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INCASE iPhone Power Slider- 11.26.08

slider.jpg News of this magical new battery doubling sleek iPhone case has been circulating, but only tonight (or i guess now its 4am… so morning?) did i really sit down and go through the press release and high res images ~ Not surprising, it’s Incase, so it’s gorgeous… and it’s available in 2 days! (Nov 28!) Actually what brought the Power Slider up was talking to dan about his super early flight to Pennsylvania this morning, and how there is the possibility there will be no internet (*gasp*) and hopefully some cell reception where he’s going… and how badly he wished he has the Incase Power Slider to magically double the battery life on the go!

So upon further inspection, the Power Slider deserved a full post ~ have you looked closely at it? like REALLY closely? To notice the mac inspired details like “A five-light LED battery status indicator gauges battery life and also denotes sync mode and charging.” Or the subtle single leaf logo on the front bottom left? How about the deepness of the camera hole on the back? And it has my favorite matte black soft-touch coating! Also love that its converted the charging to a more standard mini-USB, much more friendly when roaming in random non-iPhone friend cars without your own charger! I am curious how the 0.86” thickness feels in my hand relative to a normal iphone… So anyhow, check out the super closeups on the next page, i think this is definitely making the list of good gifting options for the holidays…




Full Specs:

* Integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery more than doubles the battery life of iPhone 3G
* Optimized power management system provides continuous charge to iPhone 3G internal battery
* 5 light LED battery status indicator
* Charge and sync without removing iPhone 3G from case using the custom USB cable provided
* Advanced lithium-ion polymer battery cell technology prevents overcharging and short circuiting and provides protection from extreme temperature
* Durable, lightweight hardshell construction with soft-touch coating
* Compatible with USB charging ports that provide 5V at 1A output
* “Works with iPhone” certified by Apple


* Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (1330mAh 4.2V)
* Custom designed and engineered specifically for Power Slider
* Capacity equals approximately 120 percent of iPhone 3G
* Efficient circuitry allows for slim design and maximum power output


* Custom USB 2.2 cable specifically designed for Power Silder
* Provides high capacity charging and data exchange for optimal charging and syncing

Additional battery life provided by Power Slider

* Standby time: up to 330 hours
* Audio playback: up to 26 hours
* Talk time: up to 5 hours on 3G network and 10 hours on 2G network
* Video playback: up to 7 hours
* Internet use: up to 5 hours on 3G network and 6 hours on Wi-Fi

Available November 28th

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4 Notes

One of my coworkers recently purchased this and brought it in to work. This is very innovative and forward thinking design. I love it and will be buying one! Only one thing missing that means a lot to me, there is no way that this will fit in any of the belt clip phone holders. You need to make another product to holster this phone into. It should be designed so that the phone is sideways on the hip and not dangling like a blackberry. Broke way too many clips with dangle phones.

Word to the design team for the holster…we need it yesterday!

----- John Cobert 14.04.09 16:53

Oh, incase… how I love thee…

Unfortunately, I fear a UK retail price of £80ish, if it makes it here at all.

----- samu 28.11.08 10:17

I just wanted to mention that you say that it’s “converted the charging to a more standard Mini-USB” when it actually also allows you to sync the iPhone via the Mini-USB cable as well.

----- Brian Recchia 26.11.08 12:11

What I’d be interested in is the reception.
I know that we’re talking about polymers here, still I think that there may be some degradation.
Any info on that? Or on charging times?

On another note: I really like this site and the subsidiaries.
After I found it I (happily) wasted over three hours surfing the archives.

----- Alex 26.11.08 05:49

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