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NOTCOT Giveaway 12: Elsewares Nooka- 11.28.08

winnooka.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment ~ Tell us something glow-in-the-dark related! ENTER BY 12/1. WINNER: Leah in Maryland!

Happy Black Friday! Before you get to all your crazed online black friday shopping at all hours… Giveaway #12 is from our friends at Elsewares (they are also the geniuses behind Supermarket which is like a beautifully curated Etsy - awesome stuff from indie designers!)… So for this giveaway, you have a chance to win the Nooka Glow Zub Zen H! Have you heard the back story on this glowing timepiece? Earlier this year Nooka made 15 of these to gift to Kanye West at the end of his Glow-in-the-Dark Tour ~ as blogged by Nooka founder (and Parson’s adjunct instructor), Matthew Waldman. This self proclaimed “native new yorker, bilingual japanese/english, design genius in brand development, graphic and product design” has really grown Nooka into a fascinating brand to watch, and the Kanye move… well that was just brilliant… and a Glow In The Dark Watch! Who doesn’t want that?

So check out more pics of this glowy gummy-esque time piece on the next page, as well as a coupon to the super fun Elsewares!


From Elsewares:
Everything is better when it glows in the dark. The new Glow model features the Zen H display, linear expression in its purist form. From top to bottom: Hours 1-6; Hours 7-12; Minutes 1-59; Seconds 1-59. A hidden, fully adjustable stainless clasp keeps it securely closed. Water resistant to 3ATM, with alarm, chronograph, date, and EL backlight.
Measures 10.5” x 1.5”







Here’s a coupon from the NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book!


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Seeing this watch really brings out my geekiness. The green glow the watch has reminds me of green fluorescent protein I use in labs. When excited with the right wavelengths of light it glows and it’s pretty awesome. What makes the watch even cooler is how it tells the time by using blocks moving from left to right. It’s like readouts on lab equipment of lanes running in a gel. Just awesome.

----- christopher 01.12.08 23:42

I have vowed to always take off fingernail polish after that one fateful day where a friend painted my nails with glow-in-the-dark fingernail polish. I thought it was quite great and I wanted to have fun with glow-in-the-dark nails for more than just the evening, so I left the polish on and went to sleep. But in the middle of the night, as I was rolling over in bed, I was startled awake by some glowing, floating objects that passed right in front of my face.

It took me a moment or two to figure out what was happening, but once I was just a little more awake, I realized that my arm had fallen asleep and when it swung around with me as I rolled over, my glow-in-the-dark nails were in full glow and just lighting up wherever my hand went.

So no flying saucers or flying bugs, or dismembered arms … just someone who got scared by their own glowing fingernails :P

----- Heidi 01.12.08 23:38

This is so random its almost vital! Love how it glows! Best watch ever for sure…

----- Armen 01.12.08 22:17

did I make it in time?

----- jbot 01.12.08 20:57

I already entered but this a new story that is a bit silly.
My girlfriend just bought me glow in the dark condoms! haha

----- Ying 01.12.08 20:56


----- Kara 01.12.08 20:50

I love Daft Punk, and in their Alive 2007 tour they had their full leather outfits decked out in EL Wire (a battery powered glow wire). I went to LA for Hard Haunted Mansion and made myself an EL Wire jacket. It took 5 hours and was totally worth it, I felt like a rock star.

----- Carolyn 01.12.08 20:44

I love glow in the dark stars on my ceiling.

----- Alain Mélançon 01.12.08 20:37

When I went to the daft punk concert, it was so amazing I seriously came glowstick.

----- Rob Christensen 01.12.08 19:50

there’s still a glow in the dark sticker of ronald mcdonald on the corner of my bed’s headboard. that means it’s been staring down at me for 15 years; and yup, that also means i still sleep in that same bed since 5. that sticker is probably some rare mcD’s collectible..as is this piece of time design.

----- lee 01.12.08 19:34

synchronised dancing fireflies that blink lights at the exact same second makes for beautiful glow-in-the-dark show

----- valline go 01.12.08 18:06

I used to covet glow-in-the-dark nail polish. What could be more exciting than something attached to your body turning an eerie green in the dark? Possibly this watch.

----- newman 01.12.08 18:04

if i had this watch, i’d invite all of the neighborhood kids over to play a night game of hide-and-go-seek. i’d count first, maybe to 50, and wait until they all ran under the cars and behind the bushes and simply revel in the awesomeness of my glow-in-the-dark timekeeper. in fact, i’d stare at it until it grew faint and i’d have to go inside to put it under a lightbulb. i’d maybe make some cheese and crackers and cozy up on the couch and if any of them knock on my door i’ll pretend i’m not home.

stupid children.

----- marissa 01.12.08 17:20

Whenever I think of anything glow-in-the-dark, it reminds me of the first time I attended a party that was lit only by blacklights. Ah the joy of realizing that not only did I have a dandruff issue, but also that I did not know how to do laundry and thus had giant glowing spots on the crotch of my pants.

----- johnny 01.12.08 17:16

I’m so jealous of these… http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2007/12/13/514602.aspx
I have always wanted to glow.

----- Lisa 01.12.08 17:08

I have never had anything “glow in the dark” that really did glow in the dark.

----- myrna eisenlauer 01.12.08 16:53

i always wanted to wear/have glow in the dark watches or shoes or something when i was younger.. except i couldnt because my mom and grandma were superstitious (not really, but didnt want me wearing anything that lit up in the dark). they always scared me saying the light would draw out monsters in the night.. now i can wear this watch without having to worry.

----- prepsturr 01.12.08 16:40

Well, I’m about to have an art piece in the second annual “Let There Be Light” exhibit at Piedmont Virginia Community College that celebrates the winter solstice with outdoor light-centered art installations. Last year I made pods that slowly pulsed with light as if respiring on the sides of trees (one had a small video running within that could be glimpsed through a slash in the pod). This year’s piece will be a surreal forest installation. Just in case, someone who might attend the show reads these entries, I don’t want to give away any more than that. But, needless to say, a cool glow-in-the-dark watch would be just the accessory to wear to the opening (and if not to this year’s show, then to next year’s—already working on my idea for that piece).

----- Harrietsayshi 01.12.08 15:41

When i went to Camp in 5th grade, our group leader took us out on a night hike and gave us all wintergreen lifesavers. when we chewed them with our mouths open we could see the green glowing sparks! Then we went down to the creek and saw all the glowing moss or bacteria or whatever it is coming from the ground. It was a glow in the dark evening!

----- Mat 01.12.08 15:15

My son has a nurff football that glows in the dark

----- bobby 01.12.08 13:23

Zinc Sulfide and Strontium Aluminate.

----- Bryan Hogg 01.12.08 13:01

nice package!

----- eric 01.12.08 12:48

Want better than this watch an those swords used in Star Wars glowing in the dark?

----- Amanda 01.12.08 12:02


----- Carl 01.12.08 12:00

The moon is glow in the dark.

----- Melanie Tedder 01.12.08 11:37

When we were painting pumpkins for a class in October, we had a small tub of glow-in-the-dark paint. Every kid wanted some, and they wanted tons. Then, when they got them back the next day, they ran to their classrooms (where the lights were off, it was lunch time) and marveled at the fact that they really did glow in the dark. They then ran out to tell me how much of a success the paint had been.

----- Gideon 01.12.08 11:17

Some day I’d like to make a high quality glow in the dark chalk, I think I could make a million dollars, ohh and a glow in the dark sharpie would be awesome too!

----- Kristen 01.12.08 11:02

I recently moved into my apartment for college and when I went to bed one night I realized something. My ceiling had been covered with glow in the dark paint by the previous tenant. The ceiling is covered with a gorgeous skylight that isn’t just those lame glow in the dark dots. This is a full on sky…there is even a couple shooting stars. I love going to bed because of glow in the dark paint!

----- Andrew 01.12.08 10:45

I just lost my watch, this would be the perfect replacement. Nooka’s approach to telling time is great!

----- Jon 01.12.08 10:32

It’s impossible not to love glow in the dark materials. I think it’s some of the little magic any kid (or adult) really has left in their life, which makes them stop and wonder.

----- Frank 01.12.08 10:12

This ain’t no mature watch as I am turning 30 next year, but it’s very intriguing piece of watch. I have glow in the dark t shirts and I am gon wear it with Nooka. hehe

----- Sang Min Shin 01.12.08 10:11

at a music festival in a dark tent during the summer. about 20 people beside us took out some glowsticks. craked them to get em working, lit the end with a lighter to release the fluid and proceeded to fling the stuff everywhere.

looked pretty cool i have to say, didnt taste too good.

----- steve 01.12.08 10:10

I heard that there’s glow-in-the-dark lube now.

----- Suroki 01.12.08 10:07

I trust my friends. I guess that’s how I know they are my friends. On an un-inspirational Saturday to get out of a rainy day funk we bought UV fabric pens, wrote and designed on each other’s shirts and went clubbing, each of us not knowing what was on our backs. Surprisingly, we all veered away from juvenile. I had more random conversations and laughs with strangers than I ever had before.

----- Frure 01.12.08 09:49

love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

----- liz 01.12.08 09:45

I need this watch because I’m scared of the dark! ;) help a girl out!

----- Eleanor Hamilton 01.12.08 09:42

I use to remember seeing these glow in the dark lolipop, dunno how that’s possibly safe to eat O_o.

----- Joe Wang 01.12.08 09:37

the coolest toy and radiation poisoning ad!

----- Federico Garrido 01.12.08 09:16

Oh, too many people wanting this watch, you’ll never make it to my comment!
And I just know my face would be glowing if I got this watch!

----- TRISTANA 01.12.08 08:49

i cut open a glow stick once and splattered it all over my dorm room because i thought it would make some good pictures… that it did, but i had highlighter-goo all over the walls for a good week. ick!

----- xue 01.12.08 08:40

Kid: Mom, mom: Does the the frogs glow-in-the-Dark?
Mom: No son, Why?
Kid: Well, so my grandpa is geting electrocuted!

----- Dani Gu 01.12.08 08:20

My boyfriend bought me a t-shirt from the Museum of Science last summer. It has glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeletons on it. And glow-in-the-dark footprints.

----- aimy 01.12.08 07:59

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! mee mee meeeeeeeeeeeee! please pick m e e eeee!

----- ellen 01.12.08 07:57

i slept this weekend in my childhood bed, and as i did so, i realized there were still glow and the dark stars on my ceiling, made me realize what a dork i was/am

----- josh 01.12.08 07:45

Apparently, anything that glows in the dark emits small amounts of radiation. I don’t know if thats true but thats the word on the street.

----- Jacob Heer 01.12.08 07:29

When I was young, I used a group of glow-in-the-dark stickers that I got from the NASA gift shop in Florida to create a scale model of the solar system across my bedroom ceiling. In retrospect it was rather silly, there was a cluster of stickers against one wall, and almost no stickers on the rest of the ceiling.

----- Andrew 01.12.08 07:14

Black lights are a unfortunate thing of the past, making peoples teeth tragically glow that unnatural yellow and all though, this watch seems to be suited for the future and makes the future look bright!

----- Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston 01.12.08 07:13

i once almost made my dad wreck the car by shoving my glow worm (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v468/windip/glow_worm.jpg) doll in his face on a drive back from the mountains as a child. not exactly glow-in-the-dark, but it did glow!!! :D

----- Karlaanne 01.12.08 07:01

Bioluminescent fungi (mushrooms) are glow in the dark!

----- Alex Jeon 01.12.08 06:28

Glow Worm.

----- Katie Rodgers 01.12.08 06:14

I´m turning all my furniture to glow in the dark stuff, I´m tired of stumbling upon bed corners, open wardrobe doors, and other hard and pointy objects going to bathroom in the night. A Glow in the dark watch would be useful in avoiding to step in my wife.

----- Daniel Segatto 01.12.08 06:11

Last night I woke up around 5 in the morning. It was quite dark, only the subtle glow of my cell phone providing any light. I groggily lifted my hand to my face to wipe away that nasty eye gunk when I realized there was a blank space betwix my hand and forearm.

I panicked!

Someone had stolen my wrist!

I stumbled out of bed and got my overhead light on, only to discover that it had simply been too dark to see my wrist. With this watch that would never be an issue again.

Please, Notcot. Before I think I lost my wrist again.

----- Desmond Naranjo 01.12.08 05:48

I wish everyone could glow in the dark…So, someday, there would be no darkness at all.

----- Rafael Morgan 01.12.08 05:00

Carrie in Sex and the City mentions glow in the dark underwear… that could be fun.

----- Vivian Quach 01.12.08 03:30

Having something that glows in the dark makes you feel a teensy bit more powerful.

----- Heidi 01.12.08 02:16

I went hiking at Kaena point on Oahu, HI and camped over night near a small lagoon. The algae in the lagoon was glowing-in-the-dark at night!! You could actually use your finger to write out your name or whatever, it was amazing and super-duper cool!! *breath taking experience*

----- Am 01.12.08 01:38

When I was young(er) my little brother had glow-in-the-dark casper briefs. Needless to say, my sister and I stole his pants and made him dance in the dark to get them back :)

----- Thuy-Duong 01.12.08 00:55

my teeth glow in the dark! I have powers >_> shhh!

----- Vanessa 30.11.08 23:41

“Watch the glow GROW and GROW!

…I saw on a glow-in-the-dark condom dispenser in a gas station restroom as a child… >8^O

----- Tyler 30.11.08 23:08

I have glow in the dark stickers when I was a kid and they were not bought, rather they were included in a book and that book is now lost to memory.

----- David 30.11.08 22:48

Back in September, I planned a Glow in the Dark 80s themed Capture the Flag for my small group. Only 4 people showed up so we decided to head to La Jolla Shores (still in our 80s gear), hoping to find bonfire groups to join us. Not only did we find a bonfire group, but we were able to convince 5 of their guys to join our 80s posse for the best Capture the Flag ever. Way to be impulsive with Glow in the Dark bracelets and glowsticks.

----- Jennifer Chang 30.11.08 22:14

something i would wrap up and present to my kid. What a sweet present that would be - a glow in the dark watch for a glow all the time kid.

----- susan 30.11.08 22:13

glow in the dark paint makes a glow in the dark bike.

----- chris 30.11.08 21:51

As a child, I was pretty sure that a stash of glow-in-the-dark toys in my brother’s bedroom was a bizarre specter of death.

----- Colin 30.11.08 21:35

At summer camp, we used to have these costume parties. We’d all get to go on a field trip to the local town (which had a thrift store) to shop for costumes, and then get dressed up. Once, a few of us bought a bunch of glow sticks, and opened them up so we could paint ourselves with them. Best costumes ever.

----- Lucia 30.11.08 21:18

i’m thinking of painting a wall in my bathroom with glow in the dark paint. i have a theory it will save on energy costs.

----- Abi 30.11.08 21:03

tiptoeing on my chair, i put up glow-in-the-dark stars that i bought in the dollar store. after the installation, i turned of the lights with much anticipation. that’s when i found out that you need to expose them to enough light before you turn off the light in order for them to glow brightly. that’s the lesson of glow in the dark, folks.

----- gia 30.11.08 20:45

When I was a kid I mixed the Glow stick fluid in my Moms Green Jello mix once…
I never found out if it glowed or not because my brother was the first one to eat it and notice the weird taste.
My Mom threw it in the trash before I could test it! Anyways it was funny when my brother ate it and practically gagged!

----- m3000 30.11.08 20:34

I love my glow-in-the dark SIGG bottle top. I didn’t even know it was blow in the dark until I brought it home and saw it in the kitchen at night. I keep it next to my bed so I can locate my water at night.

----- Christina 30.11.08 20:33

when i was in elementary school, i used to pretend glow sticks were radioactive plutonium rods like homer simpson’s.

----- Bridget 30.11.08 19:40

I want people to ask me what time it is just so I can turn off the light switch to tell them the time :)

----- Crystal 30.11.08 19:37


Yeah… I glowed before.

In the dark?

Of course. Totally.

A watch?

What d’you think?


Without question. Period.

----- Gary 30.11.08 19:34

What can I say but the late great John Ritter, in the overrated (but still good) glow-in-the-dark condom fight scene from Blake Edwards ‘Skin Deep’.

----- kim 30.11.08 19:16

when i was a kid i wanted to paint my room in glow in the dark paint. Kind of glad my mom vetoed that idea since i still have to sleep there when i visit now and it would have been like sleeping at the sun it owuld be so bright.

----- Josh 30.11.08 19:01

when i was a kid I got the idea to wear a glow in the dark necklace from disneyland under a turtleneck to church. i thought my “kryptonite” would weaken the priest and church would be cancelled. i still think glow in the dark stuff gives me superpowers.

----- Mabs 30.11.08 18:06

I had a girl friend that used something to clean her face with at night. It made her skin glow. No kidding.

----- rob laliberte 30.11.08 17:34

I used to have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling when I was younger. I miss those.

----- Scott 30.11.08 17:03

i invented everything glow in the dark.

----- Fro 30.11.08 16:59

I covered every ceiling I had (we moved around a lot) with glow in the dark stars until I was about 17. I am obsessed with most things related to space, stars, and glow in the dark. I remember the first time I ever saw a shooting star I was about 9 years old and my mum’s friend took us for a midnight boat ride down a river one summer, it must have been during a meteor shower because I saw 21 shooting stars that night! Not only that but the water had phosphoresence so every time the oars moved through it it lit up. At one point I climbed out onto some rocks to go for a pee, I can’t tell you how excited I was when my pee lit up! Now that I’m writing this it sounds like I made it up, but it happened!

----- Lou 30.11.08 16:51

Did you know that in the film “K-19:The Widow Maker”, there is a scene where the water in the damaged submarines engines glows because of the nuclear contamination.
After many trials & lighting tests and expensive glowing inks / broken glow sticks they found one thing to work perfectly that delivered the glowing water for the camera every time. They used gallons and gallons of Schweppes tonic water, because under a black light it glows! and obviously its drinkable.

----- Colin 30.11.08 16:38


----- I.I.M.M 30.11.08 16:33

I went on a date, first date mind you, with this girl where we went bowling. It was Rock ‘n Roll Bowl! So the black lights were on. I was having fun until I noticed that my pants looked like they had ‘mistakes’ all over them… areas around the crotch, bum and all over the legs. I’m not talking about little drips here and there. It was like someone took a hose of special sauce and want to town on my pants. She didn’t say anything but the self confidence meter went to zero. I later found out that when you do your wash you don’t put all your clothes in the machine then top it with your liquid detergent. Apparently if you do… it makes it look like a teenage boys’ bedsheets.

----- Gallie 30.11.08 16:27

aw! glow in the dark makes me think of my glow-worm stuffed toy from childhood!! i loved squeezing him in the dark… he made going to bed super awesome… i miss him! i wonder if kids still have glow-worm!


----- kelly 30.11.08 16:19

as i kid i used to chew on glow sticks and then run to my bathroom to see what they looked like in my mouth, or paint on my skin with the liquid. then someone told me they were harmful to ingest, but not unitl after i got ill and threw up glow in the dark liquid, did i realize that maybe i shouldnt do that anymore. haha then i realized that highlighters do the same thing. haha

AND - this watch would be PERFECT for burning man!!
out on the playa last year i missed so many cool events because i didnt know what time it was. ;( glow sticks do not emit enough light at all to try to read a watch face. please help a little sister out. ;D

----- jenat 30.11.08 16:17

I have to say - for something that glows in the dark, that really is a rather elegant watch.

----- Phil 30.11.08 16:14

i buy all the glow in the dark shirts i come by… love that stuff!

----- chris 30.11.08 16:09

That’s not only cool but geeky!! What about a glow-in-the-dark cellphone? Or a glow-in-the-dark iPod?! Pretty cool.

----- Syl 30.11.08 15:46

Last week, before I buzzed my head, I combed out my hair vigorously. The static from the comb’s friction with my hair lit up the whole room!

----- Michael 30.11.08 15:45

i like glow stuff… i turned my son’s room into a glow in the dark empire!!

----- jayp0411 30.11.08 15:41

originally designed in a small batch for Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour, and now released to the masses. For all the New York readers, if you don’t win, go check out the sample sale for Nooka this week.

----- whiz 30.11.08 15:35

i always wanted to win those old glow-in-the-dark t-shirts from the 90’s you could find inside the washing powder, but never did!

----- marieke 30.11.08 15:29

Nooka is cool

----- Howard 30.11.08 15:25

Most photoluminescent events, in which a chemical substrate absorbs and then re-emits a photon of light, are fast, on the order of 10 nanoseconds. However, for light to be absorbed and emitted at these fast time scales, the energy of the photons involved (i.e. the wavelength of the light) must be carefully tuned according to the rules of quantum mechanics to match the available energy states and allowed transitions of the substrate. In the special case of phosphorescence, the absorbed photon energy undergoes an unusual intersystem crossing into an energy state of higher spin multiplicity (see term symbol), usually a triplet state. As a result, the energy can become trapped in the triplet state with only classically “forbidden” transitions available to return to the lower energy state. These transitions, although “forbidden”, will still occur in quantum mechanics but are kinetically unfavored and thus progress at significantly slower time scales. Most phosphorescent compounds are still relatively fast emitters, with triplet lifetimes on the order of milliseconds. However, some compounds have triplet lifetimes up to minutes or even hours, allowing these substances to effectively store light energy in the form of very slowly degrading excited electron states. If the phosphorescent quantum yield is high, these substances will release significant amounts of light over long time scales, creating so-called “glow-in-the-dark” materials.


Condensed version: photons get trapped in atoms and take a long time to get out.

My dad painted my name in a board with glow-in-the-dark paint when I was a kid. It was the coolest thing ever. I still have it.

I also loved glow in the dark stars and planets. And catching fireflies. Just like every other kid, I know.

----- Johnny 30.11.08 15:23

i had a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur. i would brush my teeth and hold him up to my bathroom light to activate the phosphorescence, then climb into bed and conduct one-dino plays with him.

----- nikki 30.11.08 15:06

I once painted a door with glo-in-the-dark paint. Freaked me out every night.

----- Hamza 30.11.08 14:35

I wish monsters were made from glow-in-the-dark skin so I could prove they’re under my bed…

----- Gab 30.11.08 14:33

Radioactive things glow.

----- Andrew 30.11.08 13:47

Does the MOON reflect the sun, or does the moon get charged by the SUN and is actually made of GLOW IN THE DARK rock?
It sounds more believable than cheese, and much more stylish!

----- Andrew 30.11.08 13:30

So the first thing that came to mind was this cool glow in the dark tobacco plant (it has firefly genes!) that I saw in my high school biology textbook that made me think, whoa, what if I could be glow in the dark too? I would automatically have the coolest halloween costume, that’s what.

----- Karl 30.11.08 13:14

Glow in the dark posters are pretty rad!

----- Stephanie 30.11.08 13:10

I remember late conversations in the small kitchen of a friend surrounded by glowing pipes.

----- ed 30.11.08 12:21

When we moved in together, my boyfriend and i geeked out a little with a pack of glow-in-the-dark stars and covered our ceiling with the correct constellations for the time of year. :)

----- Rachel 30.11.08 11:53

My favorite shirt in the world is from ThinkGeek. It’s the one with the power symbol that glows in the dark. Along with being my favorite, it also breaks my heart routinely when people don’t know what the symbol stands for.

----- Erin 30.11.08 11:27

Have you ever been past the Arctic circle? Worked where the days never end? We as socialites get so accustomed to our city dwelling lives: the internet, modern amenities, running water, heated homes lively music and lights. The lights, always on. Light pollution that you no longer recognize as foreign. But it is. It is wrong, we taint the night sky with our streets and homes and advertisements, casting glare ever upwards; lighting the sky, blotting out the stars. We slowly begin to believe that they no longer exist, they are unimportant to our ever busying lives.
Then you escape. You leave the hustle, you leave the bustling cityscape. You run, ever northwards. Slowly the sky reveals its majesty. Uncountable worlds, stars and bodies. The sky lights itself, ever emanating on the world that it looks down on from above. You fly northwards, ever northwards. The sky brightens or dims for only a fraction of the day, the earth’s axis skewing your city dependent reality of night and day. Bedtimes dissolve, time recoils from importance. You drift northwards, ever northwards.
The sky! It’s shouting! It’s in love. It’s in pain and excited and terrified and confused. So confused… It’s lit. There has never been anything so magnificent in my life than the northern lights, the aurora borealis. It doesn’t glow in the dark as much as it Screams Brilliance. Colours you never thought existed outside of fiction. Fiery thorns shooting across the sky in unbelievable blues and pinks and greens and yellows. They swallow you entirely, bringing you closer into them, captivating your entire being. Nothing matters when you first see them. The world collapses in on you as you realize how small you are. A tiny experiential creature, finally opening your eyes and seeing for the first time.
The sky is alive. It speaks, to you. It speaks for you.
You connect and breath together as the colours evolve and recede.
It dwarfs the livelihood that people crave from the city. There is no thing more alive than that which we take for granted and ignore every day. That which we block out with our glow in the dark cities.
The sky is My story. The sky is Your story.
Sit back and enjoy it.

----- Matthew 30.11.08 11:17

When I was little I painted masking tape with glow-in-the-dark nail polish and taped the edged of everything in my bedroom- desk, chair, boxes, bed- so that I could walk around at night without bumping into things. I also had glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, some stuck on flat, some hanging down on fishing line, and some glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs stuck up there for good measure.

----- Joanna 30.11.08 10:00

Glow in the dark is magic.

----- Peter 30.11.08 09:48

my love of anything glow-in-the-dark forced me to stand wintergreen as a child (by far my least favorite mint flavor)
wintergreen life savers will glow faintly, and spark in the dark if you chew them!

----- b 30.11.08 09:31

I have glow-in-the-dark pajamas

----- awildermode 30.11.08 09:01

When I was younger I was really scared of glow-in-the-dark. My cousins would play tricks on me, shutting off the lights in a room and holding up some glow in the dark halloween skeleton, and I would scream and cover my face becuase I thought it was a ghost. Even my parents thought it was funny that I was afraid of glow-in-the-dark, buying little glowing eyeballs to hide around the house and freak me out.
Many years later there was a massive blackout in our town. At 8:00 PM and we had no electricity. It was chaos, everyone was running around frantiicly looking for candles and flashlights. Somehow, every flashlight we could find had a dead battery. I was in the attic trying to find a candle in the pitch black, when I saw a box faintly glowing. I pulled of the lid to discover a pile of eyeballs and tacky halloween decorations that were still glowing in the dark after sitting in sun all day. I picked up the box and carried it downstairs, illuminating the dark hallway. With the dull light of the glow-in-the-dark crap, i was able the find a few candles and save the day. So now even though I’m still a little scarred of it, I know the power of glow-in-the-dark!

----- Libby 30.11.08 07:38

I used to have a glowing galaxy on my ceiling. And then my brother had the inside of a glow stick spewed on his wall. Brilliant.

----- Alex 30.11.08 07:38

With this watch, everything will be illuminated… amazing!

----- Nadia P 30.11.08 05:46

enough with being retro… something like this screams 2085; the future 80’s!!! glowing in the dark is where it’s at… and where it will be!

----- ellon kleyner 30.11.08 05:45

when i was a kid i was so obsessed with glow in the dark stuff so much that i always wished it was black out so i can bring out all my glow in the dark stuff (star-shaped magic wand, loads of stickers, plastic stick-ons of the solar system, glow sticks, etc.)and just stare at them till the glow fades and then i can recharge the glow by putting them near emergency lamps LOL.

----- toasted 30.11.08 02:35

I used to cut out the glow in the dark shapes that came in the colgate toothpaste boxes. Didn’t think they would work at the time but it did. Stayed stuck in my room for more than 5 years.

----- konfigure 30.11.08 00:09

there was a time in my life when i was afraid i would be found out that i had fake teeth when my real teeth glowed in the dark and the fake ones didn’t…

----- sophie 29.11.08 23:38

1. I am rarely up at daylight hours.

2. There is no functioning clock in my room.

3. I have never owned a watch in my life.

4. ???

5. Profit.

----- Xxyzzy28 29.11.08 22:57

I’m from Tahiti a little island in the Pacific, and now live in hawaii where I go to college. When I was a little kid, raised in a catholic family, I had in my room a glowing rosary, and a glowing statue of the virgin marry that was making me feel safe and secure in the dark.. This my little story! mahalo!

----- raimana 29.11.08 22:52

i actually saw this watch from on thanksgiving, my cousin’s boyfriend had it. i didn’t know what it was, but it’s a coincidence seeing it on this blog. speaking glow in the dark, there’s a store near where i live where they sell glow in the dark worm gummies. you have use these thongs and they light up, it was a spectacle to watch when my sister first introduced me to it. they’re good i love them, i’m not a big fan of glow in the dark sticker though. they’re too tacky and useless.

----- labraji 29.11.08 22:47

I have a three-year old daughter, and I have just put these glow in the dark stars up in the ceiling, and each night, when she doesn’t want to sleep yet after I told her a story, we try to count all those glowing stars until she finally sleeps.

----- bonks a. 29.11.08 22:30

Glow in the dark in both my bedrooms! Oh my! My home bedroom ceiling glows in the dark because i stuck stars and moons on it… way back when. My school bedroom glows in the dark for a reason i have not discovered yet. It baffles (absolutely) everyone…

----- Anthony F 29.11.08 22:21

nothing glows in the dark like lint on a black shirt under the blacklights at cool venues…

----- carrieee 29.11.08 22:14

What’s GFP?

glowing fluorescent protein

With the aid of GFP, researchers have developed ways to watch processes that were previously invisible, such as the development of nerve cells in the brain or how cancer cells spread.

2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry Roger Y. Tsien “for his discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) with two other chemists: Martin Chalfie of Columbia University and Osamu Shimomura of Boston University and Marine Biological Laboratory.

----- mt 29.11.08 22:07

i have glow in the dark retainers :D

----- raptrex 29.11.08 22:00

We need more glow in the dark bike frame.

----- phil 29.11.08 21:53

YAY fun… finally something that glows more than my pale skin. Maybe there is hope!

----- Jason 29.11.08 21:33

One of my favorite childhood memories is sleeping over at a friends’ house and falling asleep to her glow in the dark star, planet and comet stickers. Whenever I see cool glow in the dark objects I think of those nights we stayed up all night staring at the ceiling.

----- Erica 29.11.08 21:32

I have a shirt that says “Moon Monster” in glow in the dark letters. I also have some glow in the dark nail polish which is creepy looking when you can’t see my hands in the dark.

----- Julia 29.11.08 20:54

A couple years ago, I picked up this great t-shirt at a thrift shop featuring a big screen print of Frankenstein’s head. The first night I decided to wear it, as I was heading upstairs to bed I passed by a mirror in my hallway as I usually did in total darkness, not realizing that the graphic on my shirt was glow-in-the-dark. The glowing reflection of Frankenstein staring back at me in the mirror completely scared me sh*tless—I jumped, ran into the wall next to me, and woke everybody up in the house.

----- D. Chapman 29.11.08 19:49

I once, when I was younger, cut a glow stick open (can be pretty dangerous)and walking it to the trash can spilled it on about half of my families kitchen. The wood floors glowed for days. I guess it was a good glow stick. I didn’t even try to get away with that one.

----- james Lewis 29.11.08 19:46

Used to play glow in the dark pictionary with a black light and highlighters.

----- Laila 29.11.08 19:32

I remember having a odd conversation about how if something is glow in the dark is it really in the glowing in the dark since there is no dark when it is glowing….blew my mind

----- Dana Galbraith 29.11.08 19:30

NotCot has the best stuff on their site and now they have added more great stuff, FREE STUFF. Thank you and I hope I get this so I wont have another christmas present to buy. :)

----- Mike O 29.11.08 19:23

This watch would be the cherry on top to my plan for total sexual enlightenment… what woman can’t resist a man in a glow-in-the-dark watch.

----- Michael 29.11.08 19:20

Cool watch….this would make an awesome gift for my younger brother. He loves stuff like this!

----- Claudette 29.11.08 19:10

i tattoo a little mainly on myself and invested in some uv ink.
i started to tattoo the bottom of my toes wit it and because the skin is so think they dont last very long so im forever redoing random designs on them. sunglasses and ducks have been my favourite. its the funniest thing to randomly take ur shoe off in a club and show people. the duck was my faourite as he was on my big toe. i had to name him rediculious as it was very rediculious!

----- Paula 29.11.08 18:57

Some years ago I sprayed my skateboard with glow-in-the-dark spray and went out skateboarding at night.

----- Bartal Jógvansson DJurhuus 29.11.08 18:44

saw those nice glow in the dark t’s on notcot the other day. Gotta love a shirt that provides pick-up lines for you (so long as you can get someone to stare at your chest in the dark)

----- JJ 29.11.08 18:42

The ceiling of my room growing up had all glow in the dark stars and planets. My folks did it for me when I was away at summer camp when I was in 2nd grade. AWESOME of them.

----- Eric A Stratton 29.11.08 18:33

walk without rhythm, it won’t attract the worm
walk without rhythm, and it won’t attract the worm
walk without rhythm, and it won’t attract the worm
if you walk without rhythm, you never learn

not sure if that’s related, but that’s what I think about when I see that watch

----- Alice 29.11.08 18:23

As a kid, my favorite ball-toy was a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball. as a young adult, this watch could easily become my favorite glow-in-the-dark timepiece…

----- Rich 29.11.08 18:15

I miss the fireflies that would glow in the dark in my home state. This watch would fill the void!

----- Matt 29.11.08 18:13

When i was a boy growing up in the hot virginia summers, my favorite game was to catch fireflies. I would fill mason several jars with these incandescent winged gems over the course of a night. In hopes to illuminate my entire room with them at night. Fortunately my entomologist father would not let me do that. Alternatively we would let them all go in one grand finale to rival any fireworks display. He would also often then bring me these giant “Firefly” like bugs from south america. Pined and preserved on a cork they would not be to impressive, but turn off the lights an breath hot air on them and they would light right up. Nothing could be cooler even though they would only last for a dim 30 secs.

----- Seth Lowery 29.11.08 17:41

I remember when I was really young and first discovered how you needed to “charge” glow in the dark objects. I don’t think I could have been more excited.

----- Raw Power 29.11.08 17:31

glow in the dark. well, thats just funny to think about. first thing that comes to mind is body paint! fun fun!!

----- Misty 29.11.08 17:27

I’m not allowed to redecorate my room at university…but little does my landlord know, when the lights are off I’ve got stealthy glow in the dark patterns EVERYWHERE! muahaha…

----- andrea 29.11.08 17:17

if i win, how much can i sell this for cuz shit is corny.

----- r 29.11.08 17:07

Hands down the COOLEST watch I’ve seen in ages! Perhaps since my childhood glow in the dark Swatch, which met a nasty death at summer camp. I’d definitely be the coolest Mom in this big ol’ dark city.

----- dANIELLe 29.11.08 17:03

When I was a kid, I shared a room with my older brother. One day while going through his drawers I found a glow in the dark condom. I didn’t know what it was and stole it because I thought it was candy. I quickly found out it wasn’t candy after putting it in my mouth and tasting how horrible it was, so I tricked my younger sister into eating it. She ran and told my parents, and showed it to them. My parents freaked out and had a “sex talk” with my brother and grounded him for a month. Years later I found out what it was that I put in my mouth, my sister is still mad at me for it.

----- james p. gannon 29.11.08 16:38

Remember that scene in SKINDEEP??? OMFG…how hysterical was that, jousting glow worms!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! NOTCOT Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Mac 29.11.08 16:30

Ghosts are glow in the dark… when they want to be. My friend Bo got the watch that tells you time by coordinates… it’s so cool! I’m way jealous, then I saw this watch. It’s so great, I just know if I won it, Bo and I would be the coolest kids in town.

----- Allen 29.11.08 16:28

I learned a bit about the people who took care of the dorms at my school the first night I was there, when I turned off the lights.
I learned that they’d paint over anything that was left on the walls and ceiling, including the glow in the dark stars and planets that the previous resident had put up.

----- Dave 29.11.08 16:28

i wish i was glow in the dark.
then i would be able to match with this cool watch.

----- Grace 29.11.08 16:12

My (non-glow-in-the-dark) watch broke 2 years ago and I’ve seen nothing that competes with its replacement like this glowing perfection. One of my favorite childhood memories involved (mostly) conquering my fear of the dark with my Glow-Bug Turtle in the basement pantry. We had quite the adventures in the Cave of Jam & Flour.

----- Emily 29.11.08 16:02

in 2004, the US army invented a new uniform that was supposed to merge the two woodland and desert camouflage uniforms into one uniform. except… the new uniform glowed in the dark.

not too useful for hiding, i suppose. if they really wanted to glow in the dark, they should have just gotten this watch.

----- Tiffany 29.11.08 15:53

Glow in the dark vampire teeth were my kinda thing.
Pitch black, open your mouth, and bite something!

----- Claire 29.11.08 15:50

WHAM! Wake me up before you go glow..don’t leave me hanging like on a yo-yo…wake me before you go glow was our version of “wake me up before you go go” by george michael…we wore glow in the dark 80’s bracelets as earings and hung em on our tennis racquets to make look like cool guitars..take me dancing tonight! Glow in the dark put the boom boom into our hearts..woohoo!

----- vAn Nguyen 29.11.08 15:48

I’ve been considering painting my bedroom floor (or living room floor - not sure) with glow in the dark paint.. How awesome would that be!?

----- Benjamin A. Wendelboe 29.11.08 15:20

I used to graffiti with Glow in the Dark spray paint, and aphex twin stencils in my old home town in rural kentucky. I’m not sure how pernament or how glow in the dark the paint really was, not to mention the fact I was just being a huge fanboy by using his logo. Oh, highschool.

----- sam 29.11.08 15:15

At Christmas time in the eleventh grade, my friend Steph and I exchanged presents. I bought her a hooded sweater. She bought me blue pajamas with winged-pigs and stars on it…get it? “When pigs can fly”? I can’t lie. I like pigs. Everything about them makes me laugh.

(Back to the point)

I loved those pajamas and wore them a lot. Months after I had received them, I was woken up by thunder in the middle of the night at some ungodly hour. As I’m about to close my eyes, I turned over onto my back and startled myself half to death and screamed “Holy S**t!!” The pigs and stars on my pajamas were glowing in the dark!! It was faint, but bright enough to see the pig pattern running up my entire body. When you wake up suddenly from a deep sleep, you’re brain is understandably foggy. I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell was happening. Stupidly frightened, I quickly turned on my bedside lamp. Everything looked normal. I turned off the lamp and the pigs and stars were twice as bright.

After about 10 minutes of turning the lamp on and off, I slowly came to the conclusion that Steph not only bought me pajamas with pigs on it, she bought me pajamas with GLOW IN THE DARK pigs and stars on it.

I called my friend about it the next day. She said to me “Oh yeah, did I not mention that? Cool, eh?”

And there we have it. My one and only…glow-in-the-dark story.

----- Lauren 29.11.08 15:02

I just bought new snowboard boots yesterday, and at my local board shop they were selling DC’s new Glow in the Park outerwear. It is super-reflective during the day, and glows in the dark for more than 3 hours at night! Bloggers say they glow much brighter than expected. I think they’re pretty sweet, making it on my christmas wish list this year…

check out the link:

----- Heather Sparling 29.11.08 14:36

I should get this watch for the following reasons:

1. 2008 is the year of Glow In the Dark. Having just seen Kanye West live, my love affair with glow in the dark grows exponentially day on day.
2. I never had glow in the dark stuff when I was a kid, ergo I have always wanted, nay desired, a cool glow in the dark timepiece to gaze at longingly even as it sits proudly ‘pon my wrist.
3. Many a time have I perused the nooka website trying to decide which of their fine products is my favourite. And lo, it came to pass that NOTCOT did decide to give away the best nooka watch so far. I take that as some kind of sign.

----- The Superhick 29.11.08 14:19

throwing glow sticks in a blender is pretty cool.

----- Derek 29.11.08 14:11

glowing in the dark feels really good.

----- Nate De Leon 29.11.08 14:09



----- Agata 29.11.08 13:28

i remember when i was about 10 in the late 80s and barbie released the glow in the dark princess doll. we had just recently immigrated from a country that was at war to germany and we had not much money but my parents saved soo much money (£50/$100 back then)to buy me that barbie doll.i was over the moooon and i still cherrish my present.i still have that barbie doll today..21 years later.love my mum and dad xx

----- beta stanton 29.11.08 13:25

As a kid I was told that the chemical in glow-in-the-dark things was dangerous. Thus I was afraid of glow-in-the-dark stars, paints, etc.

----- Paul 29.11.08 13:10

Oh my goodness! When I was a kid, I used to have a band-aid fetish where I’d basically compulsively collect band-aids from everywhere. It was during the nineties, and one of my favorite band-aids was a tie-die glow-in-the-dark one that had glowing catchphrases of the times such as, “radical,” “tubular,” “awesome,” and so on and so forth.

----- Masa 29.11.08 12:55

I have also condoms that glow in the dark, Now my girlfriend can been suprized with that lightshow

----- bnny 29.11.08 12:54

I went to Burningman in 2007. You had to have glow sticks or anything that glowed on and around your body. Vital for such an event. Now if I had a watch that would glow also. I would have been the prototype. Lil Jon was there…but not Kanye.

----- Ben 29.11.08 12:52

i used to have a snoopy glow in the dark shirt i wore to sleep in when i was little

----- Rose 29.11.08 12:47

We should throw a bunch of glow in the dark sticks into a black hole, just to see what happens.

----- Chris 29.11.08 12:42

I’m in the Army, and we use glowsticks to simulate frag grenades for training. Maybe if I get this watch I would have a grenade on me all the time.

----- Clinton 29.11.08 12:15

when i was a kid i had these transformers pajamas, one was optimas prime, the other was grim lock. they were so fresh because there was a printed picture of their vehicle and dinosaur forms, but when u turned the lights off the robot forms were glow in the dark. up until this watch, glow in the dark hasnt been executed properly since then.

----- Jonathan Salud 29.11.08 12:13

Fondest memory I have of glow in the dark. Is going out with my friends, buying around $50 work of glow sticks. And throwing them all in the pool at night. It was a very awesome experience. The glow of the stick plus the refraction of the water makes for a awesome visual.

----- Emmanuel 29.11.08 11:54

I miss my glow in the dark earings.

----- Dave 29.11.08 11:44

me wants

----- tricky 29.11.08 11:38

Ginger Kids glow in the dark too, is this watch made from ginger kids?

----- Dominique 29.11.08 11:33

Love anything glow in the dark, and the design of this watch. Pretty please.

----- Zack 29.11.08 11:11

I fell asleep every night for 10 years to a sky of beautiful glowing stars and planets twinkling above my bed. :)
Every few months I would move them around on my ceiling so that I could make up new constellations for them as I was falling asleep at night.

also…I don’t own a watch. (and glow-in-the-dark stuff is just so cool!)

----- Casey L 29.11.08 11:09

Is there anything cooler than stuff that glows? I wish I had a a glow suit. It would look normal in the daylight, but when the lights go out, SHAZAAM! That would be awesome. The watch is a good start.

----- chris 29.11.08 11:03

Oh, don’t be heartless… set me up with this beautiful watch and I’ll croon to you kanye style all day and night :)

----- Kelsey 29.11.08 10:53

I have a glow in the dark frisbee that glows in the dark for all of maybe 30 seconds and then dies out..

----- Joe M. 29.11.08 10:04

I once went to a party and to my surprise when the lights got turned off i saw that everybody was covered in glow cream. IT WAS A SWEET BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

----- Jacob 29.11.08 09:51

Blacklights make any glow-in-the-dark thing even glowier! We have a couple set up in our living room for impromptu parties!

----- aaronpk 29.11.08 09:35

I love glow-in-the-dark stuff. It makes the world a more interesting place…

----- swankifiedjello 29.11.08 09:35

Glow in the dark watch? I’ll still forget what time it is.

----- josh 29.11.08 09:28

When I was around 15 y’old, I enjoyed pasting glow-in-the-dark stickers all over my room. After lights out, my room looked like a typical 80’s cheap nightclub :)

----- Marcos Porto 29.11.08 09:23

The stauroteuthis syrtensis is one of two species of octopus that glow in the dark. The only other one known has a glowing ring around the mouth of breeding females…a kind of glow-in-the-dark lipstick. But the stauroteuthis syrtensis is different in that it doesn’t have suckers that stick. The muscles in the suckers were actually replaced by light-producing cells.

----- Kate 29.11.08 09:08

I definitely think it’s time to update my watch…What do you think Nooka?
- This is my current one….


----- Tom Lambert 29.11.08 09:07

There is a club in my city called Vinyl (its supposed to be a retro bar that plays 80’s dance music however it has gone down hill and plays top 40) but they have black lights everywhere and it is marketed as glow in the dark fun. Just imagine an awkward half-cut white guy dancing like he thinks everyone is watching and that he is the greatest dancer in the whole place with a glow in the dark watch spinning above his head on his tiny wrist. The watch would let you know when you had to leave because you just danced a hole in the bottom of your shoes!

----- Noel James Taylor 29.11.08 08:48

glow in the dark bracelets = sleep-over madness

----- isabelle 29.11.08 08:43

I like it. You can tell time in the dark, and the format is really clever - big and clear, almost nuclear.

I like the measuring of change more than just the measuring of minutes past. It’s bold like the time that swatch created that new beat time, but not as pretentious. Hope to wrist rock it.

----- Meino 29.11.08 08:31

interestin watch

----- insolv1niac86 29.11.08 08:15

I used to think aliens had invented “glow in the dark” technology :) And that they shared this with us because they found it a source of entertainment by how amused by it we were (are).

----- Anouk 29.11.08 08:06

Glow-in-the-dark reached it’s pinnacle of coolness when the glow-in-the-dark stars for your ceiling. Us city dwellers never see the stars, so cheap, plastic imitations seemed like a viable alternative.

I need a watch.

----- Jon Stone 29.11.08 07:41

Here’s some interesting trivia, A Taiwanese scientist had devised a way to make a colorless fish glow neon green in the dark. Professor H.J. Tsai had done this by injecting a protein extracted from jellyfish into the fertilized eggs of rice fish. He also used a protein from coral to make fish glow a vibrant reddish pink.

----- Noel M. 29.11.08 07:40

I just got a new apartment, and I have a small bedroom that i’m currently decking out with all the coolest glow in the dark stuff I can find. All day it tons of light and when all the lights go out, the room looks pretty awesome. This watch on the other hand is pretty sweet. It would be a perfect addition.

----- gordon 29.11.08 07:39

As a kid I used to love my glow-worm!

----- Lawrence 29.11.08 07:03

My first encounter with the college I attended was during a science open house. We were taken into one of the science labs, and shown pictures of glo fish, and rabbits that glowed in the dark. I love science, and that day made me want to go to that college.

----- Megan 29.11.08 06:49

I used to have a glow-in-the-dark electric eel that would drive my mother crazy back in the day. I would just jump her when she was least expecting it during the night and point the glow in the dark electric eel towards her and scare her half to death! Haha…good times..good times :)

----- Yash Mathur 29.11.08 06:36

I cant tell you how many times i have found myself in the dark and needing to know the time. I would say it happens at least four or five times a day. Or maybe its just always dark because i am always wearing my stunna shades. Give me that thing.

----- Jason 29.11.08 06:23

I love kanye, I love to nooka(own three of the zub 20 zot watches), and after all who doesn’t love to glow? Also it would rely complete my “gingham cardigan green” look:)

----- Lloyd Kangu 29.11.08 06:18

My deepest desire has always been to glow in the dark, which is why I dye my hair black light reactive colors, use glowing hair gel, have two black light tattoos, enough glowing things in my bedroom to keep most people up at night, and a not-so-secret desire to be reincarnated as a deep sea jellyfish. Please, Notcot, help me fulfill my dream!

----- Leo 29.11.08 05:58

i dont really like one-night-stands. but with this watch, wooow. imagine your in a dark bedroom, after a great time with a girl… but u must get to work in time. u can just leave in silence. as this watch tells u the exact time, even in the dark…

----- Roland Bango-Fi 29.11.08 04:23

I dont own a watch or anything expensive and trendy. Butmost importantly i dont anthing glow in the dark since the age of 8 when i used to buy these little pastries which used to give u little “lucky luke” glow in the dark stickers. I remeber having my bunk bed head board stickered up with them, oh yeah and smurf ones.
So yeah i need it!

----- fee 29.11.08 04:17

glow in the dark is the greatest invention of man just right after watches.

----- axelk 29.11.08 03:59

i had a glow in the dark frisbee once…

----- stephen 29.11.08 03:56

Oh no…I didn’t write story about glow in the dark thing on last post…I just love glow in the dark things since I was little, I always collect them. Recently I brought 2 set of B@BRICKs that grow in the dark in RED and GREEN!!! so mean!

----- Ippei.T 29.11.08 03:43

I want this!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHA…HA

----- Ippei.T 29.11.08 03:35

i read somewhere that during the rainy season, these glow-in-the-dark mushrooms sprout out of trees in wakayama. that’s fun and all.. but i’m way better off winning the nooka glow watch cause the mushrooms last max a couple of days after the rain stops so then the fun stops too..

----- iza 29.11.08 02:53

I glow in the dark…

----- pelon 29.11.08 02:37

Here’s a random fact that not all of you may know. Back in the day the dials of watches used to glow because of a radioactive isotope that was used. Now they use safe stuff :)

----- Sam 29.11.08 02:28

My heart glows in the dark when I think about this watch…
This is so GID cool!

----- piet 29.11.08 01:57

As a child I was always afraid of glow in the dark things. Then one night my cousin and I broke open glow sticks and rubbed them all over our bodies. We soon fell asleep from the excitement of our childhood rave and our parents drove us to the doctors thinking we were sick from the greenish radiating skin. We never admitted that we were just being silly.

----- Salena 29.11.08 00:46

I remember my sister insisting on getting a Glo-Worm for Christmas one year. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Although I had a fairly ugly glow-in-the-dark and velvet unicorn poster around the same time.

----- Michelle 29.11.08 00:38

Kayne West? eeeek!!

----- Mikel Aramendia 29.11.08 00:36

i thought i was going crazy in my first apartment, seeing lights etc. until i actually looked at the walls and ceiling to see that someone had painted over glow in the dark stickers and some of the paint was flaking off.

i was relieved.

----- Erin 29.11.08 00:34

last year in university I had a chemistry lab where I made bioluminescence, which, of course, is a chemical that many organisms produce that glow in the dark. This lab was pushing four hours and it was required that the lab teaching assistant see the bioluminescence so we could receive credit. So when everyone’s ready after we combine the two mixtures, we all expected this spectacular display of bioluminescent wonder. After the initial oohs and ahhs, we all reach for our camera phones when suddenly the bioluminescence dies. Turns out our lab (which had nothing to do with our lecture, by the way) took us roughly four hours to complete for only about five seconds of glory.

As a side note, did you know that bioluminescence for many organisms is not actually produced by the organism itself? Bioluminescence is achieved by bacteria located in the organism that actually produces the chemical required for such light. (Watch more Discovery Channel! It’s good for you!)

----- Bernard 29.11.08 00:33

beyond the fact that it glows this is plain and simply just one of the most beautiful watches i have seen.

----- david 29.11.08 00:17

I created an ultraviolet/glow street art project dealing with non-places called invisible narrative. It was featured on wooster collective —->


Here’s the schpiel: Inspired by some experimenting with lasers and glow paint this summer, invisible narrative is a response to a world increasingly filled with nonplaces — places such as grocery stores or strip malls, where shared connections and experiences are seldom made. This project aims to bring to light an unwritten history and narrative in the spaces that are inhabited daily by nameless and faceless people. The idea is that you [everyone] would carry an ultraviolet pen, writing your thoughts, interactions, and stories wherever you go. If pervasive enough, anyone could throw a black light on any wall and find an account of a life or history that is unspoken and unknown. The ultimate goal of the project is to give the ever multiplying, lifeless and sterile spaces of today a bit of humanity.

----- nate 29.11.08 00:15

My high school is putting on a Glow in the Dark themed Sadie Hawkin’s dance this friday.

----- Sandy 29.11.08 00:10

If I win, I will give it as a gift to my nephew, Joshua. A Glow In The Dark Watch will make him glow with happiness. Always cool, he wrote me letters in glow in the dark ink when he was a kid.

----- Dianna 29.11.08 00:08

When I was a kid, I had glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, arranged like constellations.

----- Alexa 29.11.08 00:07

If you break glow in the dark sticks into the toilet, turn out the lights, and flush, it looks like the universe is getting sucked into a black hole.

----- Mollie 29.11.08 00:05

The previous tenant of the basement suite I now live in put little glow in the dark sticker stars on everything. I hired some guys to repaint the room a dark blue, but they forgot to remove some of the stars from the ceiling and accidentally painted over them. Somehow, now, when I shut off the light, you can almost see them still glowing, just a little bit. Not enough to read my indiglo-less watch by, mind you.

----- Jessica 29.11.08 00:01

When I was 7 or so I had some neato slip on white shoes that came with this glow in the dark paint. I thought I was the coolest. Which also reminds me of LA Gears!

----- Matthew Kolb 28.11.08 23:52

A company in Taiwan has taken a DNA extract from a bioluminescent jellyfish and inserted the dna strand into a zebra fish. When in a dark environment, this allows the zebra fish to shine a yellow-green color. And it’s completely harmless.

----- Jon 28.11.08 23:40

THIS IS THE COOLEST SEXIEST WATCH EVER!!! Ummmm when I was a little kid I used to buy glow sticks and I always wanted to see if you open a glow stick does the liquid just glow everywhere you put it? So I stuck a pin on the side of it and it burst and went into my eye. My mom took me to the pediatrician and he washed my eyes out. Everything turned out okay except I was scared of glow sticks for a super long time afterwards. Anyway I love this watch so much. I hope I can win it! If not I am going to try to save up to buy it.

----- Tam 28.11.08 23:27

this reminds of saving glowsticks in the freezer so they would last a little longer and I would be able to play with them th next day

----- Rudy 28.11.08 23:12

I almost bought glow-in-the-dark thread today.

----- Rory Reiff 28.11.08 22:56

This watch looks amazing!

----- Seth Clark 28.11.08 22:56

when i was young and trying to think of a halloween costume, my momma would always suggest some sort of powerful woman, most frequently marie curie. this past halloween, instead of going as a sexy (blank), i said f it, im going to be marie curie! i painted most of my hands with glow in the dark nail polish and drank kamikazes (with glow sticks as garnish) out of a beaker all night.

----- Ally 28.11.08 22:29

Old, old story. Had some uni students bunk out our place for a few nights. The first night they are stay over we’re all heading off to bed when suddenly we hear a scream come from the girls room. Dad rushes in to see what’s going on, turns out one of them flicked off the light, and the other girl was staring at the roof, and was shocked to see all the glow in the dark stars and planets. Had a good laugh the next morning over breakfast. Ah good childhood memories. :) Thanks NOTCOT you brought that one back for me.

----- Simon Greening 28.11.08 22:26

What may have been the most painful and stupidest ideas I have ever was when I was about five years old. I had gotten some GLOW-IN THE DARK Silly Putty, the bright green kind that looked like that you would get cancer from just touching it from a local grocery store. At this age I was in a faze were I would eat any thing that my senses told me looked good. My resume of eating odd/weird things went from things such as eating Potato bugs after they had rolled into a protective ball to fake ginger bread men that would decorate the family Christmas tree which were made from cinnamon and Elmer’s glue.

Once pulling up the newspaper comic strips with my GLOW-IN THE DARK Silly Putty got old, I started to get bored of the malleable Kryptonite. I have no recollection to why I decided to stick it in my mouth and swallow but that was exactly what I did. Just like the Fake ginger bread man and countless bugs, I had put a gob of Putty in my mouth and made it jump into its fate that is my digestive system. My mother must have seen me eat the Silly Putty a because she had started screaming at me and took me to go get my stomach pumped, some thing no child should ever have to go through.
Now I will not go into the detail about what getting the shit sucked out of me felt like, but because of that from then on I have never eaten any thing that should or even possibly shouldn’t go in my mouth. Thankfully after that I have never gotten cancer or grown any extra appendages.

I Promise if would get a watch as AWESOME as this I would never even think about putting it in my mouth. I promise…

----- Jordan 28.11.08 22:07

When I was little my sister told me that things that glowed in the dark were made with nuclear waste. I can’t remember how long it was that I believed that but I remember burying a few toys of mine that glowed in the dark thinking I was saving my family from nuclear poisoning!

Thank you for the opportunity to win the cool Nooka watch!!! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 28.11.08 22:06

good grief, you honestly have the BEST giveaways. i want one of everything! but this nooka…! i was just in socal visiting friends and we were in the parking lot of an in n out crunching pep o mint lifesavers so they’d spark. then i looked down and this girl was wearing an orange nooka,

and i said, nooka?

and she said, no, jenny. oh, nooka!

so we decided that i should get a nooka too so we can both be facebook nooka buddies. this hasn’t happened yet, but it would be great if it did cause apparently nookas make friends.

----- Mai-Chi 28.11.08 21:56

if you drink yellow highlighter ink your boogers will glow in the dark

----- Mike 28.11.08 21:55

SO me and my best friend back in elementary school were staying at the Disneyland Hotel for 2 days of fun. Well they sell those neat bracelet things that glow! Him being diabetic, and us being idiot kids we were/are decided to take one of his used syringes and extract out as much of the glow juice out of a necklace as possible. Well we surprisingly got a lot and sprayed the whole room with it. Little did we realize when the lights were out, it looks like some sort of mutant alien thing was brutally murdered with its glow blood splattered everywhere. Luckily, I dont think we ever got in trouble!

----- James 28.11.08 21:44

Glow in the dark star stickers are the best!

----- Jessica 28.11.08 21:42

I’m not reading all these comments, but if someone hasn’t already mentioned Necco wafers, they should have. If you bite ‘em in the dark, the spark!

----- Meghan 28.11.08 21:27

This glow in the dark watch is unequivocal proof that we have reached the future. As a cyborg, I think this watch would bring out my glow in the dark eyes, and accent my glow in the dark booty.

----- Natalie G. 28.11.08 21:26

I have about 30 rubber ducks in my bathroom (right now they are holding court in the bathtub). The glow in the dark ones consistently freak me out.

----- rose 28.11.08 21:18

I really want a glow in the dark Nooka so I will never forget how much joy I can get out of something as simple as glow in the dark material. Why is it that people are attracted to light? Personally, I’m just afraid of the dark…

----- Flood 28.11.08 21:12

I once swallowed a glow in the dark marble. It never came out.

----- Ben Cheney 28.11.08 21:02

I think glow in the dark things are interesting.

thats it

----- james richman 28.11.08 20:50

PORTLAND, Oregon, Jan 12, 2001 (LSN.ca) - Researchers at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Centre at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland have succeeded in creating the world’s first genetically modified monkey. Just as mice have been made to glow in the dark by genetic modification of their genes inserting jellyfish genes during in vitro fertilization so too monkeys have been genetically modified. The monkey, named ANDi (inserted DNA backwards), was ominously described as the “world’s first genetically modified non-human primate” - raising fears of human genetic modification.

The process involved the genetic modification of 224 primate ova and fertilising them resulting in 40 embryos making for five pregnancies, which resulted in only three live births, only one of which actually contained the jellyfish gene. ANDi’s two stillborn siblings had their hair follicles and toenails glow green under UV light, but ANDi has not yet exhibited this feature.

----- Chris Lim 28.11.08 20:48

We used to love glow in the dark stars in my house - we placed them all over the walls and ceilings and folding screen. I was about six I realized that the more light exposure, the light had, the brighter it would glow. So I placed that star over a lamp.
Needless to say, it melted.
So much for that.

----- Joanna 28.11.08 20:39

Everyone loves the glow in the dark stars, but it is really neat to undo a fluorescent light wand and take pictures of the flow of the liquid into different types of glasses, etc. My boyfriend has lots of these pictures and they’re amazing!

----- Christi 28.11.08 20:39

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes is when Calvin is trying to make his backside bioluminesce.

----- John 28.11.08 20:37

My Dad is a chemical coatings and paint salesman. By some fortunate coincidence, when my siblings and I were little he had some unusual clients and was always bringing home humorous product samples for us. These products included fake vomit in a can, bratwurst shape hats, and, my personal favorite, glow in the dark crayons. The crayons were a slightly disturbing pale green and show up invisible until you turned off the lights. I remember my two older siblings and I all crowded into the bathroom, holding the crayons up to the light and then turning the lights off to watch them glow. Seeing the crayons light up in the dark never got old. Glow in the dark things still fascinate me and I’ve been on the outlook for neat timepiece.

----- Hahna 28.11.08 20:36

da ha!

----- kelserooni 28.11.08 20:36

In the New Zealand Glowworm Caves, you must be quiet in order for the worms to glow. The light emitted is to indicate their hunger, for mating, to attract prey, or even a warning signal (since they are somewhat toxic.) Looking at the worms is like looking up into the stars on a clear night.

----- Cody Luke 28.11.08 20:33

when we were little, we used to roller blade around the neighborhood. Our parents used to paint arrows using glow in the dark paint on the concrete area between the roads and sidewalks to point us home in the right direction so we could find our way home after dark.


i really love this watch. lolz.

----- rebekah 28.11.08 20:33

When I had the flu once, my boyfriend ran me a bubble bath. When I got in he left and turned off the lights. He got GLOW IN THE DARK BUBBLE BATH! It was so amazing and made me instantly feel better, and glowy. I think the rule is if it glows in the dark, it must be amazing.

----- JRtheBEAN 28.11.08 20:28

that is the most flamboyant yet simplistic thing I’ve ever seen.

----- Dud Lawson 28.11.08 20:12

I would give this watch to my boyfriend (he loves watches). He makes my heart glow in the dark. *swoon*

----- JW 28.11.08 20:11

I thought, up until I was 12 that glow in the dark things were made by crushing up lightning bugs. Dumb

----- Ryan Vernotico 28.11.08 20:10

As a small child, I used to sneak into our attic with some Wint-o-green lifesavers and a hand mirror, chomping one at a time, with more force after each candy, hoping to see the legendary green glow-in-the-dark sparks. Officially, it’s a chemical phenomenon called triboluminescence, a release of light energy that is emitted from the friction of crystalline sugar molecules, catalyzed by the wintergreen oil. So there’s a little science tidbit.

----- christina 28.11.08 20:05

I would like to win this so that I may possess the super powers that Kanye has.

----- Darrel 28.11.08 20:02

When I was younger I had glow in the dark shoes, and they also lit up when I walked. They came in super handy when the power went out and we had to find the right breaker in the dark, I kept hitting them against the wall to light up until we found the right breaker.

I love that watch,but it looks difficult to read

----- Kirk 28.11.08 19:52

The odd thing is that I was born with an extremely rare condition wherein all of my joints glow in the dark naturally, so what I really need is a set of glow in the dark kneepads, socks, belt and a neckbrace, but this will do nicely for now.

----- kevin 28.11.08 19:42

Nice! I like this watch. When I was younger, I used to have this glow-in-the-dark skull. I remember leaving it up in the bathroom light fixture to “recharge”. Thinking back, it really was a pretty ugly toy. lol!

----- Leona D 28.11.08 19:38

for halloween, dressed up all black, and tied glow in the dark stick on me….looked killer awesome on the dance floor!

----- Ieva 28.11.08 19:38

I used to cut open those glow in the dark necklaces and splatter my room with the liquid inside….turn off the lights and TA DA! Glow in the dark room…

----- Tania 28.11.08 19:32

When I was a kid I had an analogue watch with dots of luminous paint around the dial. In bed at night I used to study the glowing clock face, under the covers and found that not looking directly at the face made the glowing seem brighter. Years later I read that this phenomenon is well known and taught by the military to soldiers as part of recon technique. I believe it is called incident vision but it’s a distant memory so don’t quote me on it. 8^)

----- Kerrin 28.11.08 19:30

when i think about something glow in the dark, i always think about a shirt i had when i was young, it’s says on it : don’t forget to pee before bed.

it’s was my pyjama until 7 years old haha

----- Olivier Aubin 28.11.08 19:23

glow in the dark story, eh? my ex had a friend when he was younger that took a glowstick and broke it and poured the gel inside on his.. eh hem.. penis and then he ran around his summer camp naked, yelling “glow worm!”. but that’s gross, and glow-in-the-dark watches are much more fun!

----- ashley 28.11.08 19:16

One camping trip we as a family decided to break out some glow sticks and take some silly long exposure photos. Later on in the night I went over to grab my brand new sweatshirt off of rock sitting over by the glow stick area to find that it had been Pollocked with glow goo which apparently had exploded and spread in splatter format all over my sweatshirt. I looked pretty amazing until the thing went through the wash, ha.

----- Sean Leary 28.11.08 19:14

When I was a kid, I read that laundry detergent was glow in the dark so I got a paintbrush and went wild marking my walls up and down. It was only when I turned off the lights did I realize that my detergent was the kind that doesn’t glow in the dark.

Since then my room has had a faint undeniable smell of “summer breeze” and had mysterious marks of sheen randomly dispersed. To this day my mom has no idea why. And she never will.

----- Phyllis 28.11.08 19:12

I shared a bunk bed with my sister when I was a kid, and I always took the top bunk. I liked climbing the ladder, but mostly it was because I couldn’t see the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling if I was on the bottom bunk. I had amassed a collection, returning constantly to the planetary gift shop whenever we went to town in order to buy a new pack. It started with stars, but then they introduced shooting stars as a special pack, and then even planets, and I made a universe on my ceiling.
The ceilings were low, so I could arrange stars while lying down, however, I lacked the height to place anything outside of the range of my bed. So there was a very dense arrangement of glow in the dark stars around my bed, but darkness around the rest of the room, aside from the few I managed to sprinkle on the outskirts by sheer determination.
I remember quite vividly, standing on the lower bunk and hanging on to bed frame. I was reaching out to stick a star outside of the usual perimeter. Unable to reach, I put my foot up on the bottom rung of the latter, then the second and third. However, kids aren’t good at multitasking, so in my effort to focus on placing the star, I forgot to hold on to the frame and fell flat on my face, glow-in-the-dark star in hand.

----- Peio 28.11.08 19:05

So I’m 8 years old at a all girls camp for the weekend and we get the great idea to play “light as a feather stiff as a board” and then mess around with glowsticks. I’m the genius in the corner “activating” the glowsticks by biting them and lo an behold, I accidentally bite one in half. Every one screams because my mouth is glowing and my face is covered in radioactive drool. Then I begin to chase all the other girls with the glowsticks and they run away screaming.

I’m lucky i didn’t die.

----- MC 28.11.08 18:59

Do it in the dark and let the neon glow light your path to pleasure!
Get the party started with this glow-in-the-dark jelly vibe. Its super-soft jelly rubber, with a life-like look and extreme pleasure.
Adjust the multi-speed dial and enjoy intense vibrations that light up the room. Are you glowing yet?
Get the new NOOKA Glow-in-the-dark watch!!!!!!

----- Camilo Rios 28.11.08 18:53

if glow in the dark cucumbers were edible, glow in the dark cucumber sandwiches would probably be the best selling health food ever conceived

----- dylan 28.11.08 18:53

we all wish to be dinoflagellates in some form or another

----- iamthenarwhal 28.11.08 18:53

when iI was 12 my friends an I sneaked into my brother’s room and wrote messages on his wall in glow in the dark stamp ink. so when he went to bed, he would see them. Later that night he came tearing down the hall, screaming that ghosts were out to kill him.

Haha, maybe we should have written something nice.

----- Iain 28.11.08 18:52

Much like Josh Peterman above, I did the glow in the dark sky on the ceiling only I actually made constellations. It’s a lot harder than you’d think to mimic designs on the ceiling while jumping on your bed to attach each one.

----- Justin 28.11.08 18:48

glow in the dark watch + glow in the dark wintergreen lifesavers (they glow when eaten!) = awesomeness

----- Dani 28.11.08 18:48

I am so pale, that I dislike playing laser tag because the black light at those places makes me glow. Needless to say, it makes it impossible to hide.

----- Finch 28.11.08 18:48

When I was 7, I bit a Glow in the dark stick.
It exploded in my mouth. It looked cool for about a minute…
Then I went to the Hospital.
lol Not recommended. Can I please have the Nooka?
If I give you a dollar, would you give it to me? lol

----- Ying 28.11.08 18:44

I gotta have this to match my glow in the dark Frogskins! Also, as a scientist, I’ve seen piglets engineered with jellyfish DNA that glow green in the dark.

----- Claudia Aguirre 28.11.08 18:42

Turn off the lights and I’ll glow
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle
Dance go rush to the speaker that booms
I’m killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly when I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it you better gain weight
You better hit bull’s eye the kid don’t play
If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

----- DRalls 28.11.08 18:17

Only 368 days left! I may have a chance to win a watch to still lie to people that I don’t have the time. Tokyo Flash has better ones, this one is the same but it just glows….woooo

----- Lazarou 28.11.08 18:12

i want glow in the dark eyes to match my glow in the dark shoes

----- SethD 28.11.08 18:11

My pillow is made from a fabric that has glow-in-the-dark star printed on it, so when you turn the lights off, a sea of stars shine out from below the pillow case. Looks fascinating and wonder how great it’d be beside that Nooka watch XD

----- Vic 28.11.08 18:11

this is beautiful!!!

----- Mickey McMahon 28.11.08 17:51

In the dark, need to know the time? No problem! Glow in the dark watch to the rescue!

----- Tay 28.11.08 17:49

i use to have a glow in the dark bug that i would use to scare my sister
she would cry each time she saw it.
i think it lives under the house now.

----- kirsten chow 28.11.08 17:23

I spent three years without sun bathing… my skin was glowing in the dark! Now, that I recovered, I need something to shine on me!

----- Fez 28.11.08 17:22

When I was in 4th grade, my Halloween costume was a crappy vampire… which I made even crappier by putting random streaks of glow-in-the-dark face paint all over my face.

----- Kevin 28.11.08 17:21

I don’t need a diamond, I will commit my whole life to you in exchange of this nooka! :D

----- Felipe 28.11.08 17:18

When i was little, all my friends had those cool glow in the dark stars on their bedroom ceilings. So rad. My mom thought they were tacky. So i have some glow to catch up on to say the least.

----- Eleanor Sandford 28.11.08 17:14

I have a tshirt that has glow in the dark text that reads: “if you can read this, it is dark, and you should kiss me.” it’s whit on white so you can only read it when it’s glowing. A great conversation piece for wearing out to shows. Not so great when you’ve forgotten your shirt has a secret message hidden in it and you have to explain it to your new girlfriend.

----- Julius 28.11.08 17:13

I love glow-in-the dark paint—-I home schooled our sons—I used glow-in-the dark paint to paint constellations on the inside of a black umbrella when they were studying space and the night sky. We took it into a dark room and they got to find the different formations. They were small and did not stay up very late so this was a fun substitute.

----- Melanie 28.11.08 17:07

i always liked glow in the dark things, but the one glow in the dark item i can’t stand is vinyl toys. i’m not sure why, but glow in the dark colorways are always my least favorite no matter how ugly any of the other colorways might be. but glow in the dark watches are definitely AOK with me!

----- ann 28.11.08 17:02

I learned in physical chemistry this semester how phosphorescence works


----- emily 28.11.08 17:01

One day during class, I learned that the rods in the human eye are more sensitive to light than the cones.

That night, after I got into bed, I started to think of my class and the new knowledge I had gained. Subsequently, I began to test my eyes for light sensitivity. While glancing around the room to shine any light onto different areas of my retina , I discovered a single glow in the dark star directly above my dorm room bed on the 10’ ceiling that I never knew existed.

A single token of a previous tenant and an insight into who they were made itself known to me while not even looking for it.

----- Adam 28.11.08 16:58

I want one…pretty please?

----- Jeff-O 28.11.08 16:58

I put glow in the dark stars on my ceiling so it would look like the night sky.

----- AJ B 28.11.08 16:57

My story is a tale of mischief and pain.

When I was younger I used to sneak out during the middle of the night. I didn’t live in a threatening neighbourhood and was never brought home by the cops. I just preferred to take long walks around my neighbourhood during the middle of the night. No harm in that, I kept to myself.

Here is where our story turns sour. See I have a younger brother, whom of which I used to share a room with. He didn’t share my love of late night walks and loathed the fact that I was able to get away with this directly under my parents noses. He wasn’t a tattletale, he knew that if he blew the whistle on my little late night operation, I would spill the beans on his slew of poor grades at school. (Something he’d miraculously managed to keep away from the parental units.)

However he wasn’t above sabotage.

One night in mid October I decided to go out for a brisk midnight walk. As usual, I slid the window to my bedroom open, climbed up on top of my dresser and jumped outside.

Everything went to plan. I would take a quick walk around the block, play the “stay out out of street light” game and walk in the middle of the road whenever I got the chance.

When I arrived back home, that’s when things went sour. You see, what my brother did, in all his sneaky glory, was wait awake for the moment I left the house through the window. He waited and the moment he was sure I was out of sight of the house, he locked my only route back into the house.

But I wasn’t defeated. I wasn’t going to allow myself to ring the front doorbell, thus waking my parents and leading to the inevitable conclusion that I would need to explain my late night walks to my groggy and eventually angry parents.

Knowing my that parents never locked the window above the washer and dryer in the basement I decided my course of action. Open the window, climb into the house and sneak upstairs.

Everything went according to plan. I managed to open the window with as little noise as possible and found myself in the dark basement. I didn’t dare reach for a light, any indication that I was awake and in the depths of the house would lead to being discovered by my parents. So I did the next logical thing. I used any light source possible to guide my way.

Next to the stairs I kept a series of glow in the dark soldiers I’ve had forever. Spying them as the last leg of my journey upstairs, I picked up my pace.

I had forgotten that my dad was renovating the basement. No more then five steps away from my goal, I remembered why I hadn’t been in the basement to play with a few of my toys for the past few weeks. I walked right into a hole in the cement flooring in the basement. Cut my arm up and let out a wail of pain my parents would never forget.

The jig was up.

Ever since I’ve always wanted a glow in the dark watch to light my way.

----- Joshua Peterman 28.11.08 16:48

i hope this comes with a glow-in-the-dark scratch-n-sniff sticker. take it all the way back.

----- vanessa 28.11.08 16:46

ooooohhh preeeeety!

----- Jane 28.11.08 16:45

As a kid, I always loved the glow in the dark vampire teeth you could buy at the halloween store

----- Lisa 28.11.08 16:41

When I was a kid we used to take glow sticks out to the ocean at night. After awhile of playing with them we would crack them open and watch the glowing liquid wash up in the surf. Probably the coolest glow in the dark experience ever.

----- Kalina 28.11.08 16:32

glow in the dark watches are really cool.

----- deltron0 28.11.08 16:26

Glow in the dark related… growing up I always wanted the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets that you can stick on your ceiling, but we couldn’t afford something that frivolous. We rent now so we can’t put them up, but I’m 28 and still want them in my bedroom someday.

----- Katie 28.11.08 16:22

because im scared of the dark, i put glow in the dark moons and stars on the ceiling. this glow in the dark nooka will definitely help me sleep at night.

----- chichi 28.11.08 16:21

My roommate, who is a 22 year old female, just bought footie pajamas from the little boys’ section at Target. They have glow-in-the-dark pterodactyls on them!

----- Jessie 28.11.08 16:18

My sweet constellation-painted ceiling.

----- Ryan 28.11.08 16:12

When I was about ten, my friend and I rubbed a bunch of ground glow in the dark chalk all over our faces and sat in the dark with a black light on while we rapped to Busta Rhymes songs at each other. It was…really cool.

----- Ricky Young 28.11.08 16:10

my package glows in the dark

----- jeff cheung 28.11.08 16:04

Toy stores used to sell glow-in-the-dark stickers that resembled parts of the face and the idea was to mix and match them on a wall, Mr. Potato Head style. My father took the most frightening-looking stickers and crafted a face in one side of my mother’s closet and then hid on the other side, doors closed, while she was cutting up some cheese for a snack before bed. When she finally came to grab something out of the closet, she was still holding a tray of cheese and the knife she was using to cut it. She opened the door to the glowing face and my father yelled to scare her, doing such a good job that she dropped her tray and instinctively stabbed the face — the knife went straight through the drywall and struck a weak copper water pipe, bursting it in the process and soaking herself with water as it sprayed into the room and drained across the tile floor and out the back door. Rather than fix the leak, my father saw my soaking mother with wet clothes clinging to her body and made love to her under the spraying mist.

And that’s how I was conceived.

----- Ryan Chapman 28.11.08 15:58

cat pee glows in the dark.

----- vince 28.11.08 15:57

I study bioluminescent zoo-plankton. Those are animal plankton that make their own light and glow in the dark. Or in tech speak: the production and emission of light by a living organism as the result of a chemical reaction during which chemical energy is converted to light energy. I, therefore, love all things glow in the dark.

----- Lindsey 28.11.08 15:54

Fun prank:

1. Put a biohazard sticker on a plain metal can.

2. Fill with broken glowstick fluid.

3. Bring to a populated area and kick it over.

4. Run. Or risk getting arrested and charged as a terrorist. Your choice.

----- Jared 28.11.08 15:52

i made glow in the dark kanye west sunglasses for halloween in 2007 before anyone else had them.

i also am trying to make glow in the dark versions of my t shirts…

----- colin 28.11.08 15:51

this would match my glow in the dark skin perfectly

----- Peter 28.11.08 15:50

These are so cool! I have been wanting one ever since I heard about them but I thought that they would be impossible to get, here’s hoping I win~

----- Scott 28.11.08 15:49

This watch is a beacon, guiding us through the dark of bad fashion towards something special.

----- Marek 28.11.08 15:49

My Experience with Glow In The Dark Items (in chronological order)

1) 1991 - Discovered glowstick while camping. Threw it in the fire. Poison everywhere

2) 1998 - Thought the glow in the dark mouth version was awesome, Overzealous chewing. Poison everywhere.

3) 2001 - Went to a 90’s reunion metal concert. Poison fans everywhere. Glow sticks were present as well.

4) 2008 - Enters contest for Glow In the Dark watch, while dangerously low on creativity due to Friday afternoon. Poison everywhere

----- Doug 28.11.08 15:48

sooooo illll

----- christopher Pereira 28.11.08 15:38

When I was a kid, I once was petrified by this ominous hovering glow from across my bedroom one night while I was awoken late at night… I lay, motionless like a deer in headlights, transfixed, unable to move, turns out it was a glow in the dark ink on the cover of a book and my miniscule breathing movements made the glow, which was reflecting off the glass surface of of framed picture, appear to move and hove around…

Anyway, I love this watch, and it wouldn’t scare me late at night :)

----- Stacy B. 28.11.08 15:38

you are never too old to appriciate glow-in-the-dark. Fact :D

----- Jane 28.11.08 15:30

I had to have radioactive iodine treatment back and June, and was very disappointed that I didn’t end up glowing in the dark… or gain superpowers. Hmmp :(

----- LMD 28.11.08 15:20

last year i saw Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco on the “glow in the dark” tour in portland, oregon

----- anthony 28.11.08 15:19

Well here goes my totally embarrassing glow n’ the dark story. The year was 1996 I was in 3rd grade, and was at my elementary school skating party. At 8 years old it was all the rage for the guys to stick the glow sticks in their mouths so when we smiled it made us look like we had radioactive teeth. The skating rink didn’t mind that we were doing, since we all bought them from the little nick knack shop inside the skating rink. So later in the night it was time for the awkward couples slow skate in front of their parents and peers.I was standing next to the Simpsons arcade machine, and a girl from my class came up to me and asked to slow skate! I was so happy & nervous at the same time, because I never held hands before. Right before we were about to go out into the rink I guess I was so nervous I accidentally swallowed and started choking on the glow stick. I coughed it up into my hands and threw it in the trash can a few feet away. When I went back to the girl to skate she said, “I do not want to skate with you anymore.” (probably because I pretty much hocked a lougie in my hands 30 seconds earlier) I was heart broken Jean heartbroken. So yeah, don’t try and be cool sticking a glow stick in your mouth, bad things happen.

----- Jordan 28.11.08 15:09

When I was 11 friends and I played war and decied to have a night battle. We tried to use lighting bugs as camo paint. I know doesn’t work to help stay hidden but I was 11. Anyhow, being the genius that I was to get the glow juice out i chewed up the ends and then smeared away. Partly through my face painting I swallowed a bunch of bugs and felt sick for a while. Finally I threw up my snack of bugs and was amazed that what I produced had bits of “glow in the dark” goodness.

----- Jason 28.11.08 15:07

I love glow in the dark soo much I spray painted a chair glow in the dark! It was too freaky to leave in the bedroom so it’s been relegated to the office! You can see a picture on my website - dangilmore.co.uk!

----- Dan Gilmore 28.11.08 15:04

i used to have a bunch of those glow in the dark stars on my ceiling!

----- js 28.11.08 14:58

I had a GHOSTBUSTERS meal from Wimpy when i was a kid, that came with a Ghost in a Can. You opened it, there was a release of gas (as if a ghost was escaping) and the inside of the can was coated in GLOW in the dark paint!! Awesome!!

----- jonathan macintosh 28.11.08 14:53


This is so cool and interesting. I can’t wait until they have wallpaper that glows.

----- Danielle 28.11.08 14:51

Growing up in Indiana, before I knew any better, I used to run around catching lightning bugs and sometimes I would crush them and smear their fading glow on my hands. That was the most exciting thing for a kid. I wanted to capture a bunch of that glowy stuff and paint it on everything.

----- hokku 28.11.08 14:46

The ocean floor is completely dark. Very few fish can live there. The black angler fish is one that does. It carries its own lantern to lure Prey into its huge mouth. Bacteria that glow in the dark power the lantern.

----- BRANDON 28.11.08 14:44

Female Photuris fireflies are known for mimicking the mating flashes of other “lightning bugs” for the sole purpose of predation. Target males are attracted to what appears to be a suitable mate, and are then eaten. For this reason the Photuris species are sometimes referred to as “femme fatale fireflies”.

----- Kristin 28.11.08 14:38

Seeing as we have a mutual interest in all things glow-in-the-dark and bioluminescence, you may as well also look into booking a eco-trip into the Land of Fireflies. Many locations in Southeast Asia boast high enough firefly populations that you will feel like you are walking through a Katamari chapter (you could even bring the soundtracks on your ipod).
http://www.travelsmart.net/article/105346/ (and this one has a whale shark!)
Ps- Every grown-up needs a watch, says my dad, yet I am 26 and do not have one. This would be perfect!

----- MLvS 28.11.08 14:36

I spent a long evening/night at this all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink/all-you-can-karaoke place called Ninja something-or-other in Japan wearing giant glow-stick glasses over my normal glasses. I promise I will streak the Lawn (school tradition) in the middle of the night again wearing just this watch, and maybe giant glow-stick glasses.

----- Jen 28.11.08 14:36

My boyfriend used to hit lightening bugs with baseball bats when he was little.

----- Stacey 28.11.08 14:35

The past tense of “glow” should be “glue”

----- marc 28.11.08 14:35

Everything should glow in the dark. I wish my dog glowed in the dark so I wouldn’t step on him during the night.

----- James Feess 28.11.08 14:34

very clever!! on 08-08-08 this year I got an infinity tattoo…so when I come across items that incorporate ∞ i get really excited. This past year I had to retire my swatch watch-and all its neon color goodness….in light of N∞ka’s fabulous design, and super exciting glow in the dark qualities…I am definitely a big fan. Plus, I don’t use my glow in the dark retainer anymore..funny i know..so I need a new source of glow in the dark fun. :) -w-

----- whitney h. 28.11.08 14:32

I found these fun handmade glow in the dark PacMan coasters!

----- Sandra 28.11.08 14:30

Bets glow-in-the-dark memory: house party with glow in the dark sticks. Was dancing and had one in my mouth. It broke without me noticing and had it all over my face. Hope this one is chew resistant…

----- MikeC 28.11.08 14:29

In a rush to meet people at a club, I dressed in a rush picking anything I could get my hands on. On the dance floor filled with black lights, I looked down at my jeans and noticed that they weren’t exactly the clean ones. After 8 years I’m finally ready to make amends with glowinthedarkiness.

----- InTheDetails 28.11.08 14:24

one summer I went camping with my family and we had these glow in the dark flashlights(which was totally cool!). My sister and I met some kids there, that night, we played hide and seek in the dark around the camp ground area. Whenever it was our turn to hide, we were always the first one to be caught because our cool flashlights glowed in the dark and we had no pockets to hide it…so the other kids saw 2glowing things in the woods and they knew it was us.

----- Pitka 28.11.08 14:11

I’m a native new yorker, too, and in the 80s a lot of us thought we could glow in the dark. Unfortunately, much of this was due to the magical creation of “crack.” But for kids like me, it was thanks to wonderful substances like puffy paint.

----- jana 28.11.08 14:08

When I was a teenager, I was using glow-in-the dark paint in my room. I left for a bit and when I came back, the container was tipped over and some had spilled on the floor. Later when I turned out the lights to go to bed, there were glow-in-the dark paw prints all over the floor from where my dog had walked through it. My mom was pretty mad, but it was kind of neat.

----- Emmie 28.11.08 14:08

Nice watch. I have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling.

----- Foo 28.11.08 14:07

So, my Mr. and I collect designer toys. I simply go for what I love, but the Mr. has an extensive GID designer toy collection. Hence, his obsession for GID would make this watch the perfect gift for him. Pick me so I can enable his obsession just a little more. =)

----- saki 28.11.08 14:06

After losing a year of my life I can currently see in the dark as well as hear and smell beyond the measurable limits of neurology and science due to experiencing a small stroke.

Bright light tends to be blinding and the cool glow from this Nooka would help me out quite a bit.

Yes, I have the brightness on this machine turned all the way down and thank you for such a great blog.

----- Lucky 28.11.08 14:06


about two weeks ago, my two year old son came in the door from daycare with my wife. i was busy cooking dinner. he quickly ran in with his muddy boots on and said ‘baba, turn light off’, ‘baba turn light off’ (he calls me baba). i looked at my wife and she grinned and nodded, acknowledging that i should turn the light off. then he said, ‘baba look away’. (sentences are new for him, so his instructions warmed my heart). he busied himself with my wife’s help, then said joyfully ‘baba look!’, ‘baba look!’. i turned around and saw a glowing lantern that he had made at daycare. it was a rectangle box hanging on a string, with circles cut out and covered with tissue paper. it contained a glow stick lighting it from the inside. it looked beautiful, and so did his smiling face.

----- Bryan Geoffrey Randall 28.11.08 14:04

My lawn glows in the dark from the Glow in the Dark Powder I sprinkled on it! lol

----- Andrew Revai 28.11.08 14:04

I have always wanted to be a firefly. I try, and try, and flex my butt, but nothing happens!

----- leah 28.11.08 14:02

My friends and I use glow and the dark writing tools to communicate our rogue efforts to un-hedge the capitalist empire you refer to as freedom and liberty. We write in obscure places like alleyways and toilet stalls that remain forever dark. We keep on our persons black-lit-flashlights at all times. I would tell you how you can identify our placeholders visible to the naked eye but we are elitists. We also thoroughly enjoy indie music.

Its like you see in the movies (gone in sixty seconds) and we aren’t limited to 140 characters.

----- Jaime 28.11.08 14:01

I wonder if I had friends if I would glow in the dark.

----- gabO 28.11.08 13:58

Glow in the dark stars can make an otherwise boring ceiling come alive! ha ha.

----- Kento85 28.11.08 13:56

As a kid my room was covered in glow in the dark stars. So awesome.

----- Ryan 28.11.08 13:55

the worst is when you’re under a black light and your teeth glow yellow. this watch would help distract from that.

----- andrea 28.11.08 13:52

so this will be visible with no lights on

----- tim 28.11.08 13:52

Next time you’re in DC, check out the mineral and gemstone collection at the Museum of Natural History. It’s the one with the Hope diamond out front. They have the coolest collection of glow-in-the-dark rocks evvvaah!

----- Alex Clifford 28.11.08 13:51

haha!awesome :D

----- sorra 28.11.08 13:50

When I was younger, one of the neighbor kids would rip off the backs of lightning bugs and stick them on her finger to make a glow-in-the-dark ring. Everyone started doing it. I was traumatized!

----- kathryn 28.11.08 13:50

Totally awesome! Glow in the dark done right.

----- Erika 28.11.08 13:45

You know what glows in the dark?

My heart; every time I see a new post at NOTCOT.

----- J. Kyle 28.11.08 13:36

glow in the dark never gets old!

----- van 28.11.08 13:36

If I was wearing that watch, I would be glow-in-the-dark related

----- Stephanie 28.11.08 13:34

So awesome! I remember having to go out and get some shutter shades when Kanye West was wearing them. :)

----- Laura 28.11.08 13:33

I have always been disappointed by glow in the dark watches. This one might change my mind!

----- no names 28.11.08 13:31

I had glow in the dark Casper duvet cover as a kid, the glow in the dark stuff washed off after a few washes thou :-(

----- Anthony 28.11.08 13:30

i think glow in the dark sticks are really cool

----- matt 28.11.08 13:25

I can read digital.

----- brad 28.11.08 13:23

Did you know: If you take the juices from lightening bugs and put it on meat you can tell how long and animal has been dead!

----- Paul Beseler 28.11.08 13:22

Getting drunk under glow in the dark stars, plastered all over the wall

----- Louis 28.11.08 13:21

When I was younger I helped my brother decorate his room with glow in the dark stars. He had some tiny ones, big ones, and he had planets as well! His room looked really awesome at night. Well, we moved and I had to help him take down ALL the stars. It took a while but I remember keeping a few to decorate my diary. Also, I have stuck one tiny, lonely star onto my own wall. That star is about 10 years old now and is still glowing.

----- Lisa 28.11.08 13:20

Could be useful to see what the time is, if counting the glow in the dark sheep on the ceiling doesn’t send me to sleep.

----- Eljay 28.11.08 13:19

I can’t wait for the GID Ron English dunny to drop!

----- Justin 28.11.08 13:18

Hey that feels like wearing a ghost on my wrist !

----- Karim 28.11.08 13:16

Today I bought a set of glow in the dark vampire teeth, and 10 colorful laser beamlights which you can put on your fingers. I wasn’t prepared for so much fun :).

But glow in the dark vampires with laserbeamfingertips who also know the time in the dark…how cool is that??

----- mieke fokkinga 28.11.08 13:14

With this watch, i’ll be able to find my left hand in the middle of the night. cool.

----- Simon 28.11.08 13:10

Sheldon’s (from Big Bang Theory) genetically modified nightlight goldfish. Its a billion dollar idea.

----- matt 28.11.08 12:58

earlier this year i went to a bon fire on the beach. it was a huge party but somehow my friends and i ended up being the last people there. the rules on the beach were that you could not leave a fire unattended so we had to wait until it died down (which was a while because it was HUGE). anyway, we passed the time by throwing glow sticks into the fire and watching them melt. it’s amazing. they change colors and and stretch and stuff. it was probably toxic or something but it was sooo fun to watch.

----- leslie 28.11.08 12:47

So I immediately want to buy anything that glows in the dark. Doesn’t matter if I need it or not. “But it glows in the dark!” counters any opposing argument.

----- Jessi Blackham 28.11.08 12:43

I am in love with glow-in-the-dark stuff!

my childhood was full of it and even know I am fascinated with this type of stuff although ive moved on to glow in the dark art like blacklight art and even the idea of a glow in the dark badminton tournament.

----- Rosanna U 28.11.08 12:38

If you happen to be in New England, if you go skinny dipping in the bays and coves, you’ll have a neat glow-in-the-dark outline as the phosphorus swimming in the water starts glowing. Both amazing alone, and in wooing your ‘love’ interest.

----- Conrad 28.11.08 12:22

My mom told me that the glow in the dark stuff she used to have in the 50’s was radio-active… and that she used to lay in bed at night and star at a glow-in-the-dark sticker of a praying angel that she thought would keep her safe…

----- Betsy F. 28.11.08 12:08

I had a glow in the dark key chain….it was rad- glowing all night so i couldn’t sleep.

----- Jonathan 28.11.08 12:00

When my dad went to europe without me he brought me these adorable glow in the dark toys that were a cat a mouse an elephant and a bunny… but he frequently gives watches/clock as gifts…

----- Alexis 28.11.08 12:00

am i the only one who noticed?…

that we have to wait for more than a year till the contest ends…

but i want a nooka now…or soon…

----- Mariana 28.11.08 11:52

Fantastic! I love nooka watches and I can’t imagine a better solution to checking the time in the dark.

----- Brian Hutcheson 28.11.08 11:43

this is quite nostalgic…like those glow-in-the-dark stars i put on my walls as a kid

----- Sarah 28.11.08 11:38

I can see stars in my ceiling every night :)

----- Trinh 28.11.08 11:30

When I was a kid, I really took that “eating carrots will improve your eyesight” to heart. I thought that by eating a bunch before a session of hide and go seek in the dark would give me a major advantage.
We played so often, and I ate so many that my skin took on a slight orange tint (my mom cut me from them when she started to notice)…In retrospect, they did absolutely nothing for me.
Thats when I (tried to) get smart: I stuck some glow in the dark stars on my competition. They actually helped me out for a round or two… but then they slowly caught on (by seeing the stars on the others) and I was forced to abandon my schemes.
…whatever, only losers are good at hide and go seek anyways…

----- Sarah 28.11.08 11:30

After a long night of acid tripping (many, many years ago) it was just before dawn when lo and behold I saw these white albino bats glowing in the dark twilight sky. It was a truly magical and wondrous moment. Alas, when the sun woke the sky they were revealed to be the most ordinary of seagulls.

----- Rick 28.11.08 11:25

I’ve been glowing in the dark for years!

----- Nir Tober 28.11.08 11:20

I bought my ex boyfriend glow in the dark underwear once.
It was that or pokemon boxers.

----- Tiffany 28.11.08 11:19

when i was young i had PIMP glow-in-the-dark Velcro shoes!

----- Evan Doyle 28.11.08 11:11

If you eat spearmint breath mints in the dark you can see blue sparks!

----- Melissa L 28.11.08 10:58

in 10th grade chemistry, we made our hands glow in the dark with some algae goop.

----- drewie 28.11.08 10:51

I had a lime green glow-in-the-dark retainer I had to wear to bed, but my boyfriend accidentally threw it in the garbage one morning.

----- Ellen K. 28.11.08 10:40

When I was little…ok and now..I was afraid of the dark..so one day my grandma (who is a chemist) whipped up a flask of this liquid that glows in the dark. We put it all over my furniture in my room. Needless to say I was not afraid to sleep in my room again..until we moved :)

----- Gita Vaysburg 28.11.08 10:36

OMG!!!! I love glow in the dark…and with Nooka!! how awesome! This just made my day :)

----- Jimmy Noehren 28.11.08 10:36

I’m definitely no longer a kid, but I still love going to outdoor concerts and events just to indulge in those glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

----- Cyn 28.11.08 10:34

I have glow in the dark paint! can mix with acrylic paints.
make AWesome paintings for night events. can paint on ANything
like when i get my own nooka…

----- Mariana 28.11.08 10:33

Glow-in-the-Dark shirts are… interesting. I feel like a invisible man when i where them. Maybe I have problems. >_>

----- Collin Banko 28.11.08 10:15

Nicely designed watch!!!!!!! I want it!!!!!!!
it’s a little bit of odd looking one though..
How am I suppose to read this??

----- Dan Yoon 28.11.08 10:11

I usually don’t wear watches but I’d wear this one for sure. Love it.

----- Jocelyn L 28.11.08 10:06

if you open a band-aid really fast in the dark, you can see blue sparks come from the wrapper due to an induced chemiluminescence of the adhesive

----- andrew wilson 28.11.08 10:05

My last experience with glow was a on Halloween when someone was breaking glow sticks are throwing the liquid everywhere and it got all over my computer. Its permanently on there now but at least it glows at night! Sweet watch.

----- Kerk 28.11.08 10:04

My brother Chris and I use to have these EPIC glow-in-the-dark building block battles. When we were younger living at home we shared a room. We never really got along all that great, but this was one activity we both enjoyed doing together. We had these “buckets” full of glow-in-the-dark building blocks. Although similar in size to LEGOs, they were made by another company. Anyways, we must of had thousands of these blocks. We would lay them out on the floor in our room before we went to school. If placed in the right spot they would get sunlight through our window all day while we were away. Later that night we’d set up our corners of the room for battle. Each of us with our “ammo”… Then lights out and the battle began! It was like a laser light show, only these blocks were being hurled at each other as hard as we could throw them. I can’t tell you how many times we get blocks to the eye (we eventually wore Halloween masks to prevent this). Anyway, that’s my story.

----- Todd S. 28.11.08 10:02

Haha, I remember one of the times my cousin decided to turn his rainbow outrageous asian hairstyle to something more ‘mature’ but as a hairstylist, mature to him is a bit more interesting. Mature to him was a solid color, he chose this icy blue, then we joked about how interesting it would be if we added the chemicals from the glow stick to his hair dye. We ended up deciding to try it out. Glow in the dark hair is quite a sight :P

----- Ji-Yu 28.11.08 09:53

I always wanted a glow in the dark pig. Then scientists made one. http://www.firstscience.com/IMAGES/editor/122/pigs_editorial.jpg. I never got one. I still want one… oh and one of those miniature tiny horses, and a rat with a human ear on it’s back… and this watch.

----- Vanessa Gorman 28.11.08 09:52

I Remember Camping… We broke some glow sticks then spun them around inside the outhouse. It looked like a starry night sky inside. Just beautiful.

----- John Holman 28.11.08 09:44

I was in Indiana and i came upon a Nike sample sale at an elementary school. I took a chance and decided to stop in and take a look. Aside from being a little weirded out, i found two pairs of nike air assaults and a pair of nike high top dunks… that GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! Best part = i paid $45 for the whole bunch!!!

ps- i love things that glow in the dark

----- James 28.11.08 09:41

I found my glow in the dark stars yesterday, and I’m going to make a necklace out of them to wear to a movie tonight.
(For you: the next time you find a black light, you should draw on your skin with highlighters as your doodles will glow.)

----- Eliz M 28.11.08 09:37

four scientist won the nobel prize in medicine for making mice glow in the dark, scientist say this will lead to cures for cancer!

----- levi montez 28.11.08 09:25

omg@@@ i want this!!!

----- Garrison 28.11.08 09:13

I want to glow in the dark like this snazzy watch.

----- Evan 28.11.08 09:00

Glow little glow-worm, fly of fire
Glow like an incandescent wire
Glow for the female of the species
Turn on the AC and the DC
This night could use a little brightnin’
Light up you little ol’ bug of lightnin’
When you gotta glow, you gotta glow
Glow little glow-worm, glow


I love luminescence!

----- Rachel P. 28.11.08 08:51

Sometimes I glow in the dark. If only I had an accessory that matched …

----- Ryan 28.11.08 08:48

The “Flashing Lights” tour couldn’t have been as more glow in the dark as this.

----- Danielle S 28.11.08 08:31

Once my friend accidentally opened up a glowstick and the liquid spilled on her carpet floor. Now whenever she turns of the lights her carpet glows. She says it freaks her out in the middle of the night, especially since it has different colors in it.

----- Andy Bo Bandy 28.11.08 08:28

I used to go to the local skating rink every week as a kid and I would always use my tickets that I won from playing arcade games on glow sticks.

----- Alicia M 28.11.08 08:27

The study of phosphorescent materials led to the discovery of radioactivity in 1896. Meaning…if you wear this watch, some day you’ll turn into a radioactive mutant. I for one look forward to overthrowing my human brethren to usher in the dawn of a new mutant brotherhood.

----- Kyle 28.11.08 08:24

Not exactly glow in the dark, but my best childhood memory was spending a weekend out at my cottage with my mom. We were out on the deck that night talking about everything imaginable when the fireflies came out for the first time I’d ever seen them. It was beautiful to see them flying everywhere and lighting up the sky.

----- JHuck 28.11.08 08:19

It seems whenever I go laser tagging, I am wearing something that glows in the dark. This watch would be perfect.

I also love watches, but that’s beside the point.

----- Noel 28.11.08 08:17

aka phosphorescence.
good thing i can’t read analog clocks.

----- jessica 28.11.08 08:16

This summer, we went camping and the kids all had glow sticks at the bonfire. Like a mini munchkin rave.

----- Shelby 28.11.08 08:12

I think this was the summer of 1978, and I was camping with my family at Obatanga Provincial Park in Northern Canada. There are a lot of fireflies in the woods at this campsite, and for fun me and my brother used to catch them and smear their guts on our faces so our faces would glow. We sort of looked like a rave version of Lord of the Flies.

----- Tim Lawrence 28.11.08 08:08

These are the most stylish ever! I would love to get one for my bf who is obsessed with Nooka…

----- lostinthepost 28.11.08 07:59

When I subletted my most recent apartment I was surprised on the first night. The room was completely empty when I moved in but I failed to notice all the glow in the dark stars that had been put up. When the lights went out I could see that the previous tenant had made a giant skull pattern on the wall and fully outfitted the ceiling fan.

----- Garret 28.11.08 07:59

Awesome!! I’m Glooooooowing in the Daaark!!
(With the “Singing in the Rain”-Melody)

----- Janosch 28.11.08 07:54

gin and tonics glow in the dark at black light parties.. groovey!

----- Dani 28.11.08 07:51

Wow it’s definitely a glowing giveaway. you know if you mix jello sugar and tonic water you can make glow in the dark jello?

----- Nigel Sielegar 28.11.08 07:38

One of my buddies has started a techno craft night, where we make all sorts of crafts for ravers. I can’t wait until I can convince them to make glow in the dark snowflake ornaments out of popsicle sticks!

----- Kim 28.11.08 07:33

Cats eyes glow in the dark. The reason for this is that large eyes can collect more ambient light.

Another fact: An owl’s eyes fill over half of its skull!

----- Scott Smith 28.11.08 07:28

Nooka Nooka Nooka!
Mine please.
I wonder if you give this to the best comment or to a random comment?

----- amwaterston 28.11.08 07:17

To Glow In The Dark


----- ylw 28.11.08 07:12

Coolio! Now I can continue to teach my nephew how to tell time even into the wee hours of the night! :)

----- Jasper 28.11.08 07:10

I have wonderful high-tech related upcoming party. If you give me this watch It can help me to light up a hart of some wonderful Greek lady or maybe some extraterrestrial
Party’s name is “Staring in space” which is another reason u I must have this watch

----- Bojan Babic 28.11.08 07:03

I wasn’t able to make it to the concert when it came into town, so this will as close as i can get to it. I need this in my life!

----- daranuon 28.11.08 07:03

I used to sell glowing things at raves back in the 90s. Glowsticks were very popular with the people who were, ahem, ecstatic to be there. One guy buys a couple and asks if I have a pair of scissors. Thinking he is going to cut off a length of string from a roll I have on the table, I give him the scissors. He then proceeds to cut the glowsticks open and pour the liquid all over his hair. After that he was bugging everyone: “check out my glowing hair”, “is my hair glowing”, “don’t you wish you had glowing hair”.

----- dthree 28.11.08 06:56

I still have my first watch, a wind-up with Garfield in the middle of the face with an orange plastic wrist band. If Garfield glowed in the dark, it would be the ULTIMATE. Admit it.

----- Anile 28.11.08 06:47

Glow with the flow!

----- Julia Wolff 28.11.08 06:44

glow in the dark?! awesome. but it might impact my nighttime stealth ninja mode.

----- Erik Dahl 28.11.08 06:31

I ate a glow-worm once. It tasted luminescent.

----- chernwei 28.11.08 06:24

I grew up beside a nuclear power plant and now I glow in the dark ;)

----- Derek 28.11.08 06:23

i have a glow-in-the-dark puzzle, just in case i ever get bored in a blackout

----- goodcop 28.11.08 06:00

i have a tattoo with a special Japanese ink that glows pink under a black light.

----- Dustin 28.11.08 05:41

If you took one of these beautiful Nookas to outer space, would it still be glow-in-the-dark? Can you define space as always dark, or always light? Or maybe it’s only dark when the Earth is between you and the sun? But, that’s pretty geocentric - what about all the other stars? If you brought the watch way up close to the sun, could it be used as an infinite source of renewable energy?!

These are the important scientific questions I would answer and wikipedia pages I would write had I a Nooka with which to pursue them.

----- Erik 28.11.08 05:34

Glowing watches use a radioactive isotope of hydrogen called tritium (which has a half-life of 12 years) or promethium, a man-made radioactive element with a half-life of around three years. But not to worry

----- bastion 28.11.08 05:30

this will be perfect with my glow in the dark sneakers for running :)

----- Jenn 28.11.08 05:18

Growing up in the 80s the first thing that came to mind when I saw this watch was this dialogue:

“man, what’s with the rock fist in the air”

“oh it’s not a rock fist, I’m charging my watch”

“it’s solar powered”

“no, it’s glow in the dark”

“shit, no way?”

*turns of light

“that’s fucking awesome”

“want to go play Duck hunt?”

----- Josh Webb 28.11.08 05:11

I want a nooka!!!

----- Hann 28.11.08 05:09

I have glow-in-the-dark things in my room so i don’t feel so alone at night.

----- Melly 28.11.08 04:46

In the third grade, for an invention fair, mine was a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat. I took a clear toilet seat and lined it the inside with glow in the dark stars!

----- Aromy 28.11.08 04:31

My friend’s brother used to catch fireflys during the summer & crush them with a twig. Did you know it makes a glowing paste? Then he’s smear it like war paint stripes on his cheeks and chase us. It’s gross but it’s funny.

----- Andrea 28.11.08 04:30

I ate too many cheezies once and my stomach started to glow orange :(

----- Ian 28.11.08 04:19

This other day I was drinking Mountain Dew with a bit of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide…just chilling out, right?

Then, I went to the bathroom during the night with the lights off…

What was my surprise when I saw glow-in-the-dark piss coming out?!!

Seriously!!! I’ll post a video of it on YouTube!

(only if I get my hands on this fabulous Nooka!)

----- rafael 28.11.08 04:11

My old watch is old, so I’ve been looking for a nice replacement lately. Although I’m more of a Swiss railway watch kind of person I must admit that Nookas have caught my attention. Also, Tokyoflash.

I’m not catholic anymore, but I still keep my great-grandmother’s vintage glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary figure. Freakiest inheritance ever! It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

----- PixelRobot 28.11.08 03:16

When I stopped using digital watches (the ones that had a little light you could turn on to look at the time), I remember missing the ability to produce light by myself. Where I used to be able to walk to the bathroom guided by the small light of my watch, I would then grope around in the dark to discover uncharted territories in the dark.

----- Jennifer Tch 28.11.08 02:59

i lost my virginity under my glow in the dark superstars ceiling:


----- Wouter Amsterdam Netherlands 28.11.08 02:52

ooo i used to pull apart the glow sticks and cover my hands with it and i’d dance around with my sisters or play hide and glow seek!!

----- Nicole 28.11.08 02:49

WOW !!! Very plutonium-like… GREAT !!!

----- michael 28.11.08 02:42

I read an article on glow in the dark rats…I’m going to add that technology to my master plan of genetically engineering my first child.

What would I name such a child? I know it’s moronic, but I have actually contemplated that idea more than once.

----- Mr. Brandon 28.11.08 02:27

i once wanted to work out how to make glow in the dark chocolate - so you didnt have to turn the kitchen light on when you were tying to sneak it in the middle of the night…

----- kristy 28.11.08 02:25

Switch off all the lights and you use this watch instead.

Global warming solved. Genius.

Plus you would look pretty cool.

----- Mark Lawrence 28.11.08 02:17

I’d wear this watch proudly—in celebration and remembrance of “Radium Girls” the women who were sickened by radium, which was painted onto watches to make them glow in the dark. A successful lawsuit against one of the companies was a significant moment in US labor law.

----- James 28.11.08 02:11

I saw a while ago a fantastic commercial about a glow-in-the-dark condom … SO HILARIOUS!!!

----- Frederic Maillet 28.11.08 01:37

My aunt, who I live with, had a parrot named “glow in the dark”….

----- Gustaf 28.11.08 01:37

everytime i think of something glowing in the dark. i just picture the stars that im sure every child put into their rooms and/or wanted to. i know i did.

----- jacob 28.11.08 01:31

Sometimes I wish I glowed in the dark…. But I’m black so that won’ happen LOL that’s why they call me DDB (Dik Dak Blak) visit http://www.dikdak.org

----- DDB 28.11.08 01:31

When I was 14 yrs old me and a couple friends thought it could be funny to break open glow-sticks and put the glowing substance in empty pill capsules. To make the long story short I personally got very sick… but poo did still glow 11 hours later. (if I didn’t get sick it would have been one of the best moments of my life…probably!?) -tys

----- Tyson Faa 28.11.08 01:06

masterpiece, i’d love to see that one lying under my tree ;)

----- Seán 28.11.08 00:58

I happen to own the glow in the dark Shutter Shades from Mr. West’s Glow in the Dark Tour. I also own a couple black lights, thus making everything I own that’s glow in the dark to shine bright!

----- Kolin 28.11.08 00:57

All glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. the phosphor when its energized radiates visible light.

----- skolo 28.11.08 00:55

As a kid, I used to put those glow-in-the-dark stars on my room’s ceiling fan. They were configured in such a way that they would form a spiral when I had the fan on in the dark.

----- Michael 28.11.08 00:45

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