift Guide: Goodies for the Home- 11.26.08

GIFTGUIDE-HomePOST.jpgsponsored by SeagateGift Guide! Here’s a guide of fun and unexpected gifts for the home ~ a little something for all types… see the full guide on the next page!

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Since it’s a recession, just wanted to give a heads-up - the undergrowth tea set is on bestowboutique.com. Use code code FF08 for $10 off and free shipping for orders over $75. Just did a bunch of christmas shopping and I love the undergrowth dessert stands! Delete if it’s not okay to share this kind of info. xoxo!

----- Leigh 28.11.08 19:31

Kirk - Why yes, you can! They’re standard 6”x6” - so should you be in the process of tiling your bathroom, it would be the perfect time to add them in. Otherwise, they come with included hardware, and can be simply screwed into the wall. And Jean - thanks for the lovely post! Stumbled on it totally accidentally as I was looking through the guides tonight - what a great surprise!

----- Kegan 26.11.08 17:46

Question, Can you use those cup hooks as tiles? Like Say I was running tile up my bathroom wall and wanted to permanately attach them to the wall, and surround it with other square tiles, would I be able to do so?

----- Kirk 26.11.08 17:29

big bad wolf of a hurricane tried to blow my house down….life would be much nicer with some pretty little things in it, dontcha think?

----- delicatetbone 26.11.08 14:58

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